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Decorative Party

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Decorative Party Empty on Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:21 am

Yawning softly she was laying in some soft grass that was somewhat new. She wasn't hypothetically sure if it was new, but it felt nice. It tickled against her neck as her red dark tinted hair sprawled wildly in a non-specific way. Her eyes of golden would be half open, letting a small ray of sun shine them in its own as some reflection. Truly she felt super lazy and unsure on what to do till it was 'time'. Soon enough it would be time, time to do some mission or quest. A part of her wasn't sure on what to call it anymore. Part of her felt like it was doing stuff that the person was too lazy to do themselves or too weak. Would she be like that later in the future? Send people to do shit for her, paying them and so on? She hoped not.

Her hands clenched into fists and sprawled outward like her legs and hair. She felt comfortable and relaxed without having to worry much. The voice that was herself were as if she was talking to herself in which she probably was, it was annoying sometimes...Alas it kept her company all these years. She remembered meeting Medias somewhere though and he gave in the details, but yet she was going to do this with someone else. Who was it to be exact? Was it someone she knew or someone that was totally new? A part of Cosmiare hoped it wasn't someone annoying as fuck or someone who thought they knew absolutely everything. It never really occurred to her before that it bothered her, those type of people till she met someone specific. Who was it to be exact? Herself would only know this...

Moments went on by though and she new that she had to get off her lazy ass some time or soon. ''I don't want to get up yet though...'' she spoke softly to herself, glaring at the sky. Her eyes cornered then to see afar at the clock lamp post to see the time. 'Shit...' she thought adultly and then pressed her palms against the very soft grass, pushing herself up. Her fingers swiftly went through her stands of hair and 'combed' through it as if her fingernails was a brush. ''Guess it's time...'' she spoke to herself as she would stand straight up, turned towards where she was supposed to meet this person and went on her way.

Slowly she would walk towards the streets where she was told to go. As soon as she go there, her facial expression changed to dissatisfaction, seeing more than just one person there helping. 'Wonder how fun this will be....' she wondered as she would start to walk more forward. Her eyes wandered around as her body would continue to move forward. There was a lot of shit that needed to be covered with decorations. The good thing was, was that Cosmiare had this weird girly side to her and therefore it was good for this missions. Softly she took a deep breather and then saw him finally, the client, Medias. He turned and smiled like nothing was wrong and waved. ''Greetings.'' he started to speak and walked towards her, stopped within seven feet. Cosmiare would never know. Her eyes darted to research her body with the quote of 'Everyone is there for research' from the book of her mothers. Softly sighing, her eyes would gaze towards the client himself, wondering on what the whole ordeal was with this.

After a second she would look back at the woman, wondering then and there, 'Was this my partner?~ Probably not since I wasn't going to work with anyone or so I thought.' Cosmiare kind of needed a partner due to the fact some things were harder because of her height. Her eyebrow arched in wonder as her arms moved to criss-cross against her flat chest. She was wearing black jean pants herself, dark brown hiking boots and a white tank top with linings of black.  Her hips would move a little to the right as her left foot was somewhat forward, right foot straight, waiting patiently for the man to speak.

Cosmiare listened and waited for the lady to speak. Her hand was grasped and in return, she felt as if lady was friendly. It was good to meet friendly people as she doesn't have many friends in general. People that were left behind, the people of her Country... Her head started to hurt, but before another flashback could happen she heard the Lady speak. She wanted to know about switching to lanterns. Her smokey quartz eyes would look over at the simple designed lanterns. They weren't quite like the ones she remembered. ''Are those types of lanterns common here?'' She questioned while moving over to get on some latter to hang them. They weren't red nor made out of thin rich sheets of bamboo. Her soft fingers would entwine the strings around the small loop of each lantern as she would then turn over to look at the lady. ''That should be the last one...'' she would say softly and calmly. Her right hand swoops against her forehead to knock away any sweat. The heat was getting a little overwhelming as small sweat drops were go down to her chest. With her wearing a tank top, it was easily seen. Her smile increased as she slowly started to feel closer to Cos for some odd reason - in a sisterly friend way.

As her hands gripped the latter and went down it, her eyes wandered to see what they should do next. ''Let's do flowers next.'' she would say. Flowers, nature, all that was nature was her forte. Her hips swayed as she jogged making her chest motion and so on. As she would get to the other side of the party making, she would turn and wave. ''Over here, lady.'' Cos smiled happily as if her personality changed all of the sudden. Her voice sounded more sweet and soothingly - enough for her to sing the animals to her summons (hypothetically). A second later she caught something by the corner of her eyes and turned to walk towards it, picking it up. 'A paper?' she thought and leaned over to pick it up. Standing up straight she started to read it seeing that it was some 'wish list' for flowers in which some of these names...They were rare flowers. As Cos read the list of flowers she would bite her lower lip on the right side. 'A Calathea warscewiczii flower? Those are...' she was thinking in her head for a moment. 'The ones from the other Country.' she would hear out of no where in her thoughts. It was the darker voice in which came to a surprise. It was as if she wanted to help out for some odd reason. Most likely, by the time she was done with the small conversation with herself. Someone who was using some nature magic would be there. Slowly she turned to meet a stranger's eyes and smiled, ''Imma create this list instead of using the cheap plants. I feel like they're the flowers his daughter wanted and gave to him...yet most of these are well..impossible to receive.'' she would say and bow her head a little. Slowly she turned and then cocked her head to look at lady. ''Can I fill up the pots with dirt and carry them to you? You'll use your magic for the flowers. I'm sure the other girl would love them!~'' if she agreed then she would do so. Waiting for the lady, she would use her magic for each pot and read the list accordingly. Majority of the plants she knew what they were due to research of nature. After creating those plants she would then turn around to see the client behind them, wide eyed. ''Remarkable...I didn't think about getting nature-like magic users for the list. Guessing you found the list wandering around...'' he would say. Cosmiare just nods with a soft smile. ''You guys did well. Here's your reward. Thank you. I know she'll love these.'' he spoke with a bright smile and nods his head going on his way. With that she would turn towards the random person she worked with. ''It was nice working with you, lady. Hopefully we meet again!'' she would say her usual soft soothing tone. Finally she waved good bye and went on her own way.


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