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Potion Parcel

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Slowly she would walk towards the castle as her arms would be carrying some item wrapped up in more stuff. What was this item anyways? It seemed somewhat heavy and important due to the fact that she had to do it herself. She remembered the last time she met up with this edge guy who is the older son and all that before. Her brown shining eyes would look up at the castle that wasn't so far. It was big compared to what she was use to seeing. The Ark was a huge ship, but this guy must be super known to have something like this. Maybe this guy was a rich spoiled son who got everything he wanted with a snap of his finger. Just like when she was ordered to spy and find out who was talking shit. That time was lame as she did nothing but actual labor, eat and ears drop. ? It was some dark edge lord who she only knew much about - edge lord really wasn't his name. The guy was Sirius, who is the oldest Phantasm child. He is a very cold, callous, and dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they get in his way. His facial expression rarely changes, though he is almost always frowning. Even his appearance said 'Edge lord' as he looked like he had eye makeup, dark hair that was slick back and his clothes were as bad as well. Her eyes looked around as she was dressed up as a mason though today. She had to act like one so to do that she had to dress up like one. Her eyes looked around, ears were all perked up to hear anything that had to do with the family name or something like that and in the process she would boredly help with things that manor's did. The weather was rather dark and cold as the clouds in the sky was covering about everything. The moon couldn't even be seen nor the song through the day of today. She did start here from this morning so it was weird how it was cold all day today. An expressionless Zoelee would continue on her work - no one speaking about the client yet. 'Wonder who will talk shit first...' she wondered coldly as she would then hear the toot for dinner time. Then there was the doctor that she had to help last time and that was a somewhat scary time indeed. Stephan Mabuz is a busy man, running an illicit business is no easy task, and whenever he can, he branches out to the cheap labor that are mages in order to do the deeds that he doesn’t have the time to deal with. Stephan wants you to deliver a potion to the Phantasms, no questions asked. The payment for the delivery will be handled by them, he promises. Her eyes would read the paper in which was the details. 'Busy man my ass. He's probably just watching people be in their misery. Who the fuck knows what he's digging up now...' she thought and then looked at the gate with the guards. Her head turned as she would then turn her body to look up at the guards. 'Geezuz, even the guards are dressed up all edgey.' she thought and then showed them the paper. ''I have business here of delivery to the eldest son.'' Zoelee would report. The guards looked at each other and then nodded, letting her in. 'Finally.' she thought and then walked towards the door, in the house and went to find the eldest son again. Her eyes spotted his office and he was inside. Knock knock ''What do you want?'' he spoke and glared. ''I got this delivery.'' Zoe spoke coldly and had the object dangling from her hand. ''Oh! Be careful with that!'' he spoke and stood up fast. ''Here's the reward. Just put it on my desk and go. Thank you.'' he spoke lastly as Zoe would do so, putting it down and taking her reward. Her eyes would stare at the sky as she would wonder on what that object was. Knowing him and the one science guy, it was something to do with torturing or something like that. Maybe. Who knows.



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