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FEAR [Bianca]

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#1Sovereign Pale 

on Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:50 am

For too long he had sat idly by, scraping at the barrel known as 'life', taking just enough and doing just enough to get by. Sovereign had been a nobody, a shadow of the guild much like many others. Sure, he may have been seen a few times, but being seen doesn't make you strong or infamous. Perhaps it was time. Time to actually blaze a trail in his wake and do something with his life. Perhaps he was being lazy? Or maybe, just maybe, he was waiting for the perfect time to bloom.

"Gorgeous." he'd say sarcastically, his eyes rolling underneath the mask he wore. Sovereign was staring at the somewhat empty guild hall, a few bodies here and there but the sight of the lacking this place had made him feel a little pity for the guild. "It's just not on, not at all."

Mumbling, he'd make his way downstairs with a book in his hand. Not magical or anything, just a simple novel he decided to read, in fact, that might be the only thing people ever saw him do. Tilting a head to one side, he'd stare at the doorway of the guild hall, wondering if perhaps one day crime and evil would come flooding through in hopes of making this place their home. There was a part of him that made him wonder why he stuck around, but he felt like he owed this place something. The guild saved him from that forest when he wondered into it as a boy and they taught him various tricks of the trade like how to steal things. To him, this place was his home... Not that frozen wasteland he once lived in.


on Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:47 pm

It was as if time had frozen. Watering scarlet irises focused on the bamboo instrument held between pale, slender fingers while all noise surrounding the sorceress seemed to have been muted by an unknown force and the feeling of a thousand needles pricking her cranium wouldn’t let her breathe properly. The cause of this situation was none other than the notorious wasabi in her sushi. That sneaky bastard at the sushi bar. The brain-sizzling lasted a hot minute, and in the next, Bianca was already planning her revenge, although of course - the sushi man didn’t intend for this to happen. It was in fact the vampyress’s smug ass that decided that she could handle some wasabi. This was her punishment for being that way. ‘Why are you like this?’ she thought to herself in despair, inhaling deeply as she placed her chopsticks in the sushi box that was closed very slowly. There weren’t many people in the guildhall, so she could feel less embarrassed about her failure as a sushi lover.

Wiping away the tears welling up in her eyes with the hem of her long sleeve, Bianca got up from her seat with the box of sushi, bringing it to the trash can and neatly disposing it. Clapping away anything that might have clung to her hands, her gaze averted towards the stairs where she noticed an unfamiliar guildmate descend down the steps with a book in their hands, a new face. Well, she couldn’t really say that because they wore a mask. Maybe one of the new members who joined during her absence, but this person was one of the more interesting newbs. The mask made her curious to see what was under it, like everyone else probably. Before the masked person could notice she had been staring, Bianca swiftly turned away to get her morning coffee from the bar.

#3Sovereign Pale 

on Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:54 am

Somewhat entranced, Sovereign had almost forgotten the world around him. You see, when this wizard begins to day dream, it isn't just a series of images in his head, he likes to believe he is truly seeing it in this world. His eyes are perfect like that, always showing him what he wants, making the most ugliest of places beautiful with tricks of his own mind. The corner of his mouth curled up into a small smile, but of course nobody could actually see that underneath the mask. 'Soon.' he though, readying for the day that things went the way he wanted them to.

Most people had the most basic drives in life: love, family, adventure, battle. Sovereign sought beauty in this rotting world, it was his life goal - to find the most beautiful sight the world had to offer. But maybe, this world didn't possess such a sight, maybe it was in the arms of death or a whole new world altogether. Nevertheless, Sovereign would find it.

And he would start with the woman sat by the bar.

"I don't see you that much." he'd start, pulling a chair out beside her before seating himself, "Though when I do, it is only short and sweet." Sovereign was eyeing up some of the drinks behind the counter, realising he was in fact very thirsty. Most of the time, he'd take the mask off completely, but he wasn't sure if lifting up the lower part would defeat the whole point of this masquerade.

"My name is Sovereign."

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