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Something Blue [Alice: Quest]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Something Blue [Alice: Quest] Empty on Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:25 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She decided that being in the inn was better than going on and on to find stupid jobs and pretend to be a detective when she was really a knight. There was no murder and so there didn’t need to be a murder investigation and especially not by a guy that used a magnifying glass and was called Dex Miller. She already seemed to dislike him so much thanks to that. She normally never had that. She sighed again to herself and simply tried to make her mood a better one by romanticising her idea of what might happened tonight as in: if she was going to be alone for the rest of the night, which wouldn’t be bad, she could read a book or something. She had recently acquired a new one in the shop where she met Phoebe, whom she hadn’t seen around anymore, maybe she left to Magnolia already. She passed that shop and looked inside but only saw the lime-green shoes stealing sister and she chuckled towards herself. The best option of course was that they were together tonight, she could still read but having her boyfriend around well she sometimes needed that and lately she needed that a lot more. She looked left and right when she crossed the street and heard her stomach rumble, god she was hungry and she couldn’t wait to see what she could get for dinner. The sun wouldn’t be setting before a few hours and maybe a romantic stroll near the river would be fun, although that meant water and water was never a good option. She frowned as she thought about it and opened the door to the inn, she would inspect the menu of today to see if there was something she liked when she heard a door quickly opening and closing again. She looked up in surprise, her cat ears immediately went flat on the top of her head and her tail, swayed agitated from left to right. It was Dex Miller and she had the feeling he had used his ‘investigation’ to stalk her, which she obviously didn’t appreciate. But he looked at her and the girl in the hall, the one from the inn stared from him to her and all the way around again and again and she didn’t appreciate that either, ”Hello.” He seemed to be quivering and Alice tried to calm down her own judging feelings and simply looked at him with a neutral face, ”What’s going on, Dex?” She offered him a seat because he was so shaken and shrugged towards the girl in the hallway. She would see what happened, she listened to him talking about a big blue ball that was near the river and that he was sure it had something to do with the culprit and she had to do everything to refrain herself from sighing. There was only one thing she could do and it was to offer that she would come along to the river and see what was happening, so much for her plans to do nothing tonight.

Wordcount: 515/1000

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

Something Blue [Alice: Quest] Empty on Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:37 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She let him go first and followed him around to where he had seen the ball at the river side. She wasn’t entirely sure what to think of a blue ball. It was darker here thanks to the trees that were surrounding this part of the river and she was hoping that there was no left over anklebiter. As Dex stopped she looked around him to see a ball of blue light and it was like a light bulb, but more beautiful and she couldn’t help but smile at it and she wanted to see what it actually was, so she walked closer to it, past Dex and touched it softly, afraid it would break. A static shock went through her finger into her arm and so through her body, while her eyes didn’t see anything anymore but the blue orb and her mother flashing by, she thought it was Rowena Eventide because of how she looked and there was a blonde man, he looked very young, she was sure it wasn’t Konstantin but she also recognized his eyes, hazel coloured eyes, exactly like hers and then it was gone, there was a force pushing her back and she simply fell on her bum and sat there staring forward as she didn’t understand really what happened. It took a few times blinking before she realized what happened and she shook her right hand to get rid of the static feeling in her finger. She turned to look to her right side to see Dex, he was passed out that was obvious. She didn’t know if he had touched the orb or that he was simply too scared and had fainted from the idea. She would sure as hell have a few bruises but she would manage. With a sigh this time because she didn’t need to hide it from anyone, she got up and dusted herself off with her hands and lifted up Dex Miller. It was a bit difficult because he was much taller than she was but it wasn’t her strength that had a problem with it. She would walk on back to the city and half dragged the man along, ”Need any help?” she looked up to a man she had never met before but nodded, it would be greatly appreciated. So the man whom introduced himself as Dacol Lubex helped her to bring the man to the hospital where she waited with Dacol for Dex to wake up. Which took a while and she felt sorry for him but mostly sorry for herself at this point. She was also very hungry.

Once the self proclaimed investigator woke up, he muttered a few things and she left it to Dacol, she was only here for the second reward that he now owned her and that he quickly remembered himself and gave to her. ”I stay with him. You can go.” Dacol said and she nodded, said a soft thank you and headed out. Maybe it wasn’t too late yet?

Wordcount: 1017/1000

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