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All in a Day's Work [Alice: Quest]

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All in a Day's Work [Alice: Quest] Empty on Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:13 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
As she had gone shopping with Ana the morning and had seen most of Orchidia, she had wanted to see more, she had wanted to make sure that she had made the right choice of coming here and that was a lot more difficult if you couldnít simply grab answers and be done with it. What about her own track of thinking, her own sense of feeling. She wanted to something, as she had thrown herself into jobs when she was in Magnolia, one after the other, it had given her quite a status there and apparently there had been rumours about making her a lieutenant and she didnít mind that idea, she had came here for answers and tried to not immediately throw herself into jobs. The council had asked her for the anklebiters, she had gone on a house search for a deed, so apparently as her name had become known and the Council kept knowing where she was, she still had no way to sit still and figure out answers. It made her nauseous, it felt more restricted the last couple of days than anything before and she had only been in the council for about four months perhaps? She wasnít exactly sure about it but it didnít matter. It brought her money, it gave her things to do instead of sulk and sort of die inside from the amount of hurt and sorrow in herself and she was sure that it would not come to an end if she simply didnít find a solution to it soon. She wasnít apparently that good in coming up with solutions when it came to her own problems and she should get used to that rather sooner instead of later.

As she walked back from the huge store to the city centre she looked around as she wasnít entirely sure if she wanted to return to the inn all by herself. She didnít like the idea of being alone at this point, it wasnít only to blame on Ophelia, she was a bit over that, she doubted she would get over that completely at this point but there was nothing to do about it anymore and that made her angry, which was something she didnít want to be at this point and she simply turned to look for a job to do. She was looking at the board that she had passed earlier this day, in the morning if there was something on there that sounded interesting to do. She narrowed her eyes at the written quest, granny sitting? No thanks. Welcome committee? She wasnít in the mood. There was one quest that only said: Meet me at the Grand Coffee and she simply took it for it sounded interesting to start your quest like that and she looked around to find a cafe that was called like that. Surprisingly it was a coffee shop, and she simply entered. She had no idea who was this Dex Miller. So she ordered a coffee to go, with vanilla drops in it for the flavour.

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All in a Day's Work [Alice: Quest] Empty on Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:21 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Thatís when she asked the clerk behind the counter who was Dex Miller. He pointed at another man that was sipping his coffee and he didnít seem to be happy with it and she simply accepted her coffee after giving the jewels and headed towards the person sitting at that table that was pointed at, ĒDex Miller?Ē She asked and he turned around to watch her and looked her up and down which made her feel vulnerable but she didnít want to immediately change into her armour. She simply stood there with a frown on her face that showed her unhappiness about the inspection but he noticed the quest and the coffee in her hands and suddenly smiled ĒAh you are the mage that took my quest.Ē Yes, she thought as she nodded, she hoped it wasnít something illegal because she didnít feel the need to tell him she was a knight just yet. She sat down to drink some coffee as he suggested to finish it. She would wait in silence, he still had not told her the job but he finished his coffee sooner than her and told her what it was about, a murder investigation and she almost chocked in her sip of coffee and started coughing, ĒSorry?Ē she said surprised as she had heard nothing about it.

She would quickly finish her coffee and hurry after him to get more answers to all of this. Why wasnít she... aware? Well it was soon clear as he grabbed a magnifying glass that this was one that thought to play Sherlock Holmes by himself. She followed him and stared at him when he cross investigated people and asked them random questions. She noticed that the citizen of Orchidia werenít surprised anymore and simply called him names to leave them alone. She simply walked behind him, apologizing to some tourists that were surprised, a child that almost cried and so on but she didnít say anything. She at first had found it funny but she soon came to understand how annoying it was if it happened a lot of times and she simply decide to investigate on this person, she didnít feel like putting any effort in her character to hide that she found it annoying, but it seemed that he didnít pay much attention to it. He went on and on and when he finally said that he couldnít find anything else more and he would check the river, she stopped him, ĒI think you did enough. Let the knights take over.Ē which seem to have offended him, he said knights didnít take him serious and didnít believe him and this was the moment she told him that she was one and she would take the investigation over, and he paid her with aghast look on his face and she walked away. She was sure he would check the river for clues because this was a guy that wouldnít give up but it was no longer any of her business.

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