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Nanuq Town to Oak Town [Foot Traveling]

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Soon after her debate with old man Iqin in the town center that earned her recognition from basically the entire town, Bianca decided it was time to leave once again, and this time she would be traveling back home. Finally. She woke to a pleasant morning, at six on the dot. The sound of birds chirping melodically outside automatically put her in a good mood. She felt nice. She was cheerful that morning. There was a slight gap in the curtains that allowed little light to pass through and enter into her inn room. That was probably the reason why she woke up, but she was grateful. She had a carriage to catch that would take her all the way to Baska Town, and from there she would have to walk to Oak Town. Luckily for her, she knew the ways because it was near Oak Town. She knew how to navigate not only the entirety of Oak Town, but also around and near it. So it was going to be easy for her from Baska Town onwards, which was exactly why she booked a seat on the carriage that would take her straight to Baska Town. After a cup of tea and watching the sun rise up in the sky, Bianca decided to make sure she had packed all of her belongings. She never had a habit of forgetting her possessions, but it was a good habit to double check, always. She had already packed everything the night before.

The carriage would arrive at her inn at seven fifteen, so Bianca took her time taking a nice, warm shower to wake herself up as well as sooth her freezing. Imagine taking a cold shower here. She would freeze to death. So after her nice shower, Bianca clothed herself in a simple silk dress that hugged her features, and put on a thick sweater to make it look like she was wearing a sweater and a silk skirt. She locked her luggage and zipped up her bag. Placing the bag on top of the luggage while she dragged the luggage down to the ground floor of the inn, Bianca went to the counter to check out of her room. Her room was checked to see if she had left anything or if she had stolen anything. When all was taken care of, Bianca was allowed to leave. She still had fifteen minutes before the carriage arrived, so she decided to get some coffee from the inn’s cafe while she waited. Once the carriage arrived, she got on and gave the driver her name so that he could tick her off a list of the passengers. She took her seat and let the driver place her belongings on top of the carriage together with the other passengers’ belongings. It took almost half of the day for them to reach Baska Town where Bianca was dropped off. She then continued her journey on foot, dragging her luggage with her bag on top.

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