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Sirius Concerns [Mission]

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Default on Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:20 pm

Oh Oak... So filled with bad people. Some people are so bad that they're bad against other bad people, doesn't that make them worse people than bad? This quest she was given was pretty much the case. IT would be the case if it turn out that there was a guy who was snitching on the client or whatever it was that she has to hear out for. She would have a calm expression on her face that could be triggered or be found as an expressionless face. There were other names for it like stone-face, but it can be confused by what people call bitch-face. She knew that she wasn't that bad right? She wasn't that bad, was she? She wondered about it while walking to go meet up with the client. Who was her client this time? It was some dark edge lord who she only knew much about - edge lord really wasn't his name. The guy was Sirius, who is the oldest Phantasm child. He is a very cold, callous, and dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they get in his way. His facial expression rarely changes, though he is almost always frowning. Even his appearance said 'Edge lord' as he looked like he had eye makeup, dark hair that was slick back and his clothes were as bad as well. Her eyes looked around as she was dressed up as a mason though today. She had to act like one so to do that she had to dress up like one. Her eyes looked around, ears were all perked up to hear anything that had to do with the family name or something like that and in the process she would boredly help with things that manor's did. The weather was rather dark and cold as the clouds in the sky was covering about everything. The moon couldn't even be seen nor the song through the day of today. She did start here from this morning so it was weird how it was cold all day today. An expressionless Zoelee would continue on her work - no one speaking about the client yet. 'Wonder who will talk shit first...' she wondered coldly as she would then hear the toot for dinner time. 'Finally...' she thought as she would get her lunch and nom on her sandwich. OH man did she love certain sandwiches. Zoe sat with everyone else on some brick or some nature material that was acting like a seat. She was pretty good at pretending or so it seemed. She was hearing people talk about their wives, kids and some of them were talking about goals. 'Pft... goals... What dumb thoughts.' she thought as her eyes roll. She thought dreams were really pointless, a key to what people think is hope or a motivation to live. It was one of those as she would continue on listening. There was something on her mind though, the last time she did a quest here and the only time. It was with that doctor, but for now she tried to get it out of her head. It was time to get back to work sooner than later she would do so. Not so long after though she over heard someone talk. What were they saying? Slowly she creeped to the corner and listened. 'Oh?' she thought and then heard a guy talk crap about the clients family. 'So there is someone.' she would think and then came out. ''Yo. Heard you talking smack.'' she confronted and pointed at him. ''Sh-shit...'' he spoke and looked around. The other guys left and shrugged. ''Ya ya, you caught me... I've been doing it. Please don't tell the boss man.'' he started to plea for mercy as her eyes looked at him in disgust. ''Pft...'' was all that escaped from her lips as she walked away. She was to find the client in which case she did look around. Next she would find him and told him who it was. She gave no crap about the guy. He smirked, told her 'great work' and gave her the award. With that she finally would leave with it.



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