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Mapping Theft [Erebus]

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Default on Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:19 pm

Reagan had contacted Erebus the day before, a mission of the darker kind was abut to unfold today. Much to the disdain of the target's family, friends, or even associates. This was a mission fueled by evil, and death. Reagan was not just the typical crook or crony, he was a smuggler who specialized in moving wares from the pirates outside of Hargeon to be sold elsewhere. He does this for a simple reason, profit. Purchasing the wares at a low price, due to the risk of getting caught, and selling them in another town at full price is his business. The type of tycoon who was actually more inclined to succeed. Nice guys finish last as they say. The wares were always being smuggled in cunning, allusive ways. Recently an item has reached his ear which sets his greed over the high end. A map. Rare, valuable, and rumored to be non-existent only it was... It indeed was. It had been left at the town hall; only recently rediscovered in the world. However, no way he could do that by simply asking. Not when his desire remained in selling the object. It must be stolen... This is where Erebus comes in, typical of him to stretch an arm into affairs not his own. But Grimoire Heart loved control. They would soon be control little old Reagan himself by his extent of this job opportunity. Now there was nothing left but to get the agent out on the ops.

Our scene opens at the dead of night, with the moon barely cutting the starry purples skyline. Erebus was sneaking into a building-- the town hall of course, the walls were tan and tall. So many windows were laid on it's appearance. Erebus, slyly unhatched the hinges with his stronger than average strength. He was decorated under a cloak in his Scarle set. His blonde over his black uppercut, held back like a malevolent prince. His eyes were striking, they were naturally a cyan blue, but under the lycan's inner powers it changed and bent to revolve around the singularity of a glowing amber. A color symbolizing the dawn of new age. The male was a sight, six' four'' and nimble like a child climbing trees. it took no time at all to make a grand break-in. A heist like this was not one to wave off loosely. As previously mentioned this piece of relic was one of rare and extravagant value. The floors were dark grey. Not just the usual grey but darker. Darker than the greyest grey of all. A god among greys, ruler of blank colors. Paintings decorated the walls reminding Erebus of how prestige it must have been to work here. To control the port city. Damn, too bad he wasn't a pirate. This would be a great spot to set up camp. Then again, Nakamura Manor was nearby and that meant the captain Hikaru would muck up his fun. Oh well, at least the break-in was easy enough.



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No hostiles targets in sight, or out of it. The entry was a success! Left right, left right. Click, clack, click, clack. Steps were taken in approach to the destination. Hallways traversed and many rooms to make sure of. Upon getting further inside, guards meant for security stood nearby. Patrolling hallways. A spy, an agent, the assassin. Erebus would use the shadows, inky and terrifying as they were, to pull guards in and knock them out. Meanwhile, he would make his way through rooms to go up the stairwell. Floor two, and there was still no storage room. The storage room was, as it was informed to him, the place he would find the map. So when there was no prize on the first two floors, another floor was checked. then another... And finally at the fifth floor navigated he was ready to begin. The room was situated fifth on the right, down the left hallway. Scathing his own flesh, the lycan pierced his palm by fingertip. He walked inside to flick the light on, to his surprise the room lit like a flash grenade. Everything within his short but extended eyesight was revealed. The grimore heart's hands gripped the knob of the door locking it. Erebus had to stop and admire this door, it was elegantly made. More elegant than the most elegant door he had seen anywhere else. Black carving left the pattern rich and unique. A master artisan's best, no doubt about it.

Moving away from the lovely, amazing door. Erebus got right away to work as e mumbled on his breath. There was many reasons why he might've been doing this. But let's stretch it and say he was worried or perhaps eager to get home. Strategist wanted this over and done with he carefully got down to work, slow making his way across the room. He had a single drop of sweat roll off his brow. His eyes peering over to the opposite side of the room. The eyes would peer closely. Looking back and forth between all that was here. He was searching for traps. After all, that could be bad...

Hm... No tripwires were in sight. Then, he caught attention of his target. laying under a glass case on the desk. The man walked over, unhinged the frame, and pulled his prize out. Palming it triumphantly, only before the room turned a blood red, and a siren began to wale. Alarms were tripped, much to his annoyance. I mean, he did just look for them, then this shit happens. The lycan had to think fast, his eyes searched the room, guards were now banging on the door. "OPEN UP!" they would say. "WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED!" one might add. But it was too late, Erebus had made his over to the vent and was crawling through it as they spoke.

He was going up. Then down, all over the building in different directions. The heat inside was very unbearable, however Erebus did not care about that. Work was work. Power was power. Struggle was struggle.

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Pushing off his hands finally, the slender framed man landed on the ground somewhere nearby the buildings entry, but he could tell the doors which had been locked were now guarded. Instead, he casually crawled out to search for a window. Once he had smashed it open; the dark adventurer was already sprinting away. The thud of his boots meeting concrete created a noise which would break the remaining silence, should his chuckle of satisfaction have already disturbed whatever peace there was in the air previously. Erebus looked as though he were picking out vegetables with how his eyes danced between map in his palm and the sky... The two most interesting things in his field of vision for the current second were those anyways. Or at least, if you asked him, those would be his answers. Erebus walked for about an hour until he was within close proximity to Reagan.

Reagan was a smart man, a dastardly smuggler. In a game of another's profit it took more than just doing the mission, a good explanation of what ensued should also be presented unto the individual at hand. The walk was not long, but the thoughts made time seem to sit stock still. Lately, Strategist had felt he was doing more. Going the extra mile, and honestly, that felt good to him. To become stronger and stand out was his wildest dream. But was Grimoire really what Erebus needed? It seemed... Like no so much. Oh well, something to wonder on at a later date then.

"Mission was a success." The map was tossed through the air to Reagan, who caught it and nodded. For but a moment, the dark one did not assume his mission-giver would speak back. To his surprise, he did indeed. The break from the part of his lips, would cause the lycan to squint, falling on his back foot. As if to show surprise. "Good. I expected nothing less than the best. Were alarms tripped? Tell me the details."

"It took many tries to find the right room actually, when I did manage to sneak around guards, the map was located in the storage, just as you explained. I checked for traps, however, to no avail. There was an alert and I used the vents to get out I smashed open a window to escape, bringing me to you now." Reagan turned to look away, sitting a pouch of money on the ground and tipping hat.

"Thank you for your services Mr. Strategist."

It was time to head home, pack for the night and prepare for another dawn. The night had been long, barely enough to get any shut-eye whatsoever. The birds that chirped in the morning only barely began when the wolf closed his motel doorway. He undressed ad placed his clothes on the bed, before showering first. He then slipped on some boxer briefs, and pulled the blanket around his body. Within parting minutes the man had become knocked out. Signaling the end of his story which had procured last night.


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