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Feasible Dreams [Alyssa]

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Default on Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:00 pm

Kenny sat at the edge of the doc looking down at the oranging, cobalt blue water that seemed to be the life blood of his new home. It seemed the sea gave these people their way of life, trade, commercial fishing, beach house rentals, any and every business that that could benefit from the ocean could probably be found here. It was quite an impressive set up this town had, erm, his new home had. Not only did it have a boisterous economy, however, it was a warm place full of friendly people, it didn’t have the overly boastful evil presence that Oak had, nor did it have the tension of Magnolia, it was essentially its own little neutral strip of land off to the side where people of all backgrounds could live in harmony with one another without fear of being rundown by an evil or overly good guild.

“What a sunset…” Kenny sighed to himself, donning no armor as he had sold it in hopes that he would never pick up another weapon again without it.

The man didn’t have any wish to fight for quite a while, he still had the hopes of knighthood that tinged his thoughts, but for now he felt it nice to sit down and relax for some time. He didn’t feel any rush to find a Guild, nor was he in a rush to become a Rune Knight, the duskiness and pressure he felt about doing something with himself was gone now that he had found motivation in simply bettering himself before making any hasty decisions in joining anyone’s agenda. His dark eyes watched the sealine as it met with the now setting sun, another sigh leaving his lips as he took in the beauty that Hargeon had to offer.

“I should get home soon, but another minutes or two alone wouldn’t hurt… Right?”

Kenny rested his arms on his legs and shook his head, it was going to be dark by the time he got home, he could tell. No use in rushing back right? It seemed he had a habit of rushing himself, though now that habit had been broken and he had found himself more relaxed. If only he had someone or something to relax with… A companion wouldn’t hurt. He exhaled and stood himself up, readying himself to take another glance at the sunset before heading to the nearest bar for a bite to eat. It was gonna be another ramen night.


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Alyssa found herself sitting in the back of a bar in Hargeon, drinking her sorrows away. She gently fingered the spot on her side that still held a bandage from where the man on the dock had attacked her a week back. She should not have participated in killing the large snake thing in the ocean here, it only hurt her more than she had imagined. Honestly she hoped it would kill her. Arcane sat to her right on the floor, seemingly as depressed as she was. He had known what was going on before she had as an animal and now huffed at the fact that it was over so quickly. She had not been expecting to see Kenny fighting the large monster along side herself, yet she found herself giddy with the same amount of butterflies in her stomach as the first time she ever met the man on the park bench. The shop door bell rang signaling another customer entering. Alyssa could not help but laugh sarcastically as she saw it was the one and only Kenny. Fate must have been telling her it was time to tell him the truth about everything. Standing up from her booth, she walked towards him with Arcane sprinting in front of her to get to him first.


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Kenny entered the restaurant his expression blank, not a tale in it other than his roaming dark eyes. It was an interesting little place, seemed like a fairly basic eatery, there were a few booths open, but given just how crowded it was it would take some time before he could sit to eat, that was until a familiar bark caught his attention. He saw a orange blur bouncing towards him, he knew it anywhere. “Arcane?” he questioned as he took a knee to greet the hound. He would pet his head of fuzzy blonde hair and give him a good scratch behind the ear for old times sake, it had been awhile since he saw him and for him to have evolved both intrigued and excited Kenny since it meant he was a heck of alot stronger, one of Kenny’s biggest regrets, however, being that he left him and Alyssa and he didn’t get to see them grow to their new found strength.

Though, if Arcane was here there was no doubt that she would be here too, he looked up from Arcane and saw her, a smile creeping across his face as he stood up and nervously scratched behind his head with a goofy smile on his face, “H-hey Alyssa, uh, fancy meeting you here.” he chuckled voice riddled with nerves as he knew that she was more than likely angry at him for leaving her the way he did, he regretted doing it and he was blinded by a vision of strength that he knew he couldn’t have, he was sorry, he loved her, he still loved her, no matter what will be said, it would always be true, now was the time he could tell her just how sorry he was… If she would listen.

“I want to apologize…”

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