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Golden eye to eye [Cosmaire:Arisa]

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Default on Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:50 pm

Enough was enough, she wanted to eat and probably relax. Slowly she walked alone on a broken brick road with lights hanging from poles of iron. They shined a little due to the suns rays. Sadly she wasn't going to enjoy most of it since her skin couldn't handle a lot of heat. Maybe she should buy some sunglasses and an umbrella for the beach today. Sighing softly she would then turn to the left to possibly go to the food store. Rather or not she would meet someone she knew, was a possibility. 'Wonder what all to get... Maybe a basket for a picnic, blanket, umbrella, sunglasses and food with drinks.' she thought as she would turn her head to look around. Where was this store? She knew there was a store that had about everything in it. Her mind became lost as she was looking, not paying attention to the street itself. All she could do was hope she didn't run into anyone. She was wearing a black and maroon choker. Her shirt was a leather corset with maroon and black designs. Her bottoms was a short skirt of leather while her shoes were just bamboo made sandals. Finally she would continue on her walk, wondering on where this store was.


Default on Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:54 pm

''Heeeheee!'' she chuckled out loud as she was twirling with a wide smile. Her eyes of gold would be wide open as she would see all the sparkly things around her. She was wearing a white dress with a U-shape slit in the middle by her flat chest. Her dark-like skin that seemed more olive would shine and gleam because of the sun. Skipping along after the twirling she would go towards a store out of boredom. ''Ever since that time at the beach, I feel although I should get stuff for it. Maybe a ball! A big COLORFUL ball. Yep!'' she spoke to herself as she would have her small arms dangle against her side, moving upon each skip from her little short legs. Sure enough she was taller than most girls her age, but people already saw her as older than eight yet not older than the high teens. Perhaps the appropriate age that people would guess would be about fourteen if that. There were other girls who were older, shorter and looked younger with the body type. Finally she would see the windows and the signs of the store, skipping towards it on this very hot day.


Default on Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:41 pm

Slowly she walked into the store, looked over to the right and saw a cart to put stuff in. It's been ages since she has seen anything like this. The cars were made of metal and at the bottom there were four wheels to hold the cart itself, to steer around. Her golden brown eyes would look around, wondering on where to start. Her heart was beating rather tense as she saw people looking at her. Why? Was it because her skin was not of a regular persons? A small frown escaped her lips as she would look away to shop. A part of her feels rather shallow, afraid and alone. Maybe only a select few accepted her for what she looked like, her skin. Slowly Arisa would go through a lane to try to find a good umbrella and perhaps other things that would be in the same isle. There were beach towels, buckets and all sort of things. Was she really that weird? Abnormal? Was it hateable? She didn't know so... a certain person didn't think so at least. Not only that, her 'sister' and friend didn't think so either. A small smile would appear on her lips as she tried to stay positive.


Default on Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:03 pm

''Yay store! Time to have fuuuun.~'' she chirped all so happy as she would roam into the store and towards a random area. ''What to get, where to go.'' she spoke out loud to herself as she would skip along in a roaming way. She didn't know what isle she was going through, but she did know that the stuff she needed was in isles beyond the one she was at. Her eyes was like a typical child at a store she's never been to, wide and curious. Her heart was pounding fast as a rabbits thump with their feet. She felt super excited as she would see all these things that she couldn't afford. A part of her wanted to take it all just because of how much fun she'd have with all that stuff. 'Oh man. So fun!~'' she spoke as she roamed and then BAM! She bumped into a big booty and plopped on her own butt. ''Owe.~'' she spoke softly, rubbing her head to tilt her head up to see some womanly figured person. Her booty was rather big, hips wide, waist thin - typically she looked like what any man from her country would want. Was it the same here? If so, Cosmiare wondered how much trouble there was for her.


Default on Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:57 am

She was looking around peacefully at everything within this isle. She had a small smile, ignoring everyone's gaze as she felt judged. Her eyes almost watered as she felt like that one rainbow sheep out of all the normal ones. Slowly she would look at umbrellas. ''I should get maybe one with purple and black.'' she spoke to herself as she looked for designs. Her eyes would scan each and every one of them, but then out of no where she was bumped into. Her face blushed a little as a kid would bump into the backside of her. ''Mmm?'' she wondered and turned fully. ''Are you okay?'' she giggled as she saw a kid. 'So adorable....' she thought and smiled sweetly. The kid was looking up at her and wondered if she was going to judge her for her skin color as well. ''Guessing my color is weird to you...?'' she questioned warmly, trying to not act as if she was hurt by it or not. She wanted to make sure the girl was okay in which case she then wondered on where the hell her parents were. ''So where are your parents?'' she wondered and questioned to the girl as she would then stand up.

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