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Marigold Station to Orchidia Station [Train Travel]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

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The Struggling Demon

When she had arrived in Marigold Town, there was a part of her that sort of felt at home, a part of Leyaria’s past in which she thought back to happier times, of a more accepting community, one in which she herself had felt welcome in. However though, there was some thing that was different about this time, one in which she still struggled to understand, that the only thing that was abundantly clear to her being that she could not have stayed here, not for nearly as long or for what she had in the beginning figured to have been any real sort of degree of time. Instead, there was only the immediate need that she had to leave, as soon as possible, lest something were to happen that otherwise compromised and threatened any thing and every thing that she could have imagined, though even as she sat in the train station, knowing that there was some thing in her head that was driving her to leave, she could not for the life of her understand why or just what it was that was causing this. It was not herself, certainly not, nor was there something that was in her mind making her do this, but in spite of that, this was the burden that had seemingly been tasked upon her, and rather than fight, at least for right now, she honored it, dealing with the hardships and just simply sat and waited for the train, hoping that it would arrive sooner than later. It was not long until the train had finally arrived and with some degree of panic that Leyaria boarded it, not sure of what was happening to her, not sure of what it meant for her moving forward. All she did know was that she was shortly there on her way towards Orchidia.

Internally Conflicted

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