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Hargeon- Babysitting [Kenny]

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Kennyís room was dark at this hour, it was the middle of the day but for Kenny it was just now morning. The night prior he had gone on a drunken campaign around town having fought one or two folks for the sake of fighting and had gotten even more liquor down his gullet. It was a difficult night, but it was as fun as fun could be. It seemed he was living a dream, there was nothing left to do in town, but he pushed himself to work, he pushed himself to fight and most importantly he pushed himself to show that those without magic can be just as strong as those with it. Magic is a crutch and if you take it away those who have it are nothing but mortals. In his mind, in his way of thinking Kenny, despite having so many drunken stupors, wanted to be stronger. He wanted to hang with the strongest fighters there were, like that blonde kid, like the white hair, like Cell. Kenny didnít have magic, he didnít have magic, he didnít have the god given talent, but he had the willÖ Didnít he?

Hm, tough words and a tough thought process for a man who had nothing and was about to take care of a child for the hell of doing so even if it wasnít his. Who was this child? Who knew, but Kenny couldnít give up. There was strength in doing even mediocre tasks. No matter the job, no matter how simple, failure in this task was not an option. Sure, he could chirp on and on and pray to the gods that something better would come along, but he didnít have much in the world but a dream; to be a knightÖ No, the best knight. He wanted to be great, not good, not second, not the third best, he didnít care if he didnít have a magic he was obsessed with becoming stronger and that obsession was something that he had that put him over anyone in the Rune knights. He didnít know many in the Knights, he wasnít aware of any leader's, any soldiers, anyone, but he wanted go past them. He was going to go past them, he was still new to this region, but he had goals and ambition. They didnít have his goals, and it was time he created a reality within this region that benefitted him and his, people like him, people who didnít have magic, people who were told they couldnít do this and that without magic, but Kenny OMega is bound and determined and he didnít want a shortcut, he didnít need a crutch, it was time for a change in the realm of Earthland, it was time for a new age. An age in which he could be the greatest of all of the Rune Knights, regardless who stood in his way and this evening it was a child.

His hotel room was dingy and grey, he had gone cheap. He still didnít have her with him, Alyssa, his sweet ashen rose. He didnít know much of her, she wasnít around as much. He didnít know what she did or where she went. He could only hope that one day that they could be together once again, he could see her again. He couldn't give up on his dream to find strength, he couldnít quit on her and Arcane, he couldnít quit on the future. Kenny could be a knight and be the man she deserved. He wanted desperately to be the man she wanted, to be someone strong and that was why he left. There never was any path of enlightenment, there was never and fear of death, he wanted to get stronger and in getting stronger he would go to her a better man, he could not fail her, he could not fail his family. No matter what anyone says, what the dreamers say, what the weepers wept, nor what the pessimist whined, Kenny omega had what it took and he was going to show his beloved ash beauty that he was capable of turning around his fate and shoving it in the faces of anyone who stood in his way.

Normally he would be asleep after a long drunken knight, but he had woken up early only going on four hours of sleep. He was on the hard wooden floor of his hotel room pumping himself up in down in a series of vigorous explosive push ups. There was no explanation, he had awoke hungrier than before. All of his fear was gone, his fear of making mistakes was gone, he knew that he could never be the perfect sorcerer that so many dreamed to be, but he worked on his body. He pumped himself up and down looking up at the window. What led to this exercise was commitment and that same dream of rune knights, that same dream of being the greatest of them all thatís been mentioned so much already. He was sweating, his elbows were aching, he was taking himself to his limit. Maybe this was too much preparation for a simple job, but he didnít care. It was his time to shine and he was hungry. Before him he wanted to manifest his dreams into reality. There were many things he could be doing with his time, he could be sitting around reading the paper, watching TV, and crying and moaning about his vanishing lover, but that wasnít the path to success, he was ready to go to the next level.

He had so much pain, there was so much pain in his body, he was sore, but he had managed to finish the exercises. 86,400 seconds in the day. He didnít have time to waste one. Kenny stood up and sighed, breath shaky as he put his hands on his hips. This was going to happen, he knew it in his mind, he had a belief in himself. He could see it in front of him, he could do this. The dream was alive and well, he will do it, but today he had a test of patience a child.

Kenny went about his routine, he got dressed, peeled off his training wear and put on his clothes for the day, no garb, no weapon, plain clothes. A shirt, shorts, and sneakers. He could do this, nothing elseíll matter today but the child. He exited his hotel room, went down the elevator and exited the hotel room, jogging out as he went to meet up with the client. He breathed heavily as he jogged, soon getting tunnel vision as he continued on. He would soon face the client, well, clients.

He looked at the girl, she was puffy cheeked, a head of red straight red hair and had a frown on her face, seemed to contrast her yellow sundress, but Kenny didnít look too much into her ware. He spoke with the man he perceived as her father, the two spoke for a moment, Kenny didnít listen to much he instead just nodded and soon it was just him and the girl. He didnít know much about kids, he didnít know much about youngsters in general, he knew that he liked doing meager tasks as a kid, but this was a little girl no where near his age when he was biting dogs and peeling onions for fun. Kenny put his hands in his pockets and asked what she wanted to do, she commanded they go to the shore line. Kenny followed her and did everything she commanded. He would run up and down the shore line collecting shells, he picked up hand full after handful putting them at her feet and different shapes, textures, and colors, he got everyone he saw and took it to her. It seemed she wanted to tire him out, but he didnít give up on her, he kept collecting them and collecting them, and collecting them until the beach was damn near empty, the only ones he didnít pick up had hermit crabs in them or didnít have any shine at all.

She kicked over the pile and demanded to go to the forest to cool off, Kenny obliged and guided her there. She wanted flowers, they found a nice patch of wild flowes. He picked as many as she demanded, soon getting so into the task that when he looked up she was gone. He had an entire bouquet of flowers for her and he had even gone as far as to wrap them with a vine. It seemed she had vanishedÖ Maybe she got bored and left? She was his responsibility regardless of how she felt about him. He jogged through the forest frantically to find her, he could hear faint cries here and there and he couldnít find her, but he kept looking and looking calling out to her name. Veronica, veronica, he echoed her name and kept digging through foliage to find her. He scaled tree trunks, separated bushes and fought on to find her. Where could she have gone? The cry was faint but he heard it, he had found her crying in a brush. He sat next to her and asked what was wrong, she said that she wanted to go home and left him there on purpose but then she got laugh.

Kenny laughed and patted her on the head praising her ability to sneak off so silently. She giggled and the two spoke for a moment, mostly on what it was like living on the beach, where Kenny came from and where he was going when he was done. He stuck to his whole beach house thing but he continued on. Before he knew it dawn was breaking and they had been talking for quite a while, he asked her if she was ready to go home and she nodded yes. He allowed her on his back and began on the path out of the forest and to her estate.

The road was almost dusky, but he kept her on his back close. Seemed the moon was lighting their way but he kept on trucking with her in tow. It wasnít late, but the moon was still out and he stared up at it for a moment. He closed his eyes and sighed as he kept on keeping on carrying her up the steps of her large home knocking on the door with her foot and even going as far as to carry her in instead of giving her to her father.

He put her down on the couch and let her rest, she sleepily thanked him and called him nice. He chuckled and nodded to her patting her on the head and heading back out into the night. He took the jewels from her father collecting the pack and shaking his hand. It was going to be another long night, but it was time to put down the booze and bed tonight.

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