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Hearts Not Tangible [Open]

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Default on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:09 am


Erebus stood by the docks, looking out over the water which seemed to bring in Hargeon's booming economy. Not only did it enable Hargeon Town the ripe fishing that only it could really, successfully plunder. But it did so much more, this town was a port city and acted as a necessary trading post and delivery over seas. It was pretty impressive the profit such a small little area could accumulate. The Strategist himself was similar in that aspect, he was acquiring so much without magic in his life. Early in his ventures he had dreamed of obtaining it, then he dreamed of surpassing it. Then he abandoned all care for such a thing entirely when his humanity was stripped and exchanged for something greater. Sure, he was not exactly the best nor the greatest lycan-- how could an omega ever hope to be. However, for what he had become... It demanded respect.

"It's just one of those things I suppose."

The boy was adorned in the Scarle Armor, covered up by robes that hid every inch of his unique and expensive gear. Tucked into the leather broach underneath was the Diadem. Long blond hair fell over his face, messy and unkempt. While the back and sides of his head were shaved like an undercut. His eyes glowed with amber, being one of the werewolvian race, he rarely lacked that defining characteristic. His tall, supernaturally enhanced body due to being lycan, made him stand out above the others passing on the walkway. A marvel amongst puny men.

''I should be working, and yet here I am, admiring things as usual. Ergh.."

Erebus laid a hand on the wooden fence, and bowed his head. He had a look of annoyance and definitely didn't seem fancy on wasting time. Yet ever still, he was. Dusk was already setting in, and the last remainders of an orange sky were resting their eyes. Erebus made an exhale of air so soft, only the ghosts of the netherworld could hear it. Then-- he turned. Preparing to make a leave and exit down the boardwalk.

#2Shura Ranzu 

Default on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:37 am


It seems as if the docks had some odd fascination with Shura. Or maybe it was the other way around? Maybe something deep down inside made Shura keep returning to the docks. Whether it be for a job, or recreational reasons he seemed to spend quite some time here. It wasn’t all bad, the ocean was marvelous. Also due to the town being environmentally friendly the ocean was not a different color. That was something you would see in more populated city areas that rested on the waterfront. A calm demeanor was what Shura wore today as the dusk set in. The sun was slowly creeping down ward creating a mixture of colors on the horizon. A wondrous color that several onlookers found themselves staring at.

Walking to the main dock area he brushed against a tall individual. One that shared the mysterious factor that Shura did. As his shoulder brushed against the robed individual he felt the metal of armor press into his shoulder. This was enough to make him stop suddenly and turn to the individual. “My apologies, I was not paying attention. Merely admiring the sun setting on this day.”

A small creature was sitting off to the side admiring the sunset also. This was a curious thing to say the least. Shura could tell the individual he bumped into stood out like he did. Everyone was wearing beach attire and these two fucks were trying to invoke some level of mystery. Little did Shura know, this was someone he was destined to meet. How this interaction played out, only time could tell really. Shura was only a meter away from the individual waiting for some form of response to begin the interaction.


Default on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:54 am

Erebus hadn't been paying attention either, with Shura staring one way. Erebus hand been looking down at the ground, his sharp canines gritting against each other as his blank expression did it's usual thing. The collision awoke him from his thoughts and he listened as the fellow mage spoke his own. It did occur to the lycan that the both of them were dressed out of the norm. especially for the boardwalk. Were they both doing missions that night or were they both as mysterious as one another figured of the other. It became a question of reasonable curiosity within Erebus's mind. "It's not your fault. I wasn't watching my own either. Yeah, I came out to see it set too. If the moon caters to the beasts of the night as they say. I figure the sun is for the man to have and hold." Erebus wasn't the type to feel inclined to make comments like that. Especially when they were tip-offs. But it isn't like he feared the rune knights. After all he dropped a whole team of them months ago. Then again, he decided that Icarus might have reason to maul him if anyone caught on to alleged monsters in the port town.

A break for hesitation was not left for occurrence. Being a pretty good agent of Grimoire Heart, Erebus was able to keep conversations rolling. He continued to speak, only barely interrupting if he did so. "You seem like an intelligent person. Not too many of those exist in this world. I go by Strategist. Who might you be?"

#4Shura Ranzu 

Default on Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:53 pm

The cloaked lad spoke to Shura, starting off with a apology. Fate saw fit to show let no rudeness come to pass. Already stopped, Shura listened carefully to the words of the world. A perception of the very reality they lived in through the optics of the one who stood before him. “The cosmos does not belong to any one individual or being. We are merely a blip on the map of the vast universe. Not to mention true monsters do not obey the common laws that govern us.” Shura stopped after that to let the lad speak once more.

“You flatter me, and they do exist in the world. Intelligent individuals tend to keep to themselves to avoid alienation from the world that moves around them. Strategist hmm? You can call me Shura. I have not claimed enough feats yet to earn a title.”

Shura had let his mind spill out into the open. Which he allowed to happen from time to time. Otherwise he was keeping up with the charade he was putting on for the world. Shura turned to the individual, and motioned his hand towards a pier in the opposite direction from where Eerebus was going. Shura had found someone interesting. Someone who he could engage with and potentially gain something from it in the long run. “Come Strategist, walk with me.”

Shura was usually not so welcoming to newcomers in his life. There was something about the boy that made him want to dive deeper. Who knows maybe he could be of some use to Shura sometime down the road.


Default on Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:16 pm

Something about, "Shura." was extremely charismatic, before even realizing it, Erebus had turned full ways around to walk alongside his new acquaintance. "You speak in a  traditional way Shura, it took me by surprise. The things you say, they hold a lot of meaning to me. In ways not so comprehend-able.  I have to ask-- are you a philosopher?" Erebus wanted to hear more, the masked man. Had many points that Erebus wanted to read into. He didn't look as strong as the lycan, but a wise man was valuable-- even a dog knew that.

The two would walk until they reached the edges of the boardwalk, many people were heading the direction opposite of them. Perhaps they would have much to discuss. During this time, the Grimoire Heart took to the side of the Ranzu boy. Tucking his hands in his pockets, Erebus chimed up. "Strategist is a name I'm branded with, but not one I particularly like. I'm thinking that you'll have names like it yourself. You already show more wit about you than a large margin of people I have met." Erebus wasn't looking to fill egos or give flase compliments. But he hadn't had a good talk with another human in a while, the last person was a slime woman and she seemed to be troubled by mental illness. Erebus didn't like being in the dark-- he valued a like-minded individual whom he could share a conversation with.

"I was just about to look for a job tonight, in this area. Are you looking for work stranger?"

#6Shura Ranzu 

Default on Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:41 pm

Shura folded his arms behind his back while the two began to walk. By majority standards, Shura was extremely young. Just starting to break into what life had to offer. Unfortunately Shura was put in such a situation where he was forced to grow up quicker that most. “I come off traditional due to my upbringing. My body is young but my soul is old. At least that's what was told to me a time ago. Also I am so formal because I am created a good first impression. I am different to those who know me personally.” Shura explained.

The two reached the edges of the boardwalk. Many people were walking around, on bikes or some even dates. They moved out of the way of the two cloaked indiviuals. Some looked away to make sure attention was not drawn to them. 'Weaklings.' He thought for a moment as his eyes watched the head turns and lowered eyes. Then Erebus spoke once more. Shura was very aware of the branding laid on him. Something that Shura would never allow to happen. He will create a name, not have one just given to him on a whim.

“I have no name branded on me. I will weave ones from the carnage I leave in my wake. I was just born with a good head on my shoulders. My ideals shaped by the tragedies that have crossed my path while growing up.” After Shura's words would have sank in he spoke once more. It was about a upcoming job that was going to take place. “I am always looking for work. Doesn't matter what it is really. Money is money no matter how bloody it is.”


Default on Mon Jul 31, 2017 8:36 pm

"I see."

Erebus smiled. These wise things vomiting forth off of Shura Ranzu. Man... They were good to hear, Erebus was even more astonished about the soul being old bit. While the lycan had grown up being... More like what you would call a thug with talent. Shura was raised as if he were a commanding general or perhaps a man of respect. Something that demanded he be wiser, stronger, more powerful than the person next to him. Two opposites of a similar coin, but in the end it was also... Two different kinds of soldiers respectably. It was like comparing one person from a different army, to another in the same army, but under different life circumstance. It stood to show that everyone, even if they had like minded ambitions and beliefs. Such as money being money-- no matter the cause or effect. They were always still going to be a bit different than the person next to themselves. Something about that made Erebus feel not so alone with his obsessions.

Not known to Shura, but Strategist-- never having known magic. Had obsessed with being more miraculous than it. So he often excelled in everything so long as it didn't have much to do with magic as a whole. This further led to a compulsion for being at the top. For domination. A desire turned into a drug; you might call it. He knew he would be the best, if not he dreamed of it relentlessly. To the point, his only way of escape was surpassing his limitations. Making it possible. Then carrying on. His story was a game of chase, the fire he chased had been extinguished though. However, standing beside Shura, he felt the embers light up. If Shura was chasing a similar flame, it would spread like a contagion into Erebus.

Something inside the lycan hoped... Dearly.


That Shura was like him somehow.

"Interesting. I'm sorry but I lied to you about looking for work, I actually know of a mission going down already. In fact, I'm kind of hoping you'd accompany me now. It goes down tomorrow night. It's on the bad side of the law though, pay is good. Meet me here at the dock I'll explain over lunch and we can attack when the sun goes down, it's a smuggling job-- high risk. But be warned, many people refuse to take jobs with me because of what I am. If you're serious. Then I'd love to work with you."

#8Shura Ranzu 

Default on Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:25 pm

Shura's words seemed to seep into Erebus's very essence. He was a word smith that forged thoughts together tightly before presenting them to those around him. For a moment the lad did not respond and Shura felt no need to flood the air with more information. Just kind of walk down the board walk looking up at the sky as the moon made it's entrance onto the main stage for it's act. Shura saw himself as a hero even though his ideals may not have placed him on the side of good. Then again, good and evil was relative to the perceptions of the world. In reality he was trying to save it, but the question always plagued his mind.

'How can I save the world from itself?'

He was very aware of the self destructive cycle that the world went through on a day to day basis. It would take something miraculous to happen for the world to suddenly change. Shura was a man on a mission, he knew how to get to his final destination. He needed to bide his time and enjoy the journey to that point. Because once he reached that point, he was going to put a end to all of it. War, pain, suffering all of this nonsense that humans fill their lives with.

Of course no one knew of his plans, why would he go blabbering about it before the right preparations were made? It would have been foolish to do so because someone could easily try to cut him down before he reaches his prime.

Shura felt the passion within the lad who walked next to him. He was going to keep a close eye on him for reasons. Who knows? Maybe he might be understanding of what Shura wanted for this world and join him on his conquest. Only time could tell where Erebus stood. Shura was not one to ruin this moment of connecting with someone other than his own thoughts.

Erebus spoke once more, Shura listened before speaking on the matter. “Like I said money is money. Whether if it is for a good cause or bad cause is irrelevant to me Strategist. I will accompany you on this job. Fear not of what could come to pass. Fear of what 'could be' is a hindrance that I have overcome in my younger years. As far as what you are, only thing I care about is your ability to carry your own weight. I do not baby sit.”


Default on Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:33 pm

"Of course... I don't think you'll have to babysit me. I haven't been told that in a long time. Consider us partners then." Erebus looked at the water below one last time. The air felt warm, and the ends of summer were on the way. Winter is coming. Something in the great world of Fiore would change the pace of everything very soon, almost like clairvoyance Erebus felt this was going to occur and that Shura might have something to do with it. It was weird, Erebus often disliked others. This man was different. He was persuasive in his ways, and there was a deep amount of wisdom that bent Erebus to like him. Whether this was intentional or not, or some hypnotic power, Erebus didn't know.

He knew only one thing. "You're definitely someone I see myself succeeding beside. I look forward to it, thanks for your words. Shura. I'll take what you've said to heart, I don't usually speak to others unless it's a requirement. I'm glad I did with you today. It changed my outlook on some things that I've been lost about. Take care. I'll see you tomorrow for the job."

Just like that Erebus let out some air, and turned. He would leave Shura at the end of the boardwalk to enjoy the dawning moonlight alone. This was the start to something much bigger. Not known to Erebus specifically, Shura would be someone that could be the change this world needed. That Erebus had often thought of. But everything was in the water. For now, everything was in it's infantile stages. Shura was not the man of his utmost peak potential yet; but he undoubtedly would be in the future. A growing feeling was lift in the pits of Erebus, somehow he knew Shura was going to do great things. The way he spoke alone, could rile mountains of men. It could spiral the politicians in directions they'd never realized. His speeches could birth riot and chaos. This was not just a man, or a revolutionary. Shura was a means to an end of the current world. Erebus was entertained by that theory. Even if he was unconscious of it. He knew somehow, someway. This meeting was destiny.


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#10Shura Ranzu 

Default on Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:33 am

“Then you will have no objections from me comrade.” It wasn’t long before the colors that were created by the sunset began to fade as the sun stepped out of the spot light. It was still rather warm because they were in the middle of summer break. Shura’s long clothing danced in the breeze that crossed the two. For a moment they shared a silence before Erebus spoke once more to Shura. Flattering in nature but Shura was very aware of what he was doing. Being able to forge bonds with individuals quickly through the usage of his words and intellect. Erebus said his final words and began to exit the scene. Shura began to speak loud enough so he could hear him. Anyone else in earshot could have heard what he was about to say. For those who did not know Shura they would most likely write him off as a mad man. A individual spewing off false ideals with no real foundation to stand on. Erebus on the other hand, would understand the weight behind his following words.

“You do flatter me Strategist, I aim to be ruler of this realm someday. My ambitions are what keep me going. Should I fall along the way it was only a sign that I was not meant to govern this land. Maybe someday I will learn of your true name. Until then farewell.”

Shura stood at the docks staring off into the distance as his new partner left the area. Shura took in a deep breath and just watched the waves crash into the ocean. He closed his eyes for a moment, imagining the day he would achieve the power to change everything.

‘I will save this world. Even if I must create conflict and strife to force the world to evolve passed this self destructive cycle. Should the world turn against me I welcome the challenge. If this is too end in fire then so be it.’

On that final thought he exited the area to prepare for the tonight's mission.


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