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Decorative Party[Phoebe]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:27 am

Jeeroy had always loved a good party, so when he wandered into the streets of Mag and found that there seemed to be over fifty people setting up for a giant one in the streets, he jumped on the opportunity.  He had rolled his joint earlier that day and smoked it before he wandered out of the hotel, which was a good thing considering the amount of children running around in the middle of the party set up currently.  Jeeroy approached the first man he could find to ask what exactly was going on.  The man was smiling brightly, a contagious smile that immediately slipped onto Jeeroy's lips as well.  

"Well my good sir, we are setting up for a party!  If you would like to help, I can pay you for your services and you can stick around after to enjoy yourself!"  He said happily.  Jeeroy had been waiting a long time for a job like this.  Setting up parties was his specialty and he was a glitter expert to prove it.  If only he had actually completed his glitter cannon this would prove to be the perfect place to try it out.  He could though, help hang higher decorations as he stood nearly nine foot in the sky with his arm span much larger than that.


#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:42 am

Phoebe had arrived in Magnolia after the suggestion of a friend and here she was. And she had loved the first day in the city. She had done a job, completed some extra sleep. Used her fire magic, what more would you want. She walked around the streets right now, enjoying her day, she was wearing a dark red purple coloured dress and her bright red heels which was something that she wore most of the times. She looked around as she was walking, not entirely sure what to do. She stopped at the beginning of the next street when she saw many people working on something that looked like a party. Oh it was so beautiful, a party! She threw her hair over her right shoulder and headed towards the man that seemed to be in charge, to talk to him in asking if she could help, it seemed lovely. He enthusiastic told her that he was holding a party for his daughter. He was so happy that she would help him that she was even offered jewels and Phoebe being the selfish person that she was immediately accepted. She looked around to see what needed to be done and she saw a bundle of decoration all mixed up and probably stuck together and she would try her patience on that, maybe she could ask the tall man, which was obvious on this party, to help her hang them up, as soon as she fixed the knots out of the robe.

It took her quite a few minutes but when she was done she immediately decided to try and talk to him, ”Excuse me.” she said to the strong looking man, and the tallest at this party, ”Would you mind to help me hang up these decorations? I’m Phoebe Rainsworth, nice to meet you.” let it be a friendly person please.


#3Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:52 am

Jeeroy soon heard a feminine voice beside him as he was hanging balloons on a tall light post before him. He was being worked harder than the rest of the people setting up, as he could carry plenty and reach heights that the others could not, but he did not mind. Nothing could spoil his mood that day, not even if he ended up spilling something on the blue Rune Knight garbs he wore covered by his new armor. His weapon was strapped against his left leg, like always. The female was smaller than him, of course, and looked very beautiful and innocent. She seemed friendly enough as she introduced herself to him after asking for the help.

"Hello, beautiful. My name is Jeeroy Lenkins and I would be much obliged to help you hang these." He took the decorations out of her hands and moved to his left where he would be hanging them upon another street lamp. As he worked, he decided to make small talk with the woman, allowing her some room to begin decorating the tables around them. "So, dear Phoebe, what brings you to Magnolia? Long time resident or just coming into town for a visit?" He asked her with a smile.


#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:59 am

As she asked she had immediately introduced herself, because manners. If she asked something from someone, she better gave her name and he immediately replied to her and she couldn’t help but blush as she liked compliments very much. She liked being called beautiful and beamed with a happy smile on her face. She handed him the decorations and first looked a bit at what he was doing before she turned to fix the tables with the plates and fold the napkins in a way that some others were doing, it was a bit of a struggle to do it at first but she got the hang of it soon enough. She looked up when Jeeroy talked to her and she stopped folding for a second because she needed to concentrate on the folding but she didn’t mind the talking either, ”I came here because I met a Knight and she told me Magnolia was nice. I’m original from Orchidia.” she answered, before she quickly folded another napkin into a bunny or a swan it depended on the one she would make next, ”This is actually my second day since I have been here. And I immediately stumble on a party. Sounds like good luck. What about you?” she was actually quite curious about that.


#5Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:05 am

Jeeroy stopped putting up the decorations for a moment to think of what to tell the young woman. He had grown up in the town of Era since he was a very young boy and did not remember anything about the giants who were his parents as he was adopted by a loving human couple at a very young age. Sometimes he did wonder exactly where his parents had gone and why they had put him up for adoption. He did not even know if they were still alive, and he thought that bothered him the most out of the situation. He would have loved to meet them one day, if they were still around, but the lack of giants in Fiore made him think differently.

"Well, I grew up in Era with a nice little adoptive human family, a mom, dad, and sister. They were all Rune Knights, so I in turn became a Rune Knight as well after a bit of traveling and figuring out that wandering was not for me. Currently, I just patrol Fiore keeping the peace and making sure everyone is safe, one of my few dreams. Though it is a bit difficult sometimes as being the only giant can be very difficult." He explained with a shrug.


#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:12 am

Phoebe folded another napkin and looked up to Jeeroy, which was something she needed to get used to but she actually didn't mind. It was probably not always nice to be so tall but on the other hand there were also things you probably could take care off that others couldn't and it came with other settings as just being small. Phoebe was even small for girl standards.

She nodded and wondered how it would be to be adopted. She loved and hated Mary at the same time but she couldn't imagine being without her at all nor her father. Her mother on the other hand, a quick cold look went through her eyes but quickly disappeard and she had looked away as well. Oh he became a Rune Knight, "Oh have you met Alice?" she felt silent on the surname, "She recommended Magnolia to me. I have been in Era. It is a lovely city." She frowned a little and fixed a bit of the decoration flowers on the table before turning to look at Jeeroy, "Is being a knight very hard working?" he did have time to work on this decorative party though. She wondered if it actually was fun, she would never consider. It sounded like too much restrictions for her and the uniform wouldn't look nice on her, she was more a red kind of girl.


#7Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:19 am

A cold look crossed through the girl's eyes and he wondered if he said something wrong for a second, yet the look was gone before he could question it, almost as if it had never been there at all. Jeeroy had only met one other Rune Knight so far and he was pretty sure the male's name was not Alice. It was...T.K. if he recalled correctly. Shame he was already forgetting his new friend's names. "Alice, I do not believe I have met her. I do not know many of the other Rune Knights as I was afraid to make friends for ages. Most people do not tend to like giants. We are strong and tall and that bothers people for some reason. As far as being a Knight...well it takes dedication. I am a proud Knight. You must be ready and willing to stand up to any threats that come to Fiore or its people, rather or not the threat is stronger than you. You have to have confidence and dedication, which leads to a long career in the Rune Knights!" He said with a proud smile. Talking highly of his own guild was something he enjoyed doing very much. The guild had helped him through plenty, and he was very proud to be a part of something this great for Fiore.


#8Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:30 am

So Alice didn't meet this guy yet. Well she was sure that the Rune Knights was a big organisation and she was sure not everyone met each other all the time as there were lots of jobs and lots of different places. "Hmm people are to easily judging others. I don't see a problem at all in talking to you. You are very friendly and a very nice person to talk to." why lie if it was the truth, he had called her beautiful afterall she could throw some compliments.

She went to sit down at the table as she looked around to see what she should do. She turned to look at Jeeroy again, with a smile, "It is nice to be proud of your job. You also should be, you sound like you enjoy it and that is something perfect. I'm not sure if I do belong in a guild, for now I'm just looking around and do what I can." she said and she noticed the cake and the little candles on it and around it still weren't on, so she gave a wave of her hand and concentrated on it, "Train my magic is also a very important job. Especially since it is directed by my emotions." She made sure the candles were on right now and she had not made a mistake, someone clapped for it but she didn't stand up to take the honor of showing she had done it, she rather liked it here.

She looked around, "Is there more decoration you want to hang up? I can grab some." she asked friendly because she didn't want him to feel like he was being used for the decorations only. She genuinely liked to talk to him.


#9Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:37 am

Magic...it was something Jeeroy longed for with every fiber of his being.  He wanted nothing more than to be able to do things such as the woman just did.  It seemed like the mages in the world had the upper hand and once his adoptive parents told him that because he was a giant, he had hardly any affinity for magic, he was devastated.  Though the old man at Mag Drug Magic Shop had promised him a solution if he just gave him time.  Hopefully the man was not lying, Jeeroy could only imagine the type of magic he would have.  He would give anything to be strong and powerful, noticed by others for more than just his size.  He wanted to be one of the greats, protecting the city and being adored in the eyes of those around him.  He would take nothing less than perfection from himself, especially as a Knight.  He needed people to trust him yet fear him.  He already looked scary, now he just needed the emphasis to put the last bit into place, and that was magic.

"I understand the training part completely.  I do not keep myself this fit without training."  He flexed for the woman, winking.  "I am pretty good with a weapon if I do say so myself.  And as far as more decorations..hmm..I believe everything looks okay, we could go help with the food, if you wished?"  He asked, giving a suggestion to finish up this party where they could party.


#10Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:47 am

She wondered for a second what Jeeroy thought as it remained quiet for a short while but it was probably to think about decorations or more but he answered with understanding her training and she couldn't help but blush as he flexed and she looked away casually to hide the pink colour on her cheeks. "I-I noticed." it was hard to miss and the flex made it much more clear than it had been and she had not ignored it at the beginning. It was pretty to look at after all. She stood up again and nodded, "You are right. If we put up more decorations it would be too much."

She checked again for the third time the napkins and looked to see where the rest of the food was and frowned, "I wonder what more needs to be done though." because most was done and again you didn't want to overdue things even for a child birthparty. There were too many people to add everything causal. Oh but there was someone asking them to help with moving the food from some nearby shops to the tables, "Surprising that there is still much to do considering how many people are here." she couldn't help but say out loud. She would rather sit and enjoy the party instead of working, she had her lazy days as well. "We'll help." she mentioned friendly to the person that seemed to cordinate this.


#11Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:55 am

Jeeroy followed the young woman over to a table and began picking up trays of food to move to another table. He too wondered why it was taking so long to finish decorating for a child's birthday party..or even why they were doing so much for a child's party. The party seemed to be more catered to adults in the town and not the child who it was for, though there were plenty of children running around between the adults setting up. Maybe there were planning on keeping all the children at the smaller tables and boxed off from the adults. Jeeroy in fact, did not want to accidentally step on one of the children and hurt them with his large form.

"This does seem to be a bit much for a child's birthday party. Maybe it was supposed to be a block party as well. You know, get the neighborhood together to get to know each other better. It would make sense considering the amount of food we are moving here. It seems to be enough to feed twenty or so giants!" He laughed at his own joke and placed the first tray down on the table before turning back to find the next thing. After everything had been properly moved, Jeeroy walked over to the man to collect his reward before he walked back to one of the tables to wait for the actual party to begin. He did have a pocket full of glitter that was begging to be thrown in the air to commemorate the party's beginning.


#12Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:02 pm

It was a bit difficult for Phoebe to carry a tray. She wasn't weak but it was just too big for her arms to carry. Which was ridiculous as she had carried lots of trays with books and other wears for the shop, she blamed it on the shoes as she would walk a bit stumbling and would find a table to place it on but it would be a bit of a struggle that she didn't like. It meant she certainly had to train a little more to get to a point that she wouldn't be wobbly because of this. When she finally reached the table she looked at Jeeroy as he was exactly mentioning what she thought as well and she couldn't help but giggle a little.

She laughed a little louder because of his joke, "It is nice, if everyone joins that would be the best party for a little girl. I bet she will feel like a princess. There is food, a huge birthday cake, I couldn't imagine what more she wants. Maybe a nice dress though." she had not seen the birthday girl but she was sure that was taken care off. As she would arrive soon, Phoebe also went to collect her jewels for decorating this party and she would look left and right to think about what she would do. She didn't want to be a bother nor did she wanted to be too straightforward, "Do you mind if I sit with you?" Phoebe asked Jeeroy as he had found a place to sit down, it was one of the tables where she had folded the napkins off and one was already torn apart but she didn't say anything.


#13Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:08 pm

"Of course you may sit with me." Jeeroy told the woman with a smile. He pulled out a chair for her to sit down in and then made himself comfortable while everyone else either left or stayed around, finding seats to wait for the party to begin. Soon music began playing and a young girl was walked out in a beautiful dress with a smile upon her face. Seeing this as his chance, Jeeroy took a handful of glitter from his pocket and threw it above the girl to make it rain down glitter on her as she walked in. The giggle that she produced made him believe that she adored it. Though he was careful to get no glitter in the trays of food. Perhaps it was a good thing he had not completed his glitter cannon as it would have shot glitter everywhere. After helping himself to a plate of food, he sat back down enjoying the finger food first before moving on to the more messy things, not touching the sweets as they made him sick. Finally Jeeroy found himself needing to head back to his hotel for rest. He turned to the woman beside him and smiled. "If you ever need me, just shout. I will be the tallest in the crowd. Thank you for working with me." He kissed her hand before leaving the party.

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#14Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:43 pm

So she wasn’t pushing her luck as she simply asked if could sit next to Jeeroy. She didn’t mind getting to know him better, actually she found him quite fascinating because he seemed to be a very nice guy to have conversations with. She doubted guys liked conversations in general but she wouldn’t complain after just having one. Besides apart from that he even pulled out the chair and she sat on it and would look at the finger food and the cake that was around. She would sit up straight when she noticed the birthday girl and she sighed happily because of the dress, it was beautiful, it fitted her perfectly. It was exactly what Phoebe would have wished if she was.. around eight? Which was twelve years too late. Her father had not even been alone by that time yet but they had been a hard working family all the time.

What made it even more beautiful was the glitters that came. It fitted perfectly with the scenery and the child and her beautiful dress. She held her own hands as she looked at the scene and watch her blow out the candles and she clapped and was glad she came in a dress as well, she felt that she belonged in the scenery but boy was it busy. She didn’t like that much but she would enjoy some of the fruit, some of the drinks before she also thought it might be time to go. She wanted to talk to the birthday girl though and give her a compliment about her dress. However before she could do that she noticed that Jeeroy was leaving and thus she gave him her fullest attention at that point.

”It was my pleasure.” she said and she tried to stop herself from giggling a bit when he kissed her hand and she hoped she didn’t blush too much. Today was a good day for her ego, that thing was for sure. She waved Jeeroy goodbye and she certainly hoped to meet again at some point. She would wait a little bit longer because she didn’t want to break up the party and stood up to talk to the birthday girl and compliment her on her dress. The little glitters were still stuck in her hair but she enthusiastically screamed she was a fairy princess and Phoebe would just give her thumbs up to that. She would leave shortly after that to her own place and she was sure that she would go and find another job at some point in town. Hopefully she would bump into her new friend.


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