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Rune Knight For a Day [Kenny]

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Another day for Kenny to get through with a smile, with tunnel vision. He knew that he held on to his darkness, He felt down today, he knew that today was going to be a bad one. He had awoken on the wrong side of the bed, he hated himself, he didnít like what he saw in the mirror. There was so much happening around him and he wasnít apart of it, it was a miracle that he got out of bed in the morning. But he had two choices unlike those around him who were just as weak as he, he could sit and be a victim or he could leverage the pain that he felt and move on and today;s job was just what he needed to get through the pain he felt. The pain would always be there, life was always painful, but he couldnít suffer, he couldnít stop himself now. He had it in his mind today that no one understood him and he knew they didnít but he knew himself and he knew the evil that plagued him today. He had it in his heart that he could get through this day, all of the boasting and grandstanding was over, he had it in his mind that he could get through this. He knew darkness, he knew evil, but more importantly than that he knew good, he knew light, he knew laughter, love and happiness better than anyone in hargeon.

He sat against a wall in his hotel room, the lights were off, the only light seeping through the shades. His memories played over him he knew that he was so far in his journey and he was inching closer to his goal to his goal to become the great knight, he could feel it on the skin of his teeth, he could feel himself crawling there but the road had darkened and he couldnít get over it! There was so much around, so many people, so many innocent lives that needed protecting, he couldnít get over it. He thought he would follow darkness, he thought he would make the pain in his heart strong again, he thought he would make himself feel safe again, but no, it was time he made himself feel better about the good in him. There wasnít anything to it other than him wanting to protect those that needed it, he couldnít do it in purple or red, he had to do it his own way. All of that fear of becoming the edge, living on the edge and risking his life for evil was nothing but selfish. He couldnít do it. He refused to fight for something he didnít believe in, he didnít know what he believed at first. He was a neutral man, he didnít want to be good or evil he just wanted to protect anyone he could from the shade that was casted on Fiore. Kenny could do it, no matter what anyone told him, he could do it. He had this dream and today he would get to live it.

There were so many jobs he could have, that he could do and be bored of, but there was only one that he wanted. To be a Knight, to be a rune knight, a hedge knight, a mercenary it didnít matter to him as long as he could cast a realm of light over the the misery in Fiore. Most people were weak, many of the knights were weak, the one that gave him this quest was, and Kenny wanted his job badly. He knew he could do it, he would have this job and today he was getting a taste. He leaned his head against the wall and prepared himself mentally, he was tired and worn out, he was sick of doing jobs, sick of the grind of earning jewels and stuffing them in his pocket but he had to get it done. He wanted to be a knight well none of those damn pions at the HQ would come and put a sigil on his armor. No one was going to push him to do what he wanted to do in life but himself. He had to achieve the knights, but he had to discipline himself and right now sulking wasn't going to help. This was what quitters did, they let the pain come over them but Kenny wasnít like them. He didnít quit, he was going to do this job. It was time he got things done and stopped procrastinating like those who were farther than him based on nothing but magic. They werenít as good as him, they werenít as strong, they assumed that they could get better and be stronger, they gained power through half of work and half of talent, they were disappointed in themselves but never showed it. Kenny looked down at his shadow, and nodded, it was time he got up before it slumped. He was weak right now, but it was okay he could get there and do what he needed to do. There were things to do, he had a grind to run on, and he had to get through. He might be called weak, he might be called useless, but they didnít own him, no one who put a label on him owned him. Everyone in Fiore will know his name and now that he was great, that he had the ability to do everything that they couldnít and that was earn his power without being gifted at birth, or gifted from a book, or gifted from a higher power. He was going to piss them all off and look down at them from his ivory tower of hope. He had to hold true to that vision though, he had to make enemies and he was going to make many as a Rune Knight, but he had hope , he had the strength to do it, he was going to put his vision into fruition. Was it his time? Maybe, but there was a lot in his war path, and he had to do this on his own right? He had to get to the rune knights, and earn his stripes, earn his colors. He had to be willing to fight, he had to be willing to make arrest, he had to stand up and stand for himself and the people that needed him. Fiore was going to have a new problem on its hands and its name was Kenny omega. But he couldnít do anything for it sitting here.

Kenny got on his knees and crawled forward, it was about time he got up and left. Kenny stood up on his feet and rolled his shoulders. He looked around the room and turned the light on, enough of this sobbing BS. It was about time he got up and went to work. Went to grinding, went to eating and earning his way to being near the top. He wasnít a pretty boy, he didnít have pretty eyes, pretty skin, a nice smile, but he was Kenny right? And that was what mattered, even if he couldnít get by on looks and wits. Shit, he had to find Alyssa and get back to her, he had to heal their relationship and create a stronger love. Shit, why didnít he think of any of this before? Why did he waste his time sitting around drinking? He had a good fucking life early on and he got lazy. He wasnít living for himself, he was a joke and he couldnít believe it. He had been through so much and now he was on his own two feet ready for the world ready to fight the best in the world, ready to slay dragons, ready to get stronger, ready to put his heart and soul into his work. It was time for Kenny to become fearless and go for it with nothing. No magic, not abilities, no good looks, but fuck it heís ready to move on. He was afraid to move on, he was so ready to become a knight, it was time to put in more hard work so he could be great, so he could be remembered.

He left his hotel room and shut the door, he wore his garb, and walked down the street in a jog, heíd sweat a bit, droplets connecting on his head and trickling down his face. He broke a hard sweat when he met the client who looked at him strangely. Kenny returned a strange look, he looked him up and down and laughed. So this was a rune knight in this age? Oh yes, Kenny could do this, he would do this and if this boy could do it he could do it with ease. They spoke for a moment Kenny asked questions about the job, he asked him about what was going on with the job and what he needed. There was no topic in particular to stick to and they soon fell to the patrol. Kenny rolled his eyes, how was it that he could be a rune knight? This boy was 70% rune knight and 30% sheep, and that was just enough to further motivate Kenny to get the job. This guy was living his dream? Oh no, Kenny would fix this, he would take this job and take it home. He knew there were others that wanted the job, but Kenny will out grind them all and become a seated knight. He would need more though, he would have to do this patrol and then some.

Kenny began to patrol down the street pike on his back as he looked for suspicious activity. He couldnít find anything too shady but soon spotted a man looking rather shady on his own. So this was going to be a thing? No matter, he could use the distraction from his day to day and could get past this distraction.

The two men were dealing drugs, slingin hash and Kenny laughed at them. He bolted after them the old one bolting the other running hard, Kenny chased him down and took after him. He chased him hard and steadily, he drove after him and chased him down tackling him and telling him to stop in the name of the law. Kenny bound his wrist and interrogated him lightly. The beans would in fact be spilled and Kenny would get little information out of the guy, all that he could get as he intimidated info out. He would remember it all and drag the druggie back to Collin. Kenny told him the info and collect his coin before leaving. That a strange job this was, he took the coin and moved on, there was so much to the job and he still enjoyed it. Just tacking the perp was fun to Kenny and he wanted more. He had to get more, he had to become a knight and he could keep training until he got where he needed to be, knight hood was just around the corner and he could taste it now.

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