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[Quest] Visit The Hermit

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[Quest] Visit The Hermit Empty on Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:30 am

Tiên Linh
Hatred Clouds Judgement
But Our Regrets Still Stalk Us

Tiên was beginning to try and get a hang of living in this country, there were many, many different things, but he had met people that offered to help him so he was okay. One of the options was taking small quests, so that's what he has done. Satchel over his shoulder, with his favourite type of chiffon overcoat - known as a Beizi inside, - just in case it got a little cold on his journey to complete the quest.

Tiên had visited the drug store, earlier today before venturing to his favourite place in the town, the East Forest, he was on a mission to deliver a parcel to a person who lived in the forest, and when he heard that this old guy lived within the East Forest, Tiên was intrigued. So heading out, now lead up to this moment, as he stepped into the vast acres of trees, wildlife and nature itself. He loved being surrounded by nature, so this was no big to a boy like himself who grew up among the trees and animals. His eyes shimmered like rubies, as he looked at the green of the leaves, and different shades of brown in the bark of the trees that surrounded him. Some people would be scared, and find it daunting, with scarcely any light that filled the forest would make the trees seem evil, though Tiên knew better. He wasn't scared of the trees. He held the parcel tightly to his chest as he continued to venture deeper and deeper into the forest.

"I wonder what this old man is like... Maybe he is kind, the man at the store said was was sociable..."

Tiên hummed a little as he spoke his thoughts aloud, he wasn't around anybody but the animals who would hide in the trees and bushes, but he knew they meant no harm, well some of them maybe, others not so much. Though he hasn't met an animal that had tried to attack him yet, and in all honesty he really hopes he doesn't. Tiên sometimes looked at the trees, closely just in case he accidentally passed the tree home he was meant to be looking for, and to no avail he had still not found it yet, and he had lost track of how deep he has ventured into the forest.
The boy hoped it wasn't too deep, he tends to sometimes forget where the beginning of the trail is, if he explores new areas of the forest and as more the passed, Tiên began to notice the change in trees, more trees were becoming wider, and some even deep enough that you could live inside. "So it is true then..." A wide smile laced the boys features, as he continued promptly to find the right tree - now turned house - within all the large trees.

Eventually, Tiên found himself standing in front of the door that was attached to one of the large trees. Looking around and seeing that it was the only tree that surrounded him, in the mass of large trees with a door, he must have found the right place. So without further or due, he knocked. Waiting quietly for the old man to answer, as he held the parcel a little more carefully in his tight grip, not wanting to squish the mans food. When the door opened, Tiên bowed his head a little at the old man, in respect, after all it had been branded into him at a young age even if he did run from his parents a lot.

"H-Hello. I came to deliver a parcel from Khalash."

"Ah, please come in child."

Nodding Tiên whispered a small meek thank you, before stepping into the tree home, and once again was stunned. The inside of the tree, had been renovated into a warming and homey place. The wood that held as the walls, were smoothed over giving it the soft sandy shade, and the floor was the perfect shade of bark tree brown, layered with a simple, yet natural woven rug. It was stunning, and made Tiên want to stay, but that would be intrusive, and he wasn't one for human interaction much so it probably would not work out well. The old man smiled at the young boy, before Tiên remembered the parcel, in his hypnotic state of mid at the beauty of the home. Handing him the parcel he softly smiled, staying where he stood. The seats looked so soft, and the tables seemed to be perfectly carved from trees, it hurt Tiên to see it, but then seeing as it became another beautiful thing, the pain he felt dissipated a little inside of him.

"You have a very nice him, mister."

"Ah, thank you, young boy." Walking back to him, Tiên looked at the old man, as he handed him a parcel. "Here. Please take this back to Khalash as a token of my gratitude, and young man. Enjoy this licorice root, it is good for a boy such as yourself."

"O-oh, uhm. T-Thank you, Sir." Taking the parcel, Tiên placed it in his satchel, and bowed his head to the old hermit, before taking the licorice, and stepping out of the house. "H-have a nice day, sir."

"You too young man."

Waving, Tiên soon headed back through the forest, a small spring in his step as he did. He was happy, to have met such a nice man, and the man completely banished any bad thoughts he had, of a person living in a forest, being very antisocial. I guess the shop clerk was right after all. Chewing softly as he made his way back to the town, Tiên felt a tingly feeling inside of him and blinked at the licorice root, before let out a small giggle. He was a very kind man indeed, but he had tried man plants in this forest, and had never come across this root before, and it peaked Tiên's curiosity, and also dampened his thoughts. He had much, much more to learn, but he was learning each minute of the day, too make up for it. Arriving at the shop, he soon handed Khalash the parcel and thanked he for allowing him to take his job, as his first good deed, and bid him a good day, before heading off to do another good deed.

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