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In The East, Dahlia Town

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Town: When the light fades and the moon rises over Dahlia, humanity becomes the universal prey. Packs of lycans are drawn out by the moon, their humanity washed away by animal rage. Vampyre families bare their fangs at the scent of human blood. Hordes of walking dead lurch across the manors and moors, driven by an innate hunger for the living. Alchemically created abominations twitch to life in alchemists' laboratories. Ghosts haunt the huddled human towns and terrify travelers along the dark crossways in between.

Surroundings: The Aldenwald is an ancient forest of aspen, birch. The woods are almost supernaturally dense, filled with dark, sinuous trunks and a constant, hanging mist. The trees have broad leaves in muted reds, golds, and greens, and the forest floor is papered in damp leaves. The Aldenwald isolates Dahlia from the other towns, as travelers through the woods are subject to attacks by lycans, hauntings by all manner of spirits, and mysterious disappearances in the mist. At night, the autumnal colors of Aldenwald turn stark and steely under the silver glow of the moon. The only spots of color that appear are the luminous eyes of animals and the shimmering apparitions.

Politics: Dahlia used to be governed by lord Aelwic. At some point during his rule he became mad and started to send people into their death by making them venture into the Aldenwald. Some say Aelwic had become very ill, others say Aelwic was possessed by something malevolent. It led up to the point that he started to call himself a king which made everyone uneasy. Soon he died of natural causes and the townsfolk buried him at the Forsaken Cemetery. With the power vacuum in Dahlia and no Aelwic's heirs still being gone, the Sagrada Church seized the opportunity to lead Dahlia. Since many people had lost someone they knew during Aelwic's reign at some point, they decided not to bring up the matter of succession and simply abided to the church taking matters into the own hand. It was a decision that many would regret soon.

Economy: Dahlia being isolated due to the Aldenwald, mainly survives by providing all their necessities for themselves as an autarky. A majority of the population are farmers who raise livestock and food. The hides and skins are used by tailors and tanners to provide clothing and armor.

Culture: The townsfolk of Dahlia celebrate a harvest festival at the rise of the red moon, working late into the night by the light of bonfires, and cooking great feasts of fresh meat and vegetables. After the disappearance of Maximillian, as the power of Dahlia's protective shrines waned and attacks became more frequent, the tenor of the harvest festival had changed. Now the highlight of the festival is a great hunter's contest, in which warriors and priestly champions go on hunts through the surrounding Aldenwald, trying to slay the most powerful supernatural creature. Many never return.


ABANDONED STREETS: While Dahlia has a numerous amount of townsfolk, its streets are quite empty in comparison. Many people rather stay inside where it is safe, or at least feels safe. Unless necessary, they won't venture outside for casual strolls, especially not when it is close to night time. Those who can be seen outside are townsfolk that need to get to their job or are quickly returning to their homes from said jobs.

WARMWOOL INN: Warmwool Inn is a popular hub for weary adventurers to drink, eat, and rest. There is a bar on the main floor and rooms with beds on the upperfloor. It doubles as a hospital due to the normal hospital often being too full. Wounded townsfolk and adventurers are taken care of in the basement where beds are placed. The results are not as good as in a normal hospital, but townsfolk often have no choice and must be treated quickly or else they'll bleed out.

SAGRADA CHURCH: The church plays an active role in Dahlia. Some might say it is necessity that has driven them to resort to outdated practices such as stake burning and torture, while others are convinced that they're using fear as a method to control a lot of the power in Dahlia. While there are certainly good men of faith in Dahlia, most of them seem to fall in the latter category mentioned before. Townsfolk gather here to pray for a peaceful life and for their lost loved ones.

FARMER MARSH: A little bridge connecting to marsh where some farmers of Dahlia live. The pastures around it were once mingled with the Aldenwald, but the townsfolk here chopped down all but a few trees to clear room for their farms. It is thought that wild essences resent the destruction of their forests, for creatures continually terrorize the livestock and townsfolk around here. At least once per week a disappearance or murder occurs around here.

CROSSROADS: The crossroads near the edge of Dahlia. The main paths that lead into Dahlia from the other towns, all leading through the Aldenwald. Each crossway is fraught with peril, leading travelers through the Aldenwald and over treacherous slopes, so those who make the journey do so at as brisk a pace as possible. Sometimes occultists or desperate townsfolk can be seen burying something here in order to contact demons for requests. The price is never cheap.

FORSAKEN CEMETERY: One of the many graveyards scattered around Dahlia. It got its name due to the state in which it has been left after no longer being maintained. Since it is quite abandoned, it has become the target of many cultists who have been using the grounds from time to time to resurrect the dead or commit atrocious acts here. The mad lord of Dahlia, Aelwic, has been buried here as well in his crypt. At night, it has been said that Aelwic's mad chantings can still be heard as whispers in the wind.

ALDENWALD: Aldenwald isolates Dahlia, as travelers through the woods are subject to attacks by lycans, hauntings by all manner of ghosts, and mysterious disappearances in the mist. The woods are almost supernaturally dense, filled with dark, sinuous trunks and a constant, hanging mist. At night, the autumnal colors of the Aldenwald turn stark and steely under the silver glow of the moon. The only spots of color that appear are the luminous eyes of animals and shimmering apparitions.

Non-Player Characters

BISHOP SANTOS: A crude and cunning man who has seized a majority of the control in Dahlia using his influence as a bishop. Santos leads inquisitive trials, burns townsfolk to the stake, and tortures those whom he believes to be colluding with the forces of the night. He seems to be very ignorant to the fact that most things can not be solved through his religious methods.

EOWIN: Eowin is a scholar well versed in obscure lore and history of the arcane. He serves as a schoolmaster and storyteller in Dahlia. In his spare time, he is hunting for artifacts and lore that will help him piece together the ongoing events. Eowin is a member of an ancient order tasked with ridding the world of demonic influences.

LILITH: Lilith is the niece of Eowin and a member of the same order as her uncle. She has been hunting for artifacts and lore with Eowin ever since she was a little child. Her mother passed away when she was very young and she never knew her father. While she may not admit it, she has already surpassed Eowin in terms of magic prowess.

BRON THE BARKEEP: Bron runs the Warmwool Inn in Dahlia. He lived in Dahlia long enough to see the town's share of misfortune. He is a kind and helpful man who lets the wounded stay for free. He got on well with Aelwic's son, and used to talk with him for hours while enjoying a drink. Although he tries to hide it, Bron is deeply affected by his disappearance.

ELLIA: Ellia is a barmaid at the inn where Bron gave her a job and residence. She takes on a fair share of the work, which runs through the daylight hours. She hopes that one day she can leave the town but remains in Dahlia because her grandmother is too ill to travel. Bron begged her to leave, telling her that he would look after Ellia's grandmother, but she refused to do so.

THE DARK WANDERER: A cloaked man who is a member of a cult that involve themselves with demonic rituals. He roams in secret during the night because of Bishop Santos' hunters. Even Vampyres and Lycans despise the cult because Demons in the area means more predators possibly engaging into conflict over their prey. He appears to possess tremendous power.

GARRIS THE SMITH: Garris is a blacksmith in Dahlia. His lifetime of smithwork shows in his hulking shoulders and huge biceps. He is friendly, especially to adventurers who have the coin to pay for his services. Garris got wounded on one of the expeditions forced by Lord Aelwic. Thanks to Hudon, Garris survived, but his leg wound rendered him incapable of fighting.

HUDON: Hudon was among those led into the Aldenwald along with Harris and a few others. He survived, but he suffered his own wounds. They were able to heal Hudon physically, but there was nothing that they could do to restore his mind. The experience had shattered Hudon's spirit, and he turned to liquor for an escape. He spends most of his time in the Warmwool Inn nowadays.

ADARIAN THE HERETIC: Adarian moves around Dahlia in secret with his cult while keeping themselves busy with the taboo magic of Necromancery. Due to the large amount of graveyards in and around Dahlia, it is the perfect location for them to experiment with their magic here. The cult is one of the reasons that there are many undead roaming around the town.

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