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Update 31/07/2017

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on Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:06 pm


Update 31/07/2017

Damage-type Modifiers: In the past, a spell only could have a single damage-type such as piercing, cutting, shocking etc. It is now capable to have two different types of damage for a spell as long as it makes sense. It comes with a drawback though. Spells that have two types of damage do one rank less damage of each of these types i.e. a B-rank Lightning-type spell that deals Piercing and Shocking damage will deal C-rank Piercing and C-rank Shocking damage, it would deal its full B-rank damage if it only had one damage-type.

Spell Motions: Spells that have motions which can be considered too irrelevant, vague, invisible, or small will be invalid. Users may post in the sticky in the spell section to have their spells pulled and change them. Examples are clicking teeth and blinking eyes.

Traveling AoE Spells: AoE spells can't travel in their AoE state. This means that an A-rank AoE spell which can have a diameter of 8 meters diameter can't also travel at that size. The AoE is supposed to cover that area only, otherwise it would cover a much larger area if you add in that it travels 20 meters as well. Before it turns into an AoE it may travel though as long as it becomes static the moment it shifts into an AoE.

Point Shop: Macani Leaves in the point shop adds 5 points a statistic of a companion. The user may choose which statistic after their purchase. The Edani Leaves reduces the amount of posts needed to be in a topic with the companion before it grows by 50. This means that if you are 22/100 towards reaching the goal, you'll be at 72/100 after purchase Edani Leaves. It does not carry over into the amount of posts needed with the evolution i.e. if you had 80/100 and purchase the Edani Leaves, you won't be at 30/100 of the next one, you'll just be at 100/100.

More Leaves: Navani Leaves and Paggani leaves have been added to the normal shop. Navani Leaves gives a companion the Speech function which allows them to talk normally and converse with everyone. Paggani Leaves gives a companion the Metamorphose spell which allows it to turn into a human while still being able to use their spells. The users may select an appearance for the Metamorphose version of their companion.

Refining: Ores have been added to the shop which turn a failed roll with refinement into a guaranteed successful roll. There are three different types of ores and each one of them can only be used for different types of refinement such as refinement between 1 to 10, 11 to 20 and 21 to 30.

Dahlia Town: Dahlia Town has been released. It has a town entry in the towns and areas forum in case you wish to read more about it. Every few days a batch of quests will be released for each NPC in that town, and by the end of it all NPCs in that town will have quests.

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