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[Quest] Visting the Hermit

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[Quest] Visting the Hermit Empty on Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:19 am

Isabella King
“Ok listen T.K. I love you and all but I need you to stop picking quest that causes me to do extra work in these heels. Actually sorry T.K. It's just this is not the greatest time for me right now. I’m sorry buddy. Forgive me?” Isabella asked after she complain feeling bad that she said that to her brother. She had her royal red dress that was tight on her body. She had her gold jewelry on as usually. The dress may of been tight but she was still able to move very freely in it as she walked in the woods. Vulpix was walking behind Isabella having a very fun time with this job. Isabella didn’t mind it but she really did not feel like doing the walking. The forest was so green and lush and bright a lot of light and darkness throughout the whole thing.

“So T.K are we supposed to be taking this path to this person’s place. I feel like we could be attacked by something. What is the mission anyway. I mean I know we have a parcel of food but still, the purpose of this job? I’m still not even sure why we are doing this. UGHGU I hate being on my period this shit is so damn annoying.” Isabela whined as she jumped over a log with easy. Which was weird since well her period and all. But she left it alone like the rest of the world. She was surprised that she wasn’t have cramps yet. Normally the first day is always the most painful.


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[Quest] Visting the Hermit Empty on Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:45 am

Theo Kaguya
I don’t know what to do or say is she mad at me for something? He asked himself as he tried to understand his sister even though their mother told him something about Isabella going through something “I don’t get it? It’s was your choice to take this request this time but I guess it’s okay.” he replied to his sister with a carefree smile on his face. As they walked towards the forest he felt like he was heading into a theme park or something as he saw rather new and strange plants and fungi growing all around, Wish i had time to check out some of these plants but next time I come here I have to study them. He thought as they received the bag and information that they needed to finish their mission for some reason the old man seemed to show a great deal of care for the one that they had to deliver.

T.k really didn’t get the reason why Isabella was going from one emotion to another in the matter of seconds “I think all we need to do is take these thing to his friend that’s all.” he told her as they walked deeper into the forest it started to feel like a horror movie when the two kids enter the woods and then get attacked by some kind of monster with six months and eighteen eyes but it was just his mind running wild. “Say Isabella do you think we’ll stay together like this for ever?” he asked her as he jumped over a tree stump.

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[Quest] Visting the Hermit Empty on Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:44 pm

Isabella King
Isabella stopped in her tracks. She started to get scared. She didn’t understand why T.K was asking a question like that. Was it because she seemed angry earlier? She didn’t mean to sound like that. She knows how he gets at times and how easy it is for things to get to him. She honestly started to feel bad now. She didn’t mean anything by this. It had completely taken her by surprise. She turned to face him and looked into his eyes. She wanted to cry but then again she knew that she couldn’t. This was a serious moment that she needed to have with T.K.

“T.K I know I seem weird what now and my moods aren’t the greatest but we are always going to be together. You are my little brother and nothing is going to change that about us. I’m always going to love no matter what happens.” She said wiping away a tear that escaped her eyes. Well there went no crying. She took a deep breath and then paused for a min. After that she had breathed out. “Ok Let’s keep going. I’ll buy us ice cream and something else. Anything you want when we get back from this quest. How does that sound?” She asked. Why did you have to have your now, all the time this could of happen it chooses to happen now, ughugu you have terrible luck, Isabella thought to herself. She honestly started to hate herself now.


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[Quest] Visting the Hermit Empty on Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:03 pm

Theo Kaguya
When she stopped in front of him it seemed as if she was going to yell at him for his question he asked but her reply was just out of left field if anything Oh no I think I made her feel sad now. What should I do? He asked himself as he when the Idea came to him “I know you love me but I meant this close too each other compared to when we’re younger? I may have something for you when we get back too.” he said giving her a quick hug and moving on. Just to make sure she didn’t freak out about it he rushed ahead without looking were he was going and ran into a low hanging tree branch causing him to fall and roll down a small hill.

T.K laid on a bed of mushrooms with blood running out his noise “Isa...bella...don’t be mad.” he muttered with his eyes closed Not doing that ever again...way to painful. I hope nothing's broken or sprained. He thought moving his left arm over to try and reach for something to pull himself up with. “Sister…” he whinnied keeping his hand up so she could see that he was somewhat okay. He felt some what light headed as he waited for his sister Oh man I’m so glad mother isn’t to see this, or she would kill me for doing something like that anything could have happened with her like this today.

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[Quest] Visting the Hermit Empty on Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:19 pm

Isabella King
Seeing T.K happy made Isabella happy. She loved her brother a lot and there was nothing she wouldn't do for him. She smiled and walked behind him as he started to run but soon falling down a hill. Isabella gasped and ran toward where he fell. He was saying something about being mad and Isabella hates when he does that. "T.K I'm not mad. Stop that.”She said trying to figure out what hey could do about his nose. Come on Isabella think. You got this nut think. She soon grabbed her dressed and ripped a piece of it off and plugged T.K’s nose to hopefully stop the bleeding.

'Hey I think I see the house. We can do our job and hopefully he can help your nose” Isabella said soon becoming sad since her dress was now ruin. She couldn't believe that she just did that. That was so unlike her but it was T.K and she wanted to make sure he was ok and that was more important. She helped him up and carried him on her back and walked a bit further in the woods as her Vulpix walked in front of her ready to attack just in case anything was to happen. She walked a bit over and under branches before the forest ended and she found a house. She rushed towards the house and knocked hoping that the person was home and could T.K. Her main objective at the moment was him and no one else.


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[Quest] Visting the Hermit Empty on Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:22 pm

Theo Kaguya
Once he heard Isabella walk over to him, he sat up and opened his eyes to see that she was worried about him the blood had stained his shirt just a little once he sat up. The blood didn’t stop running out of his nose until she gave him apart of her dress “Sorry sister.” he muttered looking away from her, Oh no she really liked that dress too and now it’s damaged. He thought as she picked him up on her back and walked towards a clearing “Ya I think that’s it…” T.K wanted to say something about how the quest was going but it would be best to save it for when they get home. The house was covered in moss and odd plants which made it look as if the man was hiding from someone or something but if you wanted to live alone in the woods it would help to have a house like that.

He didn’t want to be carried like kid but what could he do when they were so closer to the home of the hermit the smell of fresh herds was strong “Excuse me sir, we’ve brought your food.” he said as the door swung open and the old man walked out. The old man seemed to be healthy but someone can always look one way, T.K took off his bag and took out the man’s food and handed it to him “Take this.” the man told them handing them a herb and gesturing for them to eat it This taste...weird… he thought starting to fall asleep on Isabella’s back “Sorry about...your….dress.” he told her falling asleep with his arms on her shoulders.

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[Quest] Visting the Hermit Empty on Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:06 pm

Isabella King
Isabella ate whatever the strange things was that she was given. It didn't taste bad but it did taste different from what she normally eats. She still carried T.K on her back and walked back to the shop. She didn't know what to do beside that. T.K was becoming sleepy and she was happy that he was peaceful. Today was a very complicated and weird day for the both of them.

Isabella backtracked through the woods looking at everything and just taken in your surroundings. It was honestly really peaceful and calm and just honestly beautiful. The contrast between the shade and sunlight made her think of her and T.K, She thought for a bit before shaking her head and forgetting the idea. She finally made it back to Khalash’s Shop after the long walk she had and sat a sleeping T.K in a chair. She sat down beside him and sighed. She thought about the what the job was and now thinking about it, she really didn't understand what it was about and was more confused on what she ate. She sat there puzzled for a min. Why does she always end up in these positions?

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