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Visit The Hermit[Jeeroy]

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Visit The Hermit[Jeeroy] Empty on Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:00 am

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy had been laying in the grass for a long time simply staring up at the clouds before him. He knew he needed to get into the forest and finish the job that Kalash had been so very kind in getting for him, yet he could not draw his attention away from the bunny shaped cloud in the sky. He had found so many interesting shapes and he had not even smoked yet. Getting stronger, he was much happier with himself. He felt as if he could walk on the clouds above him if he tried hard enough. Being as he was a giant, he wanted to touch the clouds one day. If he reached up, he almost felt as if he could. The sky was the brightest blue he had seen in a while and he could not help but sob from the pure glory it held. He had not sat and looked up in the sky in a very long time, so this was a relaxing moment for him. The next cloud he spotted looked exactly like a puppy with a bright glittery collar upon his neck. Though Jeeroy may have been imaging this too much in his own mind, he could not help it. The park he sat in was beautiful and barely inhabited at all on the bright day. It made him realize exactly how many people would rather stay inside than take part in exploring the wonderful world that they lived him and that made him extremely sad. He loved the sky and the wind blowing on his face, even through the blue Rune Knight outfit and the armor he wore over his body. His weapon sat to his side as he was entranced by the beauty of the newly found butterfly shaped cloud above him.

The forest also looked extremely beautiful that day, the leaves seemed greener and the animals more full of life than they had been in a very long time. It would be a good day for sure. Jeeroy found himself looking forward to the events of the day that were coming up. Maybe he would meet the man who lived in the tree and he would give him something cool that would help him out in life. Maybe he would meet a friendly forest creature who would take him on a wondrous adventure down a deep rabbit hole where he was not the only giant. Though those seemed like such fantasy ideas, he could not help but wonder what would happen in a fairy tail world where those things came to life. Maybe the bunny in the sky made of clouds would come to life as well, then he could have his very own companion to follow him into battle. Maybe he could ride on it, or maybe he could have it fight while he sat back sipping wine out of a coconut. Maybe he did not need to smoke a joint that day. Out of pure habit though, he rolled one and put it to his lips, smoking it as he walked into the forest.

He seemed to walk for ages before he finally found the largest tree in the forest and knocked on the wooden door that was attached to it. The man seemed to love living in isolation and Jeeroy could understand why, it was beautiful where he lived filled with herbs and animals. The man soon opened the door and invited Jeeroy inside, which Jeeroy hesitantly accepted after a moment of thought. Maybe the man would kill him, but Jeeroy doubted it. With a smile, he took a seat on the man's couch, happy and surprised to find there was a lot of room to move around within the tree. Maybe Jeeroy should have thought about moving into a tree at some point. Though he did prefer his city life. The hermit seemed to be extremely happy having company over and was even happier to see that Jeeroy had brought him a bag of herbs to further along his experiments. As Jeeroy began to leave, the man handed him a piece of candy looking licorice. Unable to understand why the man had been so kind, Jeeroy thought long and hard before putting the piece of candy in his mouth and chewing. It tasted very good and soon Jeeroy felt his magical energy increasing in his body. Maybe that meant he could have magic at some point in his life anyway! He was ecstatic at the idea! Taking his jewels from the man, he left, promising to come back and visit. That was a promise he intended to keep at some point as he enjoyed the man's company. With his jewels in hand, Jeeroy continued his walk back to the edge of the woods where he continued looking at the fluffy clouds in the sky.

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