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Potion Prepper[Jeeroy]

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Glitter, there was glitter everywhere. On the couch, on the clothes, on the tables and floor. To say Jeeroy had a glitter accident would be an understatement. He had been working on a new glitter cannon to shoot glitter out at the people of Mag to make them happier. His glitter cannon had exploded upon his first test. He should not have done it inside the house, yet he was very happy about the outcome. Now he could wear glitter wherever he went! He had to be the happiest man alive! Ripping his shirt off, he began flexing in the comfort of his own home. The glitter made him feel right at home, as if he was at a party with all of his friends. He had made new friends this week as well! He could not believe the good luck he was having and it was all because of the town of Mag. He loved this little place and was really sad that he would have to leave it sooner or later to continue taking jobs in other cities. He decided that he would always be coming back to the small town of Mag though. He would visit very often even if his guild hall was in another city. Come to think of it, he really needed to visit Fairy Tail Guild Hall and see how the fairies were doing with their new renovations. It looked like it was coming along quite nicely the last time he had passed it. If he had not wanted to be a Rune Knight his entire life, he would have became a fairy...maybe even picked up Fairy Glitter magic! It would have been perfect if not for his strive to become the best night around. Right now though, Kalash Saton had another job for him. The owner of Mag Drug Magic Shop had been nice enough to give him plenty of work, and he was not just going to sit and throw it away to visit the fairies.

Rolling his joint, one of the only things that had not managed to get covered in glitter, he smiled. The green herb was not looking low anymore as he had went to his person not even twelve hours before, and the stuff he gave him smelled amazing. He decided to take it into the forest and smoke it as he looked for the herbs that Kalash needed. Thankfully, the forest was only a five minute walk from his place as he loved nature. He would happily take the long walk into the woods for the man, especially since he was promised a drink of the potion. The trees were beautiful that day, blowing in the wind. The sun was bright and the animals were out and acting very happy that day. He stopped to pet some squirrels on the way to the forest, and soon found himself walking into the cover of the trees. He thought about the first plant he needed, a curly fern. He had seen these all over the forest before and picking them was easy. His next plant needed was a bit rarer, a blue lichen. Thankfully Jeeroy knew his plants and found these without too much of a problem. The last was a lot trickier, a red leafed vine. These hung up in the trees deep in the forest. He had to wander for a while to find these. He was a giant, so he did not have to climb the tree to reach the vines and soon found a tree full. After he had all of the ingredients, he made his way back to Mag Drug Magic Shop and found Kalash in the back stirring something in a large pot.

"Here are the herbs you desired, sir." Jeeroy said, handing him the plants. The man smiled at him and began taking the plants and putting them in the pot along with the rest of the things he needed. Soon there was a large poof of smoke and the liquid of the pot turned colors. Pouring it into a vial, Jeeroy was given one of them as Kalash looked at him expectantly. He took it like it was a shot, surprised with how bitter yet sweet it tasted. Jeeroy felt magical energy flowing though him and Kalash laughed, happy that the potion had worked. "I feel a bit different. It will surely help me when I have a magic of my own!" Jeeroy was then given the cash that he was promised and made his way out of the shop with a promise that he would come back if the old man needed any more help. It would be good to get on the good side of the wizard that could maybe one day give him his own magic. He would have it one day.

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