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Hot In Here[Jeeroy]

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on Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:00 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy had been ecstatic once he found the note addressed to him in the front office of the hotel he was in. It was from the blacksmith Barras Berend, the man he had been hoping would contact him again with a new job for him. Jeeroy had so much fun working with him and his apprentice the last time he was there. It almost made him want to become a blacksmith himself, though he would never be as good as the men that he worked with. His strong arm helped him out a lot, but not enough for him to be considered one of the greats as of yet. Maybe he could find a master in the arts, though he would prefer to remain a Rune Knight and help the people of Fiore with their needs. He was a great cop and he planned on staying a cop for a long time to come. Maybe one day he could even move up into the ranks of the notorious rumored Holy Knights. He had heard the rumors floating through the streets of Fiore that it was inhabited by only one man so far, and that man would be the one to decide who else he wanted to bring into the ranks. Hopefully Jeeroy could impress him at some point.

Shrugging off the hopes and dreams for another time, Jeeroy knew he needed to work on getting stronger before he could ever think of impressing a Holy Knight. He would need to climb the ranks and not just sit at the bottom. The quicker he could climb, the more likely he was to get noticed. Rolling his joint for the day, he grabbed his belongings and walked out onto the streets towards the blacksmith shop once again. He hoped the man with the bad arm had gotten better and that he was able to work once again, though he did like doing the hammering, it was not his job on the line with an injury. With a grin, he walked into the shop finding the men at the back once again. Barras Berend saw him and smiled once he walked in. "Oh dear sir I am so glad you could come back and help us once again. We can use your strength. My apprentice had his arm fixed quickly and he needs to get used to using it again. If you would, I need you to do the job he was doing for you the other day." He said with a smile. Jeeroy nodded, he could move hot metal for the man.

Taking his spot, he picked up the tongs on the floor and grabbed the first piece of metal from the hot fire and placed it upon the anvil. The apprentice looked like he was already having trouble picking up the hammer, then he began hammering, having to stop within the first three hits. Jeeroy placed it in the fire once again while the man apologized for taking so long to get this right. Jeeroy told him it was okay, that he had been hurt and it was normal to have to train the hurt limb up again. The apprentice seemed really self conscious next to Jeeroy as he was much smaller and a lot less muscular. Jeeroy could not do anything about how the man felt, he could not help he was a giant and a lot more muscular than the man, though it did make him feel a bit bad. Maybe he would not help out at the blacksmith shop again. If it made the man feel this bad.

As the day continued on, Jeeroy found himself growing more bored with the work, so he asked for a break which was granted. He went out to the back and rolled up another joint and smoked it while looking out at the animals scurrying around. After his well earned break, he went back inside and placed another thing of hot metal up on the anvil and soon, the apprentice was smiling and laughing as he regained the use of his arm. Soon, he was moving just as fast as he had been before, perhaps even faster with the help of Jeeroy. Jeeroy could not help but be happy with helping the man out, happy enough that he shared a joint with the two of them in the back of the shop before he collected his reward. "Thank you so much for all of your help." Barras Berend said to the man, shaking his hand as he did. "We could not have done this without you. You would make a great blacksmith if ever you wanted to try I would be happy to have you as a student!" Jeeroy would have to think about that. With a smile, Jeeroy took his money and left.

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