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Checkmate [Mission]

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Twirling around in a dress-like outfit with pink flowers as the base color is light ocean blue. The waist line of the outfit was the obvious white as the shoulders were short and cuffed with white frills. Her shoes were white and sure enough she would look like one of those dressed up pretty kids. Her hair had a bow and it was forcefully brushed down so it wasn't really sticking up like usual. She wished her hair would grow faster already, but it wouldn't. Ever since she last had it cut by some weirdo stranger, her hair didn't really grow fast. It sucked enough when it would stick up like two separate Afro like styles. Some people called it clown's hair and it kind of really made her mad. She would dangle her arms like normal and walked like normal towards this kid who she never met in her whole life, yet here she was going to play chess with him. She never played chest in her whole life she who knew how it would go. She would look at the sky and wondered how that beach was, the clean up must be quite horrible due to how messy the fight was. Blood was everywhere, pieces of the monsters neck was all sliced and diced in places and oh man was the monster angry before it's death. Sighing softly she would ear her steps with her clicky clacking shoes that would make noises upon each step.

The light of the sun was rising as she could feel some heat against her dark-like skin that was somewhat more olive than dark, compared to some people from her Country. Oh man the Country she use to live in was ten times hotter than the place here. What did they call this Country again? Oh right, Fiore. It sounded like some forest paradise yet it had almost everything. Even a country that had snow! She has never seen snow. Maybe she should go see it one of these days when she's not busy going around helping people. Maybe there were people there to help as well! It would be like killing two birds with one stone, but that sounds kind of sad. She didn't want to kill birds. Oh no. She loved animals who never harmed her. Soon she would finally see the park. It had simple lively trees that had no flowers on them and on the side of the side walk there was some chess boards. Was she to meet him there? How old was this guy? She didn't get all these details, but she only took it because she saw it on some wooden post board, so she grabbed it. Soon enough she would see some lonely kid by a chess area. ''Oh hai. Are you...'' she started as she tried to remember. Her cute wide golden eyes would look at his. ''Bart! Right?'' she questioned and giggled rather nervously. He would blush as they were around the same age, or so it looked like it. He would nod and sat down. ''Alright then, your name?'' he would question in his own tone. ''Name's Cosmiare! Let's play then, shall we? I must note that I have never played this. Haha.'' she spoke and laughed playfully. He nodded. ''It's simple. Let me explain.'' he started and then started to explain the rules. After the rules the two would play a game. It was silent for a couple minutes, but then asked questions. ''Do you ever have problems with your siblings?'' he wondered as he took his turn. ''Nope! Don't have any. Do you?'' she questioned back and took her turn. He just nodded. ''I feel so under pressure...you know? I feel like I should compete. To be the very best. Like no one ever was.'' he started and took his turn. ''I think if you feel the need to compete then to try your best.'' she would say sweetly with a smile. She may not understand the whole sibling thing, but on the other news, the game was over. ''Check mate.'' Bart spoke and smiled. ''Thanks for talking and playing. Here. Hopefully we meet again, Cosmiare.'' he spoke and smiled back. She giggled and nodded. ''Yea!'' she spoke and then waved bye after taking her reward.


30% WC Deduction with Class and Guild

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