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Cupcake Courier[Jeeroy]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:54 pm

The life of an adventurer was difficult for Jeeroy. Though he enjoyed traveling and doing whatever he pleased, he missed having a place to settle down and relax. Instead, he had been skipping around going from hotel to hotel in every town he decided to take missions in. He had settled in Magnolia for a bit, and was doing the things he needed to do there before he would decide to move on somewhere else, possibly a little less populated than the town that was always bustling with people. He had checked the request board for jobs the day before and taken all the lower ranking missions that he could find. Though he hated the manual labor, he found himself at an impass because he was weak compared to the other mages that occupied the Rune Knights.

The request he was taking that day was simple, deliver some sweets for a man named Olly, who owned a bakery in the center of Magnolia. The request would hopefully not take him long and he hoped to possibly get the chance to do another within the day as well. This request was not one that he would normally take, as he hated sweets, but the payout was good and manual labor was all that was required. With his muscles, surly he would be able to carry plenty of cupcakes upon his shoulders.

Dressed in an old blue shirt and some nice dark-wash jeans, Jeeroy rolled up his customary joint and put it to his lips, lighting it as he stepped outside of his hotel room. Taking a puff of the joint, he felt his stress melting away and the disgust of the mission presented before him fade away. Of course smoking might not have been the best idea if he was going to be around food, though he thought of that and packed himself some fruit for when the munchies hit him. So he made his way down the crowded streets of Magnolia towards the bakery. After asking a few people for directions, he finally got to his destination. Upon entering the bakery, he noticed it was much busier than he recently thought it would be at this time in the morning. People stood at the counter waiting impatiently for the cashier to get to them as more people formed a line behind the man at the counter. The cashier was a woman, so Jeeroy knew this was not Olly.

Ignoring the woman behind the counter, he made his way to the back of the bakery that he believed was restricted to anyone but employees and found an older man baking away. He had the oven open with some cupcakes in one hand and a mixing bowl in the other. He seemed so busy that he did not even notice Jeeroy entering the back room with him. Leaning against the wall, Jeeroy waited for the man to notice him. Once Olly spun, he saw Jeeroy and nearly dropped the mixing bowl out of fright. "You know this is a restricted area, sir." The man said, pointing his spoon at the door. "You can let yourself out."

"I am here to help you deliver the cupcakes, old man, but if you do not wish for the help, I can leave." Jeeroy turned his back to the man before he called out for him to return with a grateful look upon his face. "That is what I thought. So where are these cupcakes you need me to deliver?" Olly dropped his things on the counter and made his way to a cooler where he pulled out bags of cupcakes.

"The addresses where they need delivered and the names are on the boxes in the bags. Please take good care of them and I shall reward you when you return." He said and went back to baking. Taking the bags, Jeeroy set out to deliver them, once again ignoring the cashier questioning where he was taking the multitude of cupcakes. Glancing at the first address, he realized it was just down the road. Once he reached the door and confirmed the address, he rung the doorbell and left the cupcakes on the doorstep as he walked off. The second address seemed to have a large party going on. Upon approaching, a man walked over to Jeeroy and took the cupcakes, not giving him a second glance as he walked back to the party. Jeeroy visited the other houses relatively quickly and then made his way back to the shop to collect his reward. When he returned, he noticed the shop had cleared out somewhat with only two people left inside. As Jeeroy searched for Olly, he found him icing a cake. One of the cashiers called to him and he walked back to the counter.

"Here is what we owe you." The woman said, handing him his cash and sending him on his way.

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