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How tall are you nerds?

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on Sat 29 Jul - 17:49

Since this comes up in the chatbox once a day at least. How tall are you IRL

I'm a 6'6"Gumby looking nerd.


on Sat 29 Jul - 18:10

I'm exactly 6' :T

"Being of Evil, Blight on the world the time is nigh for your demise. Hear me and fear me, for I will be the bringer of your end.” ~ Konstantin Sokolov, Demon Raid!
#3Alice Baskerville 

on Sat 29 Jul - 18:18

This is so true haha

I'm a 5'2" bundle of *cough* cuteness.


on Sun 30 Jul - 4:32

6'4 kinda


on Sun 30 Jul - 7:02

6'8" total. (Yeah people had a feeling i would mention this.)


on Sun 30 Jul - 7:13

6'9'' and a 12 inch dick to go with it ;3


on Sun 30 Jul - 10:47

I'm 6'2

#8Alisa Vollan 

on Sun 30 Jul - 10:51

I love how the average height for boys is 1,74m and there's none here below 1,80 lol!



on Mon 31 Jul - 18:11

Seira wrote:6'9'' and a 12 inch dick to go with it ;3

Let me sex you baby


on Mon 31 Jul - 18:17

I'm at least five tall


on Mon 31 Jul - 20:18

Around 6ft exactly, not measured myself in ages though


on Tue 1 Aug - 6:40

I'm 180 cm tall.

*flaps to his hiding place*

#13Aleksandr Sokolov 

on Wed 2 Aug - 20:23

5 feet 5 inches.


on Mon 28 Aug - 8:05

About 5 feet 4 inches..

#15Rishi Namatzu 

on Fri 8 Sep - 13:34

I'm pretty much 5'


on Fri 8 Sep - 15:26

five feet and ten inches without shoes

#17Tiên Linh 

on Sat 9 Sep - 2:01

At least 1,61 last time... I checked

(which was a couple of months ago... I think...)

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