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Basic Duties [Mission]

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Her eyes would look at the huge body of water that she was passing by as she was passing the bridge. ''Oh man! Never seen such a lovely sight.'' she would say with a soft smile. Her eyes were sparkling as if her eyes themselves were an ocean of gold. Her red short hair that was spiked up in two would slowly motion left and right. The sunlight shined against her olive skin as she walked forward. Thankfully due to her genetics she couldn't really get what most people call 'sun burn'. It was a gift that was sent to her and her people as who would want to have a sun burn? Sometimes it was hard to walk, you get all peely like some orange and you could get sick or even die! That was at least what she heard from the people she traveled by or went past in her travels.

She was a mage of Blue Pegasus though for about a year or two, she couldn't remember. All she knew was that she was dropped off in that guild, given a life so she didn't turn out like some orphan child that had no home. She wasn't an orphan right? Because she had the guild to call her family? She would think so anyways, but she would shrug it off for now. Her eyes looked forward to see that she was so close to this place called Hargeon. She did remember it a little though as this is where her, her mother and father were dropped off by that ship. She surely did miss them, but she had to believe they had their own good reason to leave their kid with some strangers who never really interacted with her. Sure she was the youngest one there, but it was still....lonely and stuff. She smiled as she wanted to be positive though. She would keep herself company and live her own ways unless someone obviously appeared. Who would adopt her though?

She made herself smile as she got closer to where she was told to go. She was to help someone with basic stuff or in this case, duties. 'Such a funny word.' she would giggle at the word even though she only said it in her own thoughts. She was to meet some guy named Kenji who was some popo or in English, cop. She felt weird and neutral about them unless they cause her own self problems. If they ruined her fun while trying to help them, they would have a problem in their hands, her. She wasn't the toughest person in the world, oh no, but she had her own tricks! Passing through strangers without the danger she would meet some shady looking cop with interesting color hair. ''HAI! Are you Kenji?'' she questioned, tilted her head and smiled with a wave of her right hand. His eyebrow cocked a little as he looked at her. ''Uh, ya.'' he simply said. ''Wait..is it you that i'm sending?'' he questioned after some pauses. ''Yes! Ready for d-duty!'' she tried to say without laughing, but it was too late. She giggled a little and bit her lip to stop. ''Alright.'' he started to say, sighing at how he was going to send some kid to stop another kid. ''I need you to stop some kid from spray painting stuff, alright? Can you do that?'' he questioned and looked down at her. ''Yea! Be right back!'' she spoke and ran off. Her head would turn left and right to find those kids who are starting stuff. Soon she would see some kids chuckle who looked a little older than her. ''Hey! Stop right there!'' she would say, putting both hands on her own hips and then used one to point at them. The kids looked and laughed. ''I'm serious. I'll cut your hands off with this!'' she spoke more demanding as she would bring out her red spear, pointing at them. They looked nervous so they booked it, saying sorry. Sighing softly herself she would then grab the paint cans and ran back to Mr. K and threw the bag at him. ''Alriiiiight! Done.'' she would report as he with then laugh, giving her reward. She ran off then to adventure more.


10% WC BP perk
20% WC Class Perk


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