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Subtitute Teacher (Quest | Chelvaric)

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Subtitute Teacher (Quest | Chelvaric) Empty on Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:53 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was out and abound to do some shopping. He needed to buy some food as he used up everything he had. He wandered around the streets and looked at all the windows of the shops to see what they have. Some had duck and more exotic meats while other shops were just with beef and steak. He went into a butcher shop and smelled the nice and fresh meat from the stalls. Inside the shop there were a couple of customers waiting in a line to order. Chelvaric went to stand behind them and threw scraggy some money so he could buy cheese while he was busy buying the meat for himself. When it was finally his turn he looked at the fat man that was standing behind the counter holding a really big knife. “What would you like to order mister.”, the man said and he looked ready to chop up anything he would say. Chelvaric looked at all the meat and was thinking what he should get to eat. “hmm get me some lamb and some pork. Oh and a good piece of cow steak like 2 kilograms should be enough. That’s all.”, Chelvaric said to the man and he looked as the butcher nodded and started to grab the meats and started to cut them up. The meat was being cut so clean and nice it was making Chelvaric hungery just by looking at it. When the butcher was done he asked for the price and he paid it before taking the meat and leaving the shop. He walked back to his room in the inn and stored the meat in the lacrima fridge. If you didn’t store meat it would go bad very fast and that wouldn’t be a good thing. Scraggy came inside the room with a big piece of cheese on its back and they stored it too before they changed there clothes in something nice and left the room to do the job they had picked up.

They were walking trough the nice and quiet streets of magnolia as it was still a bit early in the morning. It was Friday so most people were already at work or were still sleeping if they didn’t had work. All the children were at school and that’s where chelvaric was headed towards. The teacher had gotten sick and he had to replace her for the day. He didn’t mind doing that. Kids should have a nice teacher everyday and learn lots of things. So that they could become whatever they wanted in there future. He wondered if any of these kids would become a mage like him and would go to adventures all the time. He entered the building and came into the office of the young teacher. She didn’t seem to old and she was holding a cup of coffee. “Ah you’re the mage here are the sick teachers notes. You learn the kids whats inside these notes and be quick about it your already late.”, the teacher said and she walked away. Chelvaric sighed as the teacher was such a slave driver. He walked to the class and came inside. He threw scraggy on the teachers desk. “Listen up maggots we have a day of maths ahead of us so sit down and lets calculate punny humans!”, scraggy shouted out and the kids all went to sit quiet. “Don’t mind him boy’s and girls hes just a small demon. Now lets get started with the sum of these two numbers. Five and three, let’s say I give the demon two apples. How many apples does he have then.”, Chelvaric asked. And they all responded correctly. “alright and then we do two plus two. That’s the same as giving him two apples. How many apples does he have now.”, Chelvaric asked of the children again. They thought for a second but all answered correctly. “alright that’s good. That’s the easy part well lets say we do 4 minus one then. So I take one apple away from Scraggy”, now how many apples does he have left. They all shouted three in response. “that’s perfect nothing hard about that right. But now well go into a bit more difficult stuff since you guys are all so smart. Lets say we have three Scraggys with two apples. How many apples do we have. In other words how much is three multiplied by two”, he asked but the class kept silent till a little girl said six. “yes that’s correct. If you have three scraggys with two apples you can just put them togheter. So two apples plus two apples plus two apples is six apples. With this little trick you can do any multiplication. And over time you’ll just do it out of your head. Like three times four is. Four plus four is eight and then eight plus four is twelve so three times four is twelve. Easy right. Dividing Is basicly the same. If you do nine devived by three. You subtract till you have zero left. so nine minus three is six. Add a stripe to the left. then six minus three is three. Add a stripe to the right again. And then three minus three is zero and place another stripe on the right so nine devide by three is three.”, chelvaric said and with that his task was done he went out of the class and received his reward.

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