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Wolf in Wolf's clothing [Mission]

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on Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:04 pm

Cosmiare started to walk through the fields of grass that were pretty much tall looking rugs. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. She would kick up a foot when not balancing on the foot. Her head tilted left and right as she started to sing a song. ''Oh mcdonald had a farm, yeya yeya Ooooo.~'' she would start in her cute sweet tone. ''They had a sheep that went baa baa on their farm, yeya yeya oooo.~'' she sang once more as she would then put her hands on the back of her neck, tilted it up and looked at the sky. It was silent for a minute or two and then broke it. ''Sure is pretty outside today!'' she spoke rather loud to where the animals in the gate would look at her. her eyes of gold would corner to look at what was a cow. ''Mooooooo!'' she would say and continued walking the way she was in the beginning. The cow would slowly follow her as if it was going to keep her company. 'Crazy silly cow.' she thought and giggled with a smiling, tilting her head back to look at the sky once more.

She wondered how her dear Country of sand was. She doesn't really remember the exact name of it, but sand was close enough. It was filled with sand and nothing but that. She didn't have many grasslands like the ones in Fiore at that Country of Sands. Cos started to suckle on her lips as she felt somewhat bored. 'I gotta find myself some entertainment while I'm walking to this farmer's place. Holy wizz.' she thought and then cornered her golden eyes else where. ''I spy something.... white.'' she told herself a random color in a random game. Something was rather off as she would then wonder what that white object or thing was. Her eyes would then look forward. ''Maybe it was that door on that farm.'' she told herself as it then took a minute. ''OH! The farm! Finally here. Yaaaay!'' she spoke loudly and happy while her arms flailed all about, running to it.

Her red hair would move back a little as the short strands would feel the wind itself. There were windmills, a red barn, a two story home - just like a typical farm. Her sandals would kick of dust from the dirty road that lead to this farm. Soon enough she would be at the front porch. Her body stood straight, right hand cuffed above her eyes to block the sun as she looked for this farmer. ''Where O' where is this farmer?~'' she spoke in a singing tune. A guy not so far away with black short hair and a machstace would cock an eye brow and walked towards her. ''Can I help ya little girl?'' he questioned. ''Oh!'' she jumped a little as she didn't see him coming and turned around swiftly. ''Oh hai there!'' she spoke cheerfully and waved. ''I'm here for some quest.'' she would explain with a smile. He really looked at her and then shrugged. ''Alright little girl. There's this wolf who likes to eat my sheep. Kill it and drag it back here.'' he explained, somewhat afraid that the girl might get eaten or something as well. ''Now if it gets too difficult for you. I can have someone else do it. Don't kill yourself over it.'' he explained. Her eyes widened and sparkled. ''A wolf?! I never seen one of those. I heard it looks like a doggo!'' she speaks and turns away to walk towards the place. ''Mmmm...I should hide HERE!'' she explains as she hides under some sheep. ''Baaaaaaaaa!~'' she would make a sound like a sheep while hiding her spear under herself. 'So many sheepies.' she thought as she would army crawl under the sheep due to her small body. Cosmiare would wait and then she saw a furry animal. 'Is that the wolf?' she would say and crawled closer to then see the fluffy doggo. Her hand that was gripping the spear would then move forward like a pool stick, her body would spike up as she would surprise the wolf. Sure enough the spear would stab the wolf in the chest, but not at the right place. 'Shame...Wanted to kill you faster so you don't feel much.' she thought and tilted her head while the wolf looked at her. Her fingers twirled the spear and then stopped with one hand in the mid section of the spear's handle and then the other below the tip of it. ''Alright.'' she whispered and stuck her tongue out playfully as she would stare at the wolf. Sadly the wolf couldn't move as it was bleeding. ''Time to end it then.'' she spoke and then with a swipe she would kill it. ''Bye doggo.'' she would say and then heard a whine. Sadly she would try to grab the wolf and dragged it. It took longer than it would've as an older person, but in the end she got her reward.


10% WC BP perk
20% WC Class Perk


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