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[Private] Meeting the Great Odin

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#1Isabella King 

on Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:29 pm

Isabella was just walking the streets like she always did. She had her very tight blue dress on that had a deep v-cut. The dress hugged on her and followed the curved body she had. She wasn't really going anywhere in particular just walking around with Vul. Today was just a really meh day for her. She wasn't sure what to do anymore. She had just become apart of a team with some Rune Knights members and was tired of doing quests. She thought some shopping would help but she didn't go.

"Vul. What should we do today?" She questioned looking at Vul. "I don't really know why I feel like this. It sucks to be honest. I just want to go out and do something and meet people but it's like I don't know what to do or how to do it." She continued as she looked at Vulpix in her arms but she soon dropped Vul. She ran into someone and was completely taken by surprised. Vulpix began to growl as Isabella fell to the ground. She hit the ground and it wasn't the greatest thing to happen to her."Ouch. That really hurts. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to run into." She said looking up to see a very strange looking boy.


on Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:26 pm

Sometimes, Odin was able to keep a level head when he went about his daily business. Sometimes he would pretend to be a happy-go-lucky stranger to the local people of Magnolia, and let them off with whatever they did, and just go about his day as he imagined most of them would. However, due to having a literal demon that embodied pride, that was a very rare occurrence, and today was not one of those days.

In a busy place like the streets of Magnolia's main town, with the sun high in the sky as the day reached its apex, and probably busiest time, many characters wandered through, going about their own individual lives without taking any time to consider anyone else. If anything, it was all rather selfish, and not at all what Odin was willing to allow. So for today, he'd allow all of Lucifer's prideful personality to encapsulate the dark mage, and he'd be the arrogant bastard that no one would be able to enjoy the presence of. The only question was to figure out who his target was.

It was always more fun to target someone who was more likely than not a fighter, as they always seemed to be more prideful than the normal populace, who would shy away from a fight without a second thought. Mages were, overall, more inclined to fight for their own truths, but detecting a mage was often difficult since they looked just like normal people unless they carried something with them to suggest otherwise, something like a fiery fox like animal that Odin recognised to some extent.

His age old partner, Nastasya Crowe, had once found and adopted a very similar creature many weeks ago, naming it Victoire and using its icy magic abilities in combat more than once. This was now a white fox like Victoire had been, but otherwise it was identical. Identical enough for Odin to assume its owner was a mage of some description. With his target now in mind, the olive haired mage began to walk towards her, making it look like he was minding his own business as he did so until he 'accidentally' collided with her, using a little bit of force to send her tumbling backwards. She felt the pain of the fall, and then apologised for bumping into Odin, while the animal growled, possibly because it noticed the true intentions of the mage. Odin, feigning a sense of anger at the girl's mistake, spoke with the arrogance of the aristocracy, despite being a no one to many.

"What do you think you're doing!? How dare you! How very dare you madam! I lost my train of thought because of your stupidity, Look where you're going for goodness sake. I now can't remember what I had to do today. What are you going to do about that?"

#3Isabella King 

on Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:44 pm

Isabella was a bit pissed off that the guy started to go off on her. She apologized for what she did so she didn't see any reason for the guys to be such an ass. Isabella got up off the floor and fixed her dressed. The left top of came down a bit and the right side at the bottom had bunched up. After she put everything back how it was suppose to be she wiped her but making sure nothing was on her dress.

"Oka listen here buddy. I will admit it was my fault I bumped into you because I was talking to my Vulpix and I take full responabily of my action and apologized for it. So I don't see why you have to catch an altitude about anything. My dress nearly almost got ruined because of the fall. On top of that for us to bump into each other we both have to not pay attention but I digress. The most i can offer is taking you out for lunch. Other then that I'm sorry I don't see any other option since I didn't completely have full blame for this but like I said I digress." Isabella said not taking a breathe at all. She flipped her long black hair waiting for the man to respond to her. She was still pissed off but I guess he had something important to remember and she did bump into him so she did take a bit of blame into this.


on Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:56 pm

After being knocked down to the ground, the young woman clearly wasn't planning on taking the blame, as she stood with quite a lot of purpose, sorting her dress that had become slightly scuffled in the short tumble. She hadn't hurt herself, and honestly there was hardly a scratch on her, so her anger felt somewhat unfounded, but Odin didn't dare speak, lest he lose any fun he could gleam from this interaction. Instead he stood, arms crossed, as he listened to the woman's rantings about how the whole affair was partly Odin's fault.

The first three words of her rant were enough for Odin to expect what was to come. Listen here buddy was one of the most childish ways to prove your point. It showed that this woman felt like she was the wise old mentor berating her younger and less important pupil. At least afterwards she stated her apology again, introducing her pet as a Vulpix in the process, and blaming the animal for her fall, due to having spoken to him. She seemed upset that Odin had gained some kind of attitude because of what had happened, despite the fact that it almost ruined her dress. Then the woman spoke some words that Odin had been waiting to hear: she offered to buy him lunch as sorry for being in his way. With that offer, she was admitting that it was enough of her fault for her to assume full responsibility and try and rectify her mistake. The prideful and malicious Odin gave her a friendly smile as she finished speaking as the woman finished by saying it wasn't all her fault, trying to imply that Odin should take some of the blame, but it was far too late for that. Ignoring most of what she had just said, and just skipping straight to the point, as he ran one hand through his olive hair to move it out of his eyes.

"Lunch sounds like a great way to pay me back, where do you think is best? I'm still new here."

#5Isabella King 

on Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:11 pm

Isabella blinked a few times. She had to take in what she just said and did. She was shocked of what his answer was. It completely had taken her back a bit. She didn't know where to eat either since she was only in town for a meeting but she did think lunch was a good idea. She looked and Vul for a minute trying to come up with an answer but nothing was coming to mind. She sighed and looked up. Why does this have to happen to her all the damn time.
"I'm also new here so I'm not sure what's good to eat around here." She said as she bent down to pick up Vulpix. "I guess our best bet is to walk around till we find a nice restaurant to eat at unless you know someone here that knows a good place?"She questioned the boy looking st him giving him a smile. Now that the drama was over she felt a bit better and wasn't completely angry at the whole thing.!"Also, Im Isabella King but please call me Bella. This is Vul. My best friend I've had since I was a little girl." She said holding on to Vulpix.


on Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:34 am

It seemed the woman was also new to the town, as she had no idea where they could go for lunch, which was slightly disappointing, but Odin had to use the hand fate had dealt to him, and that meant he was going to have to find a place to eat for the two of them. At least he was already in the middle of the town, so there had to be a cafe nearby where they could get some food, the only question was where to go to find this place.

The woman seemed to have a similar idea: wander around until they found somewhere to go for lunch and eat there. It was a bit too random for Odin's tastes, but he had to live with that fact, otherwise they'd get nowhere. Nodding, and becoming more friendly since he'd gotten a free lunch out of the woman, Odin's personality became that of his other self: Lucifer. Not the demon residing inside him, but the bartender of the Swineherd Pub in Oak town, a relatively friendly man who knew when to be firm, and when to be friendly. As the woman was introducing herself as Isabella King, and her Vulpix as Vul -how original, thought Odin- the dark mage smiled at her, waiting for her to finish before he himself began to speak, choosing a direction and walking as he did so to find a nearby cafe to eat.

"Pleasure to meet you, Bella. I'm Lucifer, proud owner of the Swineherd Pub in Oak town, you probably won't know it. Anyway, shall we?"

#7Isabella King 

on Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:02 pm

Isabella looked at the man and sighed. This was going to be complicated and not fun at all. She noticed a man walking down the street and Isabella got an idea. She hand Lucifer her Vulpix and re fixed her necklace and hair. She then walked to the man who was walking on the other side of the street. She straighten her self up and began walking toward him. He heels clicked against the floor as she walked across the street with grace and elegancy. Isabella stopped the man and asked if he knew any good places to eat. He stared at m and his eyes started to wonder so I leaned tot he side and pointed at Lucifer. the guy quickly tensed up and answered my question and ran.

She walked back to Lucifer and took Vul back. "Okay, let's go. I know a place," was all she said before walking ahead of the man. He began walking along with her and she just carried on with what was happening. She petted Vul for a bit before she thought it was cool to speak. "So can we cut the act.... I know your name can't really be Lucifer and I'm assuming you been here before, so why with the act?" Isabella asked with a curious face trying to figure this man out as she lead the way to the place the other man told her about.


on Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:17 am

Making the decision to go and ask someone where the nearest place to buy lunch could be found, Isabella gave Odin, a complete stranger that she'd just met, her pet Vulpix, handing him over as she went and spoke to a man, her back facing the dark mage who now held her companion. The olive haired mage couldn't help but roll his eyes. Was this girl just unconditionally trusting of strangers, or was she just stupid? Odin assumed it was probably the latter of the two, mostly because few people trusted everyone they met for no reason. The fox creature, whatever a 'Vulpix' was, seemed to be extremely reluctant to be held by Odin, giving him a glare from the moment the dark mage began to hold him, as he assumed it was a he. The dark mage returned the glare with a menacing look of his own, before whispering to the animal at a volume that rendered it impossible for Isabella to hear, being so far away in the busy street.

"How would you like it if I snapped your neck right here? Would you like that? No? Then don't be as stupid as your master, and don't try to antagonise someone you've just met. They might turn out to be a real demon."

A few seconds later, Isabella would turn around and return to the two, taking her fox back from Odin, before saying she knew a place they could go to, and the two began to walk, with Odin walking behind, not enjoying being led like a sheep. After about a minute of this, Isabella spoke once more, telling Odin to 'cut the act' by stating that Lucifer couldn't be a real name and assuming that he had been in Magnolia before. It was a complete stab in the dark, this made more obvious by the fact that only one of her statements were true, and even then that was only partly the case. Stopping and looking the woman in the eye for the first time they had started moving, Odin spoke, his voice as friendly as before with a hint of confusion. Might as well play the fool since the girl had nothing to go on.

"What are your talking about? You think I don't know my own name or where I've been? What makes you think I'd have any reason to lie to you? I just met you."

#9Isabella King 

on Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:48 pm

Isabella started to giggle a bit. She put Vul down and held her stomach. Isabella began laughing hysterically. She honestly couldn't believe how stupid this guy was. She couldn't believe how just empty his head must of been. "Just because I was nice to you doesn't mean I'm stupid. I know you said something to my Vulpix and I know you are a mage. With a stupid fake name like that I assume you are with a dark guild. I didn't see why I had to fight with you, so I was nice, but all jokes aside, don't threaten my friends and I would like you actual name."

Isabella stopped and faced the mage. She had she this look of calmness and just mellow. She was making appoint to him but she didn't see why this had to be an issue. She was just trying to be friendly to the people in the area. Why does everything have to be hard and complicated. Why couldn't she have just a normal day with meeting people and just enjoying her self. Everyone always seemed to want to pick a fight or cause problems, fuck even the dogs do it. She was just completely over it. "I'm soooo sorry for trying to be a normal nice person for once. Ughug, thanks for ruining my day you ass face."


on Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:58 am

This woman seemed to think she was very perceptive, calling Odin out on the fear currently running Vulpix after the brief interaction Odin had had with the animal, the poor thing was almost quivering with fear, but that was to be expected. An ant had just been threatened by a giant, how else would it react other than fear. She also stated that she knew Odin was a mage, just like he knew she was one too, although she seemed rather new to this, just an air she gave off. You could usually tell how much experience someone had by the way they walked, spoke and held themselves. Just as Odin had noticed that Isabella was a mage by her magical companion, she had no doubt realised the same thing by the simple fact that Odin had a sword strapped to his side, something that very few 'average Joe's' would walk around with. And still she didn't trust the name, which made Odin think: Lucifer is a unique and strange name, which is no doubt why she didn't trust it. If that was the case, how would she react to Odin? Probably in a similar fashion, which caused Odin to become someone completely brand new. She wanted a dark mage with a normal name, she was going to get one.

"Yep, you got me. Name's Justin, Phantom Lord's resident shadow mage. Pleasure to make your acquaintance truly. And if you want, I'll show a real fight, then you'll see."

It was then that she got a little upset, getting angry at ruining her day, and even going so far as to call him a ass face, which was completely uncalled for. "Now now, Bella, that's just rude. Are we going to go for lunch or am I going to have to teach you a lesson?"

#11Isabella King 

on Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:03 pm

Isabella just looked at the guy completely weird. Now he was Justin and was with Phantom Lord. She felt that was fine and ignored the urge to question anything else. She turned around and kept walking. "Let's go to this eating places. I don't see why we need to fight. Just let's not get on my wrong side." Isabella said walking back in the direction of this place. She didn't understand this guy at all. She felt like she should ask more questions; to make sure his story added up to everything.

They walked into a burger place and got seated at a white cloth table. Isabella sat down and crossed her legs. She stared at Justin. She tried to read his face and figure this strange man out. She wasn't really sure how she ended up here again. "SO you are with the Lord's. It's strange to see this close to the Fairy Tail guild. What brought you to this part of the town. Just really curious is all." Isabella said giving the man a gentle smile. She was really tiring to be nice and calm and as friendly as possible. Hopefully this guy would play the same way; but he really seemed unpredictable. This was going to be completely weird for her but she knew she couldn't show that to him.


on Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:09 am

It seemed the girl didn't want to fight, which was probably for the best, for the two of them. Odin didn't want to draw attention to himself, it was one of the tenants of his guild after all, and he didn't want to anger Icarus or anyone else. Besides, he was starting to get quite hungry, so he was still wanting to eat. Isabella then warned Odin not to get on her bad side, which caused him to smile as he nodded, becoming more and more the 'Justin' that he had created by the second.

They soon reached a burger joint, and were seated at a strangely formal table, with a white tablecloth covering the wooden table, despite the fact they sat on simple wooden chairs. They sat across from each other: Odin and Isabella, and Odin watched as she kept her eyes on him, almost like she was trying to figure him out. First he was Lucifer, now he was Justin, when in reality he was Odin. No matter what, Odin had to admit he was starting to enjoy himself.

"Why did I leave the safety of Oak to come to Magnolia, despite how far away they are from one another? What would do if I said I was here on business, sent by my guild master to complete an assignment? Of course the truth is I'm here just to explore, I'm new enough that no one knows my face yet, so none of the Fairy Tail mages would be able to recognise me. One day though, that'll change, and everyone will know my face, and fear the name Justin Bieber. What about you? What brings you to Magnolia, since you did say you weren't from around here?"

#13Isabella King 

on Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:26 pm

Isabella laid back in her chair and crossed her arms under her boobs. She stared at Justin and she stared hard. He was either telling the truth or was a really good at being a lair. She really wanted to figure him out and open him up but that seemed like it wasn't going to happen. She moved forward and placed her arms on the table and stared hair at the boy. She sighed and shook her head.

"I really don't like you. You give me a headache." She said has she fixed her long black silk hair. She put the ends behind her ear and looked at him. "But you are very interesting not going to lie. Like I said I'm Isabella and I'm just a normal person passing through the towns and shopping. I like shopping. Or I can be from the Fairy Tail Guild or a dark guild or with the Rune Knights." She said with a smirk. This was going to be fun "But we will never know I guess."

Isabella called the waiter and ordered a huge burger and fries and a milk shake. She was hungry as all get out and this wasn't a date so she really didn't care what this guy thought of her. She smiled at the waiter. He wasa really cute boy in her eyes. She was happy she wore the dress she did but kept it very classy and normal. She waited for Justin to order and looked at him to further his day on.


on Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:20 am

"Now that you mention it, I don't think I've ever been called likable, but I'm just glad to have had an effect." Odin said as he listened to Isabella, who spoke about how he gave her a headache, despite admitting that Odin was, unfortunately, interesting as a person. She then tried to play the game that Odin himself was playing, allowing multiple truths to potentially be the real truth. It was a fun game when played correctly, but Odin wasn't sure if Isabella was as avid a player as he, as she stated that she could be simply a traveller, or she could be from Fairy Tail, or even a dark guild. The moment she stopped speaking, a wide grin formed on Odin's lips before he replied.

"You're right of course, you might be a simple traveller. But then, I must ask myself, why would a civilian walk around with a magical companion like Vulpix? So I naturally rule out that possibility. Then there's the chance you're part of Fairy Tail, or indeed any light affiliated guild, but in that situation you're a light mage knowingly conversing with a dark mage without trying to arrest me or anything, especially if you happened to be a Rune Knight. Also, from what I've heard about Fairy Tail, if you were a member you would have already shouted about it. But who knows, maybe you're a dark guild member like myself. But if you were in Phantom Lord, surely you would've said as much once you found out I too was a member. Or perhaps you're in Grimoire Heart, the only other dark guild, but they operate in secret I'm told, so you wouldn't have even tried to pretend any of those falsehoods were true in the first place, because that would break the secrecy rules. So that leaves me with one, maybe two options. Either you're not affiliated with a guild at all, or you're simply bad at being a light mage. Either way, I'm not hugely bothered by who or what you are. Just a cup of water please." Odin finished by addressing the waiter that appeared, ending the order as Isabella had ordered her meal already. Odin's comments about Grimoire Heart were ironic, because he was calling her out as not being a member because she was doing the exact thing that he, a member, was doing. How fun this day was becoming...

#15Isabella King 

on Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:31 am

Isabella stared at the man sitting across of her. He was something else and it sparked something in Isabella. She couldn't stand him but he had this way about him. Isabella was trying to figure him out and it was becoming annoying and difficult to be completely honest with her self. She shrugged and she thought why not make the most of this meeting.

"Ok I quit with you. I'm done with the minds games so I'm just going to act like we are just normal people. Justin.." Isabella said rolling her eyes but tries to keep her cool with him. He was something else and it bothered Isabella a lot, she was just..... not sure her self. "If you were hungry why did you only order a water?.. I mean maybe that's how you roll but if you were hungry then I mean some food would be nice to eat not drinking water. But hey that's just me and I'm not judging." Isabella said and she pet Vul who was sitting in her lap now. This was going to get interesting hopefully and maybe she can find a way to get a kick out of him and some amazement with his weirdness.


on Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:07 am

It seemed Odin's fun was starting to annoy Isabella, which wasn't completely unexpected, as the fun had been completely about making her feel inferior through simple logic and the occasional leading statement, but it was still rather disappointing that she had had enough, and instead turned her attention to another aspect of Odin's day: his order at the café. For someone who had caused Isabella to buy his lunch for him, ordering a simply cup of water was a bit strange, but again it had just been to mess with her. Odin's water arrived much quicker than Isabella's order as it was easier to get, but at that moment Odin stopped the waiter and decided to really annoy Isabella.

"Honestly I was just a little thirsty, thank you very much my good man. Now I'd like to order one of everything on your menu to eat. It's okay, she's paying." Finishing his cup of water in one huge gulp, Odin handed the glass back to the waiter, before letting out a small chuckle as the man walked away to relay the order to the chefs. Looking Isabella directly in the eyes, Odin flashed his cocky grin,


Shortly after, Odin's food would arrive, and a long while after, Odin had eaten his fill. Nodding at Isabella for farewell, the dark mage stood up, stretched and left the café, having had his lunch for the day.


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