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Hammer Time (quest)

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on Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:33 am

Rishi Namatzu
It was just another normal day for Rishi. Wake up late, eat some yummy breakfast made by yours truly, and then off to go look at the quest board. "alright let's see what we got today," She said with a sigh."well seems like a new one showed up. And it's for the blacksmith huh."Rishi studied it for a while, trying to determine if she had the skills and stamina for the job. It seemed kind of hard because of the fact that she had never done any job that included metal working before, and because she wasn't very skilled at anything other than eating ramen and helping around the guild hall. Eventually she came to the conclusion that its good to try new things and the flyer said you didn't have to have experience so, why not give it a try? "alright let's do this." she said to herself before taking the flyer off the board and running off without saying a word to any off her fellow guild members.

 Later she realized she was still in her pajamas, and then realized she went into the guild hall with them and everyone saw her. She went back upstairs to change into her regular school girl outfit and her boots and brush her hair. Of course she had to brush her hair, only because she liked to feel like a doll and have everyone admire her when she went out. No one had done it but it never hurts to try. Her school girl made her look and feel like she was younger than she really was, she left the guild hall with no worries on her mind. As she walked, Rishi started to think about what this job wanted her to do. All she could remember that was written on the paper was "Anyone is needed with or without experience" but she forgot what she was supposed to be doing. As she walked she decided to say hello to some people on the way and admire the beautiful scenery that passed by.

  After a long yet nice and enjoyable walk across town, Rishi arrived at the forge to find that the blacksmith who runs the shop Barras, was too busy hammering a piece of metal on the anvil to even notice her presence. She thought for a moment. "how could I get his attention..." she thought for a while and decided to go with the first idea that popped in her head. Of course she decided to go with hollering out something recklessly which might mess him up but reckless was really the only trait that desribed her so of course she would do something like that.

"umm... excuse me?" she yelled over the loud metal banging sounds he was creating. "Oh sorry I didn't see you there, my name is Barras, and i'm assuming you are here to help?" he asked while looking at the fire wizard as if he wasn't expecting her to show up. "Yeah I am. So what exactly do you need help with? I kind of forgot on the way here and i left the request in my room before I left," She explained.

  After a short briefing of what she was supposed to happen, Rishi watched Barras very closely, making sure that she remembered everything he was doing to make sure when she did it, there were no mess ups.
She watched him hammer softly on the metal when it first came out, and when it started to harden he it harder. When she was ready Barras's assistant who hurt his arm, came and pulled a red-hot soft metal out of the forge, put it on the anvil in front of her and handed her a hammer.

 Rishi got to work immediately, hammering out the metal like she watched Barras, trying not to forget how he did it.'Soft, then hard come on you got this Rishi" she would repeat to herself while hammering. Then she started to flatten out the flaming hot metal to make it look like the blade of a sword, just as she was told and shown how to do. The first time was hard only because of the fact that she didn't know how fast the metal cooled down so she had to reheat it up with her magic more than a few times before she got it the way she wanted. Little by little she progressed and she got better at it with every strike

Later on in the day came lunchtime, and of course, Rishi was starving."Hey you think it's ok if I go get some lunch?" she yelled to Barras. "yeah go ahead and get something to eat, you've earned it," he told her wih a big smile on his face. She came back later with a ramen bowl and some water, which she offered to Barras but he declined. After she ate she got right back to work, pounding on metal until the end of the day. she began to think to herself "i'm starting to regret taking this job,
I had no idea that I would be doing this much work at one time"
and she was starting to get tired. Thankfully the day was almost over so there wasn't much more left to do.

 After a full day of metal banging Rishi was exhausted and ready to get some sleep, barely managing to stay awake. "alright here is your reward." he said "Oh no I really couldn't-" "please take it, I greatly appreciate all that you've done." he said. " I thank you very much for your kindness" Rishi says before taking the money and saying goodbye.

  "Another mission fulfilled," she said to herself while walking back to the guild hall satisfied with her work. As she walked she was thinking about all the work she had done that day, as her feet carried her along the road and her long white flowing hair was blown behind her by the breeze that was slowly passing by. Her light red eyes trying to focus in the darkness could see only the guild hall a few steps away. she opened the doors and welcomed by all the other members. "welcome back," she said to herself before eating dinner and calling it a night.

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