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Temporary Aquarist [Quest|Victor]

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Default on Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:14 pm

Victor stretched his muscles, waking up to the sound of raining. “Ugh,” he groaned, already deciding that he was probably not going to like that day. “Why is it raining so much in the morning,” he grumbled, getting up and moving towards the window where he closed the curtains. He took a look at the time. It was already nine in the morning, meaning that in an hour, he had to meet with Raina and look after her lab for the day. She had asked him for this favor last day when they were feeding the fishes in the canal and he agreed, having nothing better to do. But now he regretted it. The rain didn’t look like it was going to stop pouring any time soon.

He took a quick shower and quickly got dressed, however, knowing that he can’t just pull out of this just because he hated rainy weather. He borrowed an umbrella from some other Blue Pegasus member, a white umbrella with black dots on him, something he considered a bit girly but then again, he had pink hair so he couldn’t complain. The convenience store he usually went to for breakfast had restocked on their rice ball collection and Vic grabbed a couple of them off the counter before paying for it.

He arrived at Raina’s lab munching on the last rice ball, waving at the aquarist as he did so. It seemed that he had made her wait again from the displeased look she gave her. “haha, sorry. I woke up late,” he answered, earning a sigh from the blue haired woman. She didn’t say anything though, just told him what he had to do around the lab and handed him the keys. She was out of the door before he knew it, too, leaving him alone with a bunch of aquariums and fishes that he was going to spend the day observing.

Fishes were funny. They swam around in their little tanks all the day looking absent minded and each time that he tapped on the glass, they would either swim away or gather around his finger. He made notes on each of them, slowly scribbling away on a notepad, slowly but neatly. He made detailed reports on the fishes’ activities, which wasn’t much considering that they only floated around all day. He didn’t forget to feed them either, quietly going from one tank to the other, shaking in some fine pieces of fish food into the tanks. It was sort of fun watching them all come up to the surface and open their mouths wide to get the food, probably the only time they would be so active, he guessed. They flocked together so quickly that it surprised him. Sluggish at one moment and so active the next moment all for the sake of food. That seemed like something living beings would do. No surprise there.

Once it was all done, he got himself something to eat at lunch by making a quick visit to the convenience store nearby. Bypassing the rice balls this time, he grabbed a packaged lunch box, going back and eating it all by himself while looking at nothing more than little fishes. For the rest of the day, he simply went around the lab, wiping dirt off some of the tanks, making notes on the fishes, and feeding them whenever necessary according to the notes Raina left her. By evening, the blue haired aquarist was back, only to find Victor scribbling away hurriedly at a notebook.

He pointed to a particular tank, saying that it caught his eyes and he was just making a quick sketch. Raina seemed pleased. She even gave him a mini lecture about the fish, its habits and other nature. He didn’t care for all that information but talking to someone was still better than sitting around a lab, opening and closing his mouth much like a fish.

“You were a great help,” Raina thanked Vic, handing him the rewards she promised. “Your sister was a great help, too,” she commented, patting the boy on his shoulders and sending him off. The rain had stopped in the middle of the day, a nice rainbow hanging over the sky.


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