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Fire Starter Moments [Training - Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:18 pm

It was quite an early morning in Hargeon, the raven haired beauty, as she would like to call herself was still asleep. It was around seven o´clock in the morning and she would wake up soon from a rather fine dream. Which was nice, considering she had a lot of nightmares before. They weren´t really significant as it had just been a horrible job that had gotten her the shivers but those nightmares were gone as soon as she left Era and went to Marigold. Which hadn´t been the place for her and thus she had gone to Hargeon.

She had found another cheap inn that was fine and cheap but good enough for the standards of Phoebe Rainsworth. Her standards were not that high as long as the room had a bathroom, a wardrobe and a bed and was clean. Which it was, this time again she didn´t unpack any of her clothing. She had done that after her two day arrival in Marigold to leave the afternoon after that, so she wanted to prevent herself from letting that happen again.

Today was a beautiful day, at least for when you had big plans to train your magic. Which was Phoebe her plan for today. The sky was a light blue colour with some small white fluffy clouds and a bright yellow sun, some birds, some butterflies and so on but no drop of rain or a dark cloud near by. Phoebe would wake up soon and stretch her arms and legs out as far as she could while she yawned. Her day program today was a rather busy one. She would start with a run, so it would be ridiculous to shower for now.

She stepped out of bed towards the bathroom, to wash her face and to start untangling her hair. Which wasn´t that big of a job because Phoebe took care of her long raven black hair by sleeping every single night, with a braid in her hair. So no mess was made. She would brush it slowly, starting at the bottom to make sure there were indeed no knots and it would all be very smoothly going. She would find the straightner from her bag, as she hated the slightly wavy-ness of her hair as that didn't fit her face and made sure it was straight as it was suppose to be. Which would normally happen because her long hair was too heavy to even suggest curling, but it looked even more stupid in a ponytail. She made sure to hold up her hair and brush it backwards in her hand to have it straight back and no weird blob in it. She tied it quickly and headed back into the bedroom part to find her sports legging and a crop top. She would find socks and change into her running shoes. She did some quick stretches before she headed downstairs in a quick movement and went for a run along the coast line on a pavement because she didn´t like running in the sand. There was enough to do on her list and running was just the starting part.

It made her clear up her mind and unfocus, or well rewind out the important things that she needed to do and everything else that she could let go of the moment. That meant she could focus on the important list that was in her mind with jobs that she needed to do. They were sure a lot but normally she would be able to do all this and work in the shop, now that wasn´t necessary anymore so it was possible to do all and relax at night. She just needed to stay focused to be able to focus on her magic and not trigger any bad temper or other possiblities about blowing up things with her fire magic.

The run wouldn´t take too long, she liked longer but because it was early and she didn´t have breakfast yet, she headed back. That was the next thing to do after a quick wash. But apart from breakfast, she had a letter to write.

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#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:50 am

One leg after the other, thundering on the ground as she went on and on. One running shoe on the pavement, then the other. She hurried on and on until she reached back to the inn where she stayed. As she wanted to shower and finish her food before she would leave again, she thought about ordering roomservice. She only didn't know if that was available, who knew how it was with inns, that was totally different from a hotel. Phoebe felt that after she left Orchidia, which had been her safe heaven, everything felt as if she didn't know how it worked. Everyone had known her in Orchidia, it was not a problem to ask things and get things done. Now it all depended on her and if she liked people, which was a bit weird because would everyone like her?

She sighed as she wasn't entirely sure what she should do but she missed home. She missed the shop even though it had been boring to stand there all day if no one came. To kick Mary out of her bed in the morning and to complain to her father about her sister being so lazy. Was she doing alright? Was she helping father properly like she hoped? She felt a sob in her throat but shook her head as she headed back into the inn and asked for the possibility of room service. Which seemed to be fine so she made her order, and headed upstairs.

After a quick shower in which she had protected her hair from getting wet by making it in a bun and keep her head away from the water. It was not necessary for now to wash it, there would be other moments. She would dry off her body and wrap the towel around her. Room service was already brought with a note that they left it here while she was showering. Just as she had expected and she locked the door after that again. There was nothing off value here but her jewels and she checked if the jewels were still in place. This again was because she was alone and she knew she had to be more careful. She went to dress as well into some easy fitting clothing for she had more training to do. She picked up a light blue t-shirt and a jegging and her flats before she started breakfast.

She made sure to eat the toast properly so not many crumbs would fall on her lap and she was staring at an empty piece of paper, she just needed to write something to her father. She just frowned at the little paper because no words were coming. If only she could write onto the paper what she felt and how she felt like a traitor when it came to leaving her dad alone and Mary. She didn't feel like crying at the moment anymore as she had during the last part of her run but she felt like it might be a good idea to head home for a short while, it couldn't hurt to see them again and travel to other places after that. She nodded to herself and finished the toast and folded back the paper to put it in a book so it wouldn't fold anymore than necessary and put it away completely in her travelling bag. There was enough to do than worry about a letter that would never be written perfectly. She sighed as she felt a bit more relieved about her idea of going home. She had traveled a lot already, had lots to tell and than there was here, she liked Hargeon but only had been here for two days. Not much had happened yet, there were no jobs that she had found and so on. But that didn't matter, there was something that she wanted to use for her training. She walked to her window and stared at it, the big blue. The sea might help her in her training for her Fire Starter magic. She normally didn't shape it and control it in a way she had done in Marigold, but it was maybe smart to try more of that.

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#3Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:22 am

With one hand through her long hair, that was tied up in a ponytail, she headed again to the door of her hotelroom. She checked if she got her keys to get back into the room, pushed the roomservice cart out and locked the door again. She didn't need anything but herself at this point. Other things would only be a bother if she wasn't paying attention to them. She headed towards the beach, which was a very pretty place. This was the reason why she had worn flats, they were easy to take off and saved her from annoying sand in her shoes that she couldn't get away immediately. She smiled to herself as she thought it was so smart. She walked towards the sea shore and dipped her toes in the water just to enjoy it for a little.

This was obviously not the reason why she came here, it was around nine o'clock in the morning now and most people that were here were training as well or running past on the pavement that was at the end of the beach and had a hiking trail that she just had followed herself. She went to find a spot and stamped on the sand to make it a little harder before she would sit on it and cross her legs. She first let her eyes travel over the other people that were doing work outs and she made sure she was far away from them so she wouldn't be distracted. She should use a: no disturbing sound. Imagine she would be approached in her meditation and would blurt out fire, she had done it before but than again she had been smaller.

When her mother had trained her hard before she left. Out of anger and respite Phoebe had not used her magic in a long time, which made it still a bit undeveloped but on the other hand, she had it under control because she had not want to use it. Only if she got really angry or embarrassed or scared, it might happen that she would lose control. So she made sure she knew where everyone was, drew a circle around her in the sand and muttered something along the lines of "This is my protection circle. Here I am save." which was simply something she was taught as a child when she was afraid of the fire and had become a habit.

She placed her hands on her knees and held her palms up to accept the sunlight and the understanding of her magic. She would close her eyes and take a deep breath, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing, people yelling. The wind that was pulling on her long hair and so on. She needed to be completely aware of everything wouldn't she want to be jumpy. She would to open herself up before she could use anything in shapes or forms for her fire magic. Her mother had never thought her that, she had taught her how to control it, how to get it to be used for her own purposes but to shape it in cases of battle and in ways of beauty, that was never done before by Phoebe at least.

Her Fire Starter magic hadn't been used that way as it was linked to emotions, that would always happen and would always stay the same but that didn't mean that she couldn't give a shape to it, that would even give her more control over her magic. She would love to get one step ahead of herself and go on to find her mother. There would be many things that she would tell her and especially if that vision was true but that wouldn't mean that it would give her any other options but to go on and train her magic. She took another deep breath with that because thinking about her mother made her angry, and she definitely couldn't use that at the moment. She took a second deep breath to calm her mind and think about something else. It was time to form objects out of fire now and she hoped it would be easier than she thought.

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#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:00 am

Phoebe lifted her hands from her knees but kept the palms up and open for the sun and air to touch to keep her centered. One she layed down in her lap, her right one, her left she kept up and held in front of her as she stretched it perfectly in front of her. She would focus on forming shapes of fire in that hand palm. This is when she opened her eyes and her own lilac orbs saw nothing more but her hand and a little flame that she had already summoned and that was ready to take on something to form an idea in her mind. She narrowed her eyes a little, back in Marigold, she had made objects to protect the bystanders from not getting harmed by fire that would run around wild. She had formed a ball of fire, a ring of fire and an torch like idea.

She had come up with those ideas earlier on but had never used them until there. Which made herself believe again in the beauty of her fire magic and so on. It also made her believe that it wasn't as dangerous as some people, in the beginning this included herself, believed it could be as long as it was controlled and perhaps shaped in something that wouldn't get out of shape and so everyone would know what was going to happen with it. She again formed it into the ball of fire which she had started with. The shape being small, around 30 centimeters and it was a very interesting object as she could see as if it was made of glass and the fire swirling inside it. She smiled at the little object before she let the orb turn back into the little flame she had made before to shape it. With that little flame she now made a smaller version of the ring she had created, had the one in Marigold been one meter in diameter, this one was thirty centimeter in diameter now and it was the same idea as the ball from just a moment ago.

She shaped it back into the little flame to make the torch, which was a lot difficult to inspect as it was very bright and sunny at the beach but it was something. She could understand now, like a sudden click in her mind how to make it and that made it a lot easier. Now she would have to work on other spells as well and she closed her hand one time to make the flame that she had used to make objects disappear. She would have to use it the hard way because if she shaped a flame, she would always be one second behind because of the fact that she first needed to make that flame to make the object. Now she could form the others, she would have to work on forming the new ones immediately.

She thought about it, the only reason she would want to fight or get these spells was to protect herself. She knew she wasn't really the protective type when it came to herself but if she could throw a lot of fire spells at the same time, she didn't see a problem at first instance if it would work to make spells like that. She thought about it, but the best shapes probably would still be orb like shapes, they were easier to send away, because she would have to practice that as well apart from only making them. She frowned because she was absolutely not sure about what to do.

She stretched her hand again and stared at it, no other ideas came into her mind at first, until she would make another fire orb it would look a little bit the same as the fire ball but she was sure it was different, it felt different as well. She stared at it, expected it, she thought that thanks to making the fire ball first it was easier to make the fire orb without any difficulty. It had just come and she would probably have to find an easy way to form it in whatever area she wanted instead of in her hand palm. That was the next idea.

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#5Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:26 am

So she stood up, her long legs didn't step once outside the circle, nothing would as this was her safety for now. It wasn't necessary, it was a stupid superstition that she got over as she was no longer but a child but it was nice to have something to hold on to and to make sure that she was centered. She opened up her hand again, waved it with her hand and formed the orb again and made it go into the direction that she wanted, not colliding with anything because she was afraid people would yell at her and that's something that was utterly disgusting.

She moved on and went to sit down again to form the other orbs, again inspecting them if they were different to make sure she had a whole amount of spells to make in case of emergency, how many times would that happen though. But she didn't want to be the one that would lose simply because she had not trained. She didn't want to be less than her mother, she was angry, she took a deep breath as she formed her fire globe and stared at it now it was in her handpalm, she saw her reflection and from the two of them Phoebe looked the most like her mother, not Mary. She threw the globe away and it exploded out of her anger and she quickly held her hands close to her and closed her eyes to calm down. She needed to not think about her, she needed to focus on her magic but the making of the Fire Globe had given her the idea of something else and she would have to be secure with it. She would form another ball and throw in as much fire as she could, so it was not just the glass ball, it would be an explosion, a fire explosion.

She would focus on the next and made another ball, a sphere and liked the design of that one the most. But maybe it was smart to make something else as well. Something a little bigger? She wasn't entirely sure what would be the best. She stood up again as she had practice the waving of her hand to create the orb, the ball, the sphere and the globe and would now go for something bigger. Something that was like even bigger than herself! Which made her excited. She broke the circle she was in and made a bigger one with her foot and decided that waving her hand was the way she wanted to practice it. Something bigger than her, something like a pillar of around two meters that would be really cool!

So she focused, took a deep breath again and opened her eyes again after closing them shortly to concentrate on a specific spot in her now bigger circle. She would make it not too broad, 20 centimeters maximum and she would focus on that spot and wave her hand to make it taller, the pillar that was made, it cost a lot of her concentration and actually her mana as it didn't go immediately that easy but it would be fine. She dropped on the ground after it reached 2 meters and disappeared. But she would gather herself up again and try again before she finally would be able to use it in one go with one wave of her hand just like the other spells.

She collapsed a little on the sand again as she was done. Trying to catch her breath and be satisfied with her work for today. Now she only had to make the decision if she would go home or not.

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