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Update 24/07/2017

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on Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:52 am


Update 23/07/2017

Elemental Item Counter: While perhaps it was not entirely clear in the past, more clarification has been given regarding elemental counters. Certain items belong to an elemental alignment. The perks and spells attached to that item can't be used when this elemental alignment clashes with a) the magic element of the user, b) the race element of the user (Vampyres being Darkness-type and Giants being Earth-type for example), or c) another item being wielded by the user.

  • i.e When you have an Frost-type sword, you can't use its perks and spells when a) you have Fire-type magic, or b) you are a Fire-type race, or c) you have another item and it is Fire-type. In the last case, the perks and spells of the Fire-type would also get nulled for wielding a Frost-type item.

Combat Roll System: We've implemented a new system which can be used when battling against certain non-player enemies. From time to time, you'll be required to use this when battling NPCs in quests or when there is a Monster Raid which can be governed by the users themselves while utilizing the Combat Roll System. We trust the members to act out the action of the creature accordingly and admit defeat when they're defeated. When we notice that it is being abused, the Gamemaster will cause negative things to happen to the user.

Monster Raids: A new module has been added called Monster Raids. In here, topics will be mentioned containing a Monster Raid. Most of these Monster Raids can be done by the users themselves using the Combat Roll System, while certain Monster Raids will have an actual player who acts out the monster. Monster Raids are a topic made by the Gamemaster in which a monster appears to battle. When completing the Monster Raid, the participants will be rewarded for their share in securing this defeat. Staying alive while doing almost nothing useful will net you 0 reward.

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