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Decorative Party [Quest: Alice]

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Adelaide Sokolov
Right it was actually time to leave, focus on other things than the disaster that was till roaming around in her head. She was afraid, she was actually super stressed. There were a lot things that she had to do and she didnít know where to start. Should she leave Magnolia like a good pup and just follow, even though he said he needed to lay low, it wasnít smart to join in as a orange haired neko. She sighed and stretched. She noticed the pain of the stress in her body. It didnít make her the best person at this point, besides that she had been very reckless lately. Throwing spears at people, she could have caused harm or missed and hurt innocent bystanders. She had grabbed a culprit at his backpack while he took flight and she had fallen on a stand of plums and she had been sore for days, there were still some bruises all over her body and it was already like four days ago. She sighed, at least it brought her a bit closer to Evangeline and that was a good thing, she knew that. Then she had a team to take care of and she didnít know how or actually why she was pushed there. Sure she was working her ass off but it was just to forget her own disaster in her head.

She leaned with her head to the window and stared outside of the bed & breakfast where she now stayed all the time that she was in Magnolia. She hadnít slept much regularly, she hadnít used the bed anymore for some reason that she couldnít name because she simply didnít know. She frowned again, she simply had to come up with an answer or more like she had to come up with answers. Lacie could wait, after all Alice had no memory for the ten years before her eighteenth almost nineteenth birthday. It had taken her months to figure out about Lacie, she could wait a little longer. She knew though that Lacie was in Magnolia, or well she had heard that a few days ago, weirdly she hadnít bumped into her. Maybe she had already left again and she wasnít sure where she would find her. Believing that her sister was still a believer of the Illumin and the Divine, she was sure faith would bring them together at the moment that it was necessary. Not that she was a true believer and she wasnít sure if she would ever became one, though her mind was more at ease after the Kardia Cathedral had sort of accepted her, including the answer of Chelvaric made her more sure of herself. But that had not been for long as she had lost Ophelia, exactly a week ago now. She shook her head, which bumped into the glass. She did regret that, she had never regret something so much as being incautious with people around her and thanks to that she lost her companion. She wasnít entirely sure what to think about herself, or how she could live with herself. She couldnít just give up either.

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Adelaide Sokolov
She gave herself a mental kick to stop pitying herself. After all it was a week later. She had done enough good, sure the recklessness could be a bit less but nothing bad had happened, she was still alive, no innocents were harmed, people had given her compliments and stayed by her side. She shouldnít give up. As stupid as it sounded, she was sure Ophelia wouldnít want her to do that either.

With that she decided that she should eat something and head into town to go do something again, instead of moping around, which wasnít going to change anything. She would either have to find Lacie, talk to her, arrest her, or leave like she intended to do and find Konstantin. She wondered if he was actually waiting for her, what if he didnít want to see her at this point. What could have happened? If only she could understand, maybe that made things easier. But however she did understand that there were no answers, otherwise Konstantin wouldnít have left. Not left with only a note that she found four days too late. How could she have missed that? Simply because of her own grieving, it was no proper excuse, but it was an excuse none the less.

She headed downstairs to see Clara eyeing her with suspicion. She could understand for she had been gone off without eating properly and anything else, she was sure she didnít look unhealthy but neither that healthy considering the gaze in her eyes. She pretended to smile and took something out of the fridge. There were strawberries, not hers but she lingered, ĒTake them. I bought them for you. I know how you love strawberries.Ē Alice gave her another vague smile as she took a few and a bottle of water and sat down. She talked shortly and lightly with Clara, she had told her what happened but rather vaguely. She had to leave, if they were killing her companion out of revenge or whatever happened, it was better if she left so no one would harm Clara or her husband and sons. Fine decisions were final, she needed to leave but not yet. She needed to fix all the loose ends. She needed to pack this time, to make sure not to return soon. She was being pathetic, stressing too much about something that might not even be there but she wasnít going to think about that. During her future walk it would probably be more logical to her all. She just needed some time.

She finished the strawberries and some toast before she stood up. With one last sip of the water bottle she put it back on the table. [clolor=#ff9900]ĒI will be back and I will bring you the jewels that I still owe you from staying here.Ē[/color] Clara looked a bit surprised, ĒI need to go too, but Iím sure we both will be back.Ē it felt so fake, it felt so mean and yet she had to. She trashed the bottle of water and left soon, she would pack her stuff later.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Maybe a job was better than using her savings for another new weapon. She headed out, walked quickly to find some job to do and distract her again from the pain that she was trying to ignore. She had of course the bruises but apart from that, there was a headache that was never leaving her. She headed into the city where the noises were loud and people were merry. She frowned, there were little bit of decoration here and she found it a bit sloppy but she walked on and watched, people smiled which made her a little bit happier as well. She went to look around to see what was going on and where the decoration was for. It was a whole block and she finally found someone that seemed to be in charge of all this. She didnít recognize him, had never done a job for him before. But that didnít matter anymore. She only needed to see if he wanted to pay enough for what she needed. She decided that some of the decoration needed to be done better and who better to help than a Neko. She found the man rather soon, Medias Syrases, soon and asked him what was going on. So he told her about the birthday of his seven year old daughter. She found it a nice idea to have a birthday party like that, she was almost sure she never had one like that, perhaps when she was still seven and Lacie didnít kill her like that yet. But she doubted. She talked to him a little more about everything, the decoration that was going on, the presents that he bought and that he wanted to talk about. The huge hello kitty cake that he bought, which looked really cute as he showed her a picture from the bakery. He would have to pick it up soon but right before his daughter Juliet would arrive. He asked her about her cat abilities as she pointed out if it wouldnít be nicer if the decoration was put up a little higher, from the roofs instead of the lower windows and he had agreed. She told him about her swift movement being half cat, half human and he was overjoyed to hear that. So she could help with that, to help people put up the little flags and other forms of decoration that he wanted to use for the festivity.

She made sure she was doing her job properly and working hard that her fingers would almost bleed from tying all the small robes and lines for the flags, the other things and so on. She wanted to distract herself, she needed to leave, she understood that perfectly and so she would. She grabbed one of the last lines of flags off from someone on a ladder and climbed up to a higher notch on the roof. She stared around as soon as she was done, getting a thumbs up from her partner at the moment that it looked fine as she checked if it would hold on in case a little breeze would pass by. It was fine. Thatís when she almost lost her balance.

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Adelaide Sokolov
. She noticed some red hair, exactly the same colour as hers, a bit more straight than her wavy version and she was sure it was someone that looked exactly like you. She quickly hurried down and noticed indeed some people that looked funny at her, as if: how can you get from that direction twice. Finally she decided to simply ask someone: ĒDid you see someone just looking like me pass by?Ē the person nodded and she hurried to see if she could spot Lacie, but it had taken her longer to get down and to actually find someone to confirm. Lacie had gone already. She sighed heavily but turned around to finish the job for which she was hired. Everything needed to be perfect as Medias was picking up the cake and Juliet would be brought in another fifteen minutes. She made sure the table was stable in case and that there was a big enough circle around it so no one would bump the cake that was brought in now. It looked smaller in the picture that Medias had showed her.

He quickly made a round to apparently pay off some other of the workers that just like Alice had come around. Everything needed to be perfect and he sure as hell liked it that the flags were now spread over the buildings thanks to Alice her work. He paid her nicely, enough to pay off Clara for the Bed & Breakfast. She made sure to count it when no one was focusing their attention on her but singing happy birthday to Juliet. It was nice, she stayed a short while, but she didnít want to bother anyone, apart from that she had more to do. So she hurried out of Magnolia after eating a tiny bit of the cake, she had been curious for the flavour: strawberry. The road back to the Bed & Breakfast seemed to be like a thunder cloud over her but she needed to leave, rather sooner than later and thus she immediately handed over the jewels to Clara. ĒIíll pack my stuff and take my leave. Donít worry. We do return, we both like it here very much.Ē she had actually paid Clara too much and she didnít want her to notice before she was gone. So she hurried upstairs. Packed her bags, threw in all the other things into her dimensional pocket and headed outside. There were things to do and she better be quick with it because of many reasons. She would leave Magnolia again, she had only been here because of the diadem but had stayed long enough again for it. That meant that she perhaps would return again at some point because she came to like the city. Apart from that, she definitely needed to return if Lacie was to stay here for much longer. But that would be for later, she needed to get stronger in her mindset before she would be able to get rid of Lacie all together and before she was sure she would be able to do what she had intended in her mind. Kill her sister. For some reason she couldnít just forget it, it felt like it would call for justice only in that way. She felt horrible for thinking it but she would never rest or feel save with Lacie around

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