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Lighthouse Without Lights [Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

on Sat Jul 22, 2017 9:55 pm

Bianca made an agreement with herself, that this would be the last request she would take from either Balthazar Barbossa or old man Reagan. In fact, this would be the last request she would take from anyone in Hargeon Town. She had been here long enough, so it was time she left again for the next town, which was of course the famous Magnolia Town, famous for the guild it housed that was Fairy Tail.

Bianca was never fond of that guild. Not only were they noisy as fuck, but also annoying with no limit. The last time she was in Magnolia, she stayed as far away from that guild as possible. This time, she was probably going to be doing the same. In fact, she had actually been directed to an inn that was on a little hill a bit far from the Fairy Tail guild, by the innkeeper of the inn she was staying at right now in Hargeon. She decided to trust her, since she was a nice person and Hargeon was close to Magnolia, so they probably knew what was up in the other town and stuff. After she told the innkeeper about how she was going to be leaving for Magnolia Town soon, the innkeeper lady began to write a list of places she apparently had to visit while she was there. It was not as if Bianca had never been to Magnolia Town, but she did not say anything and let the lady write her the list, and also asked her about some of the places on the list that she did not get to visit last time.

That morning, she prepared herself for the last request in Hargeon Town by hunting out in the woods. It was about four or five when she left to hunt. It was still dark as hell, but being a vampire and all, she could see pretty well. There had never been a time she did not find someone in the woods at that time. Normally she would go earlier, but even if she went later, she still could find people there, doing whatever they were doing at such an odd hour. Bianca found a nice virgin just outside the woods; they were always sweeter, and gave her a mysterious energy that she loved to feel. After feeding, she returned to the inn for a power nap that was from six in the morning to four in the evening. The request she took this time also required her to be in complete darkness while doing it. She was to steal the light in the lighthouse so that Balthazar could raid the town successfully.

At four, the vampyress got straight out of bed and took a quick cold shower to wake her up. All she needed was to be awake, which she was. She was a vampyre after all, a creature of the night, so starting from when the sun would set, it was her time of the day.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

on Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:29 pm

Watching her bare reflection in the mirror of the bathroom, Bianca took a deep breath. She was not nervous for the mission or anything. She was excited for her upcoming journey. Not the journey to Magnolia, but the journey back home. Not only was she going to be back at the Phantom Lord guild, but she would also be meeting Leyaria again. Hopefully she showed up. Bianca had to make sure she got there in time as well, otherwise she could miss Leyaria. If only she had invested in a communication lacrima. That would make things a lot easier.

Dressing up in the same black bodysuit she used to steal a map recently, Bianca made sure she felt comfortable in it before tying up her hair into a tight ponytail. She always did this to prevent her hair from getting in the way when she was doing the important things. After she had finished dressing up, Bianca was ready. She put on a cloak first, because she would have to meet Balthazar as well as old man Reagan before she did the mission itself. Letting out a sigh, she picked up the request paper she picked up yesterday and headed out. Since she was in a bodysuit at this time of day, she decided to get a carriage instead of walking to her destination. She did not want people to be staring at her the whole time, not because she was shy or anything but because she did not want people to remember her. It was harder to do illegal things if people remembered what you looked like. Even now, there were people who recognized her in areas near Oak Town. She would have to start wearing a mask or something soon.

The innkeeper lady was of course, very curious to know what Bianca was up to, wearing a tight bodysuit under a cloak at this time of the day. She asked her on the way out, where she was headed. Bianca just shook her head and said, “Guild business.” The innkeeper lady made a knowing face that was almost funny, and nodded quickly. Bianca smiled and left the inn, getting a carriage just outside. Of course, she attracted some stares from the passersby and those near the inn, but as soon as she got on the carriage, she was sealed away from the curious eyes of Hargeon folks. Bianca told the driver to take her to the Hargeon Beach, which was where she would walk from to the lighthouse itself. It would seem suspicious for a lady wearing a bodysuit and a cloak to be heading to the lighthouse. It was already pretty strange for her to be going to the beach dressed like this. But because of her deadly glare, the carriage driver never even turned to check her, let alone ask what she was doing at the beach all dressed up to cover each and every part of her skin. The carriage ride was fast since it was pretty much walking distance.

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#3Bianca Fleur 

on Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:16 am

The sun was just starting to set when Bianca arrived at the beach, so she asked the carriage driver to stop near the woods next to the beach where she would hide for a while until it was dark. Only then she would get out, otherwise the point of her outfit would be nothing since she would still get a lot of attention from people given her pale skin and silvery white hair that stood out. Bianca paid the carriage driver and got off, striding along the path that led straight into the woods. It was the path that diverted from the sidewalk which would normally take you to the Hargeon Dock. She had left her flower at home, so she did not look so out of place today and in fact, she noticed that not a lot of people were staring at her in these parts of town, probably because they were used to stranger things or something. With a satisfied smile, Bianca disappeared into the shadows. The thick branches and leaves covered a lot of sunlight from reaching inside the forest, so it was cool and nice inside, just like how she liked it. Thanks to the carriage ride, she was not sweating like she normally would wearing such tight clothes.

Birds chirped and the wind whistled inside the woods that was close to Hargeon Beach. Bianca wondered if people from the beach would come into the woods. She could snack on them while she waited, she thought, her full, red lips curling into a sly smirk. Her lips were the fullest and reddest after feeding and she loved the way her lips looked now. Climbing onto one of the trees, she found a nice spot to sit on a thick branch. From there, she could not only see if anyone was coming into the woods, but also see the beach and the sunset. She gazed at the horizon that was slowly eating up the sun. It was setting faster than she expected, which was good. Soon the whole town would be shrouded in darkness, and her mission would begin.

The first part of her mission was to meet Balthazar Barbossa, her client, in an alleyway near the Hargeon Dock, so that was where she was heading. After the sun set, she waited a while for the shops outside and along the street to start packing up and leaving. She took off her cloak, leaving it tied to the branch above the branch she was sitting on. She was not coming back for it after the mission, but the next time she visited Hargeon Town, she would come here and look for it. So now, after all the stalls were gone, she left the forest and headed towards the alleyway. In the dark of night, she was basically invisible. Nobody could hear her either, since she made no sound in doing anything. Once she reached the alleyway, she noticed that in the far corner was a tall man.

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#4Bianca Fleur 

on Sun Jul 23, 2017 5:06 am

Balthazar Barbossa was a tall, angry looking old man, with a much more intimidating appearance compared to the short, plump little old man Reagan that she was working for. The man noticed her immediately, since she was not trying to hide or anything. If it was someone else instead of Balthazar, she would just leave. But lucky for her, it was Balthazar himself. She was surprised that he was here all alone. Was he not scared of danger? Maybe he was capable of taking care of himself although he was old. She could tell that he was tough old man from his build. He was basically a tower, even taller than Bianca who was quite tall for a woman. Pushing off of the wall that he was leaning against, Balthazar walked towards Bianca who was also walking towards her client, so that they were hidden nicely in the alleyway while discussing their business. They stopped a little bit past halfway into the alleyway where they exchanged greetings. Apparently, Balthazar remembered her from the request she took from Reagan where Balthazar was involved in. She smiled and said, “Hello again.” The old man started up a conversation, just a random one as if they were old friends catching up on each others’ lives, which was funny, because this was literally the second time she met Balthazar. Plus, the huge age gap made it weird for her to say anything remotely casual with him.

Bianca finished the conversation quickly since she did not have time to waste right now. She also just did not feel like having this conversation right now, in an alleyway in the dark. Balthazar seemed to notice that and decided to start with his instructions. Apparently she was supposed to meet old man Reagan, again. Just when she thought her business with the shorter old man was done. She nodded and asked where to meet him, to which Balthazar replied by saying that she only needed to get some equipment she needed for the job, and that she could find him near the docks as usual. Balthazar also told her that he had informed Reagan about it already so old man Reagan would be waiting for her as well. She tried to remember what she was being told as Balthazar continued, giving her instructions on how she was supposed to remove the light from the lighthouse. When asked if she could handle that, Bianca nodded and said, “I’m sure I can,” in a firm, confident tone. Balthazar seemed pleased with her reply and told her that was all. He told her to be careful of the guards because apparently they had sharp ears. “No one can hear me,” she told him, which the captain nodded and watched her leave the alleyway. Bianca headed back towards the Hargeon Dock. She seemed to be running around these areas every time she was doing a job here, other than maybe a few. Bianca began to look for Reagan as soon as she arrived at the dock.

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#5Bianca Fleur 

on Sun Jul 23, 2017 6:32 am

Bianca was of course, not out there at the port where everyone could see her because there were lights and everything. She was instead hiding in the shadows as she looked for Reagan, who would be somewhere near where she was currently. Keeping an eye out for danger as well as the short old man who she would recognize immediately, Bianca kept herself concealed in the darkness. Soon, she would find Reagan, or it would be the other way around and then, she would be able to continue the rest of the mission. She was very tempted to smoke right now. Very. Tempted. If only she had brought even a single cigarette with her, she could use one of the torches along the way to light it up. She made a note to get a pack of cigs on her way back at one of those twenty four hour stores near her inn. She remembered she was running out of the last one she had which was on the nightstand beside her bed. After a while of loitering about near the dock, she spotted old man Reagan, who seemed to have spotted her as well and was now walking towards her.

“Good evening, sir,” she greeted with a smile and gave him a respectful nod, which he returned with a smile as well. It felt like a farewell, since she was going to leave Hargeon Town soon, and who knows if old man Reagan would still be here when she came for a visit another time. The old man went straight to talking about the mission. He told her where he had kept the equipment so that she could go and get it herself. He probably could not lift them to bring them here for her since he was old and everything. “Understood,” she said with a quick nod. He told her that he had his men put the equipment somewhere close to the water so that she could just grab them, put them on and go straight to the lighthouse. “Thank you, again,” she told him and went to where he told her the equipment would be at. When she found the stuff, she started to shove her hands and feet into the suit and started to swim towards the lighthouse. Thankfully she knew how to swim. The water was cold but cold did not bother her so she did not feel a thing except for the wetness. She hated that her hair would be wet in case she needed to fight any of the guards although she doubted that. At least she had her hair in a tight ponytail so even if it got wet, it would not be all clingy and get stuck to her face. She swam towards a blind spot that Balthazar had instructed her to swim to, where she stopped and took off the swimming equipment, hiding it under a rock so that she could use it to leave the lighthouse area later on.

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#6Bianca Fleur 

on Sun Jul 23, 2017 7:04 am

Squeezing out water from her thick hair, Bianca pulled over another suit that had sticky stuff on the palm and sole areas. She could not think of what made them sticky like that, and she did not really feel like trying to figure it out at the moment, so after putting it on, she would start to climb the lighthouse from the side that was facing the opposite of the Hargeon Dock. She had already noted the guards down below, but since she had come from a blind spot, none of them had noticed her.

Bianca was feeling doubtful about the sticky suit, wondering if it actually worked. She was very worried that it would lead to the failure of her mission, but thankfully she made it to the window where the lighthouse’s lamp could be seen through. She could hear some people talking, and if she was not mistaken, there were two - one female and another being a male. Some conversation they were having...the girl would not stop laughing. Bianca took that chance to enter through the window dramatically, like in those action movies, with her legs first aimed at where she heard the laughter of the girl. Her feet went straight into her side, causing her to fall and hit her head against something really hard, knocking her out. The male on the other hand was prepared to fight now, but Bianca was not wasting too much time on this, so she just charged straight towards him baring her fangs which probably shook him. Although she had already fed earlier, it did not hurt to have a snack. After draining the guard, she turned to the lamp. It was finally time to finish this job.

Placing her hands around the lamp, she began to pull it out. It was bolted into the ground, so she had to pull with quite a lot of force before it came off, the light disappearing from the lighthouse. “Lighthouse without lights,” she chuckled as she carefully placed the lamp in the small backpack she wore, just big enough to put the lamp in there. She climbed down the lighthouse along the same side, and once she reached the ground, she put on her swimming equipment again and swam back towards the Hargeon Dock. Soon afterwards she could see that a number of uninvited ships had arrived at the dock belonging to Barbossa and his fellow pirates. She waited a while for the raid to begin, watching with a knowing smile as they began. At least she had to watch this before she left. It was sort of fun to just be the spectator sometimes. After a while, she decided it was enough. She looked for Balthazar to get her reward and left for her inn, stopping at a twenty four hour store to get a new pack of cigarettes to keep her company for the lonely night. Bianca had this habit of feeling empty when she left a place or town.

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