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Tenrou Island Expedition [Fairy Tail]

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Quest: Tenrou Island Expedition

Rank: A

Type: Good


  • Fairy Tail members only.

Cecilia: Cecilia may appear to be young, but in actuality is over 30 years old. She often jokes and likes to say that she just knows how to retain her youth, but she mysteriously never seriously answers. She appears as a short, blonde young girl that wields a magical staff. She is known to be fearsome, and one of the greatest magic users in the country. She can cast any element, allowing her to overpower the enemy with an element that clashes well. However, behind that power is a woman who loves to have fun and interact with her guild, an avid joker, but also one that cares deeply about the state of not only her guild but her members as well, whom she treats as her own children.

Summary: Cecilia needs a group of members to pick up something from Tenrou Island for her. What it is and what she needs it for is unclear, but it seems to be quite the task.

Cpt. Seagull: Cpt. Seagull is a friend of the guild who helps Fairy Tail mages to travel to and from Tenrou Island safely. When he was young, he was stranded on Tenrou Island during a shipwreck and got saved by Cecilia who was temporarily residing on the island at that time. Cpt. Seagull loves to make jokes and sail around the world. He is an expert combatant and served in the Rune Marines in the past. It was actually during his period in the Rune Marines that he stranded on Tenrou Island. Only a few people, including Cecilia, know that his full name is Steven Seagull.

Vier: Vier is a tall, long-faced young man with shoulder-length light-colored hair and sharp, light-colored eyes. He dons a closed dark, collared, tight-fitting jacket (around which he bears a bullet belt) which, around the bottom, is fastened by a buckle; around his left arm. He wields a sniper as his weapon, which he uses to shoot once per turn. As a treasure hunter, Vier is extremely greedy, and will go to any lengths to retrieve what he desires, regardless of the value it holds to others.

Zes: Zes is a sturdy man of average height distinguished by his large head, disproportionate to his body. He wields a large hammer, the size of his own body, as his weapon. Much like his comrades, he's prone to avoid confrontation, but, being aware that treasure hunting is a dangerous job, can join them in battle, if the time calls for it. He and his team are distinguished by a comedic trait, this being to stare at each other without saying anything before answering in a loud and angry tone whenever someone says something which angers them.

Zeven: Zeven is a small, young mage with pale colored skin. His short blond hair resembles a mushroom haircut, where the fringe and the rest of the hair are cut in the same length. Zeven dons a wealthy attire with gold lining. The outfit itself is complex in design, consisting of a white tunic with gold shoulder pads on his shoulders, strapped with a gold belt around his waist and sewn with a blue cape with yellow colored edge on his left shoulder. Zeven is the only mage in the group, capable of using Storm Magic.

Negen: Negen is a well-built man of average height. Probably his most notable feature is his dark hair, which is styled into four tall spikes that jut straight upwards from his head. This, coupled with his stubble, curved eyes and eyebrows, and puckered mouth, gives him a rather unruly appearance. He is a fairly laid-back man, although he has been shown to have a tendency to anger quickly. Completing his look, Negen wears an arm band that bears his guilds logo, has a belt with multiple pockets tied around his waist and carries a large sword which he straps across his back.

Objective: Retrieve something for Cecilia from Tenrou Island.

Extra Rewards:

  • 2x Strength Potion
  • 2x Speed Potion
  • 2x Endurance Potion
  • 2x Intelligence Potion
  • 2x Experience Potion
  • 1x Physical Potion
  • 2x Mana Potion
  • 2x 250,000J Jewel Pouches specifically for Houren Vanadis in case he completes the quests


  • This quest can't be completed with the minimum amount of words usually belonging to an A-rank quest, it will be much longer.
  • This quest can be taken by any Fairy Tail member regardless of their rank, as long as they sign up in time before the quest starts.
  • Every member of the guild is expected to be active during the quest and complete every objective with the rest in order to complete the quest.
  • Going inactive shortly and missing out certain parts of the quest will result in the user being disqualified and not receiving any reward.
  • Ensure that you take care of each other, getting KO'ed before Chapter 8 will result into failing quest.
  • The topic titles for each part of the quest are that comes after the chapter i.e. the third topic made is called 'Searching Cpt. Seagull'.


Chapter I: (800 Words Minimum)

  • Create a topic in the Fairy Tail Guild.
  • Meet up with the rest of the participants and briefly talk with each other. In case you haven't met each other yet, get up to date with who they are. When each participant has done 3 posts, the last person whose turn it is to post in the 3rd round must state they they are going to be late. In the 4th post everyone leaves the topic.

Chapter II: From Magnolia to Hargeon (600 Words Minimum)

  • Create a travel topic going from Magnolia to Hargeon.
  • The traveling topic is longer than usual, each participant is supposed to post 3 times with a minimum of 200 words.
  • While traveling, one of the participants must pull out the backpack they've received from Cecilia in which goodies are placed for them. They'll find snacks, candies, lunchboxes with handwritten notes on them and little drawings, three magical orbs that can light up an area of 3 meters radius, a map that should be used when boarding on a ship in Hargeon, a note with a name and a doodle on it of a captain with a letter from Cecilia in it, and a few other items.
  • Converse with each other about what you all expect Tenrou Island to look like in the meanwhile. Before you know it you'll see Hargeon in the distance and the travel topic has ended.

Chapter III: Searching Cpt. Seagull (600-800 Words Minimum)

  • Create a topic at the Hargeon Docks.
  • Search for Cpt. Seagull by using the hilarious drawing made by Cecilia. You'll come across a few wrong captains first, one of them being Cpt. Barbossa. In case anyone has done a quest for Cpt. Barbossa in the past, he'll point you into the direction of Cpt. Seagull. If not, he'll ignore you and you must continue your search.
  • This search for Cpt. Seagull is 800 words per participant in 4x 200 word posts. In the 3rd round you'll find him and give him the letter and in the 4th post you'll board the ship. In case anyone has done a quest for Cpt. Barbossa in the past, it will be 3x 200 word posts.  In the 2nd post you'll find him and give him the letter and in the 3rd post you'll board the ship.

Chapter IV: From Hargeon to Tenrou Island (1500 Words Minimum)

  • Create a travel topic going from Hargeon to Tenrou Island.
  • The journey from Hargeon to Tenrou Island takes 1500 words per participant. While on the ship, talk about your magics, your motivations, your dreams, whatever is worrying you currently, and other personal details to bond properly with the few people you are embarking with on this expedition.
  • In case you are not the type to bond you may wander around the ship, do what you see fit to spend those 1500 words.
  • In case someone talks to Cpt. Seagull, who is steering the ship, he'll tell you that he's known Cecilia for a while now and that he stranded upon the shores of Tenrou Island during a shipwreck and got saved by her. Ever since, he is a friend of the guild who helps the mages to navigate to Tenrou Island.
  • Should everyone really get bored, try to watch the view as there are many magnificent sea creatures. In the worst case scenario, play one of the board games that you can find on the deck.
  • When you arrive at the island, Cpt. Seagull will say that he'll remain here for a few days till you're all done. Meanwhile, he'll fix up the ship and enjoy the view while barbecueing.

Chapter V: Tenrou Island Expedition (1000 Words Minimum)

  • Leave the ship, be a proper person and say bye to Cpt. Seagull and thank him for his assistance. Travel from the beach over the cliffy area and go into the woods. Cpt. Seagull will give you a bag with apples and bananas in case you get hungry on your way to your destination.
  • Someone on the team must pull out the map and start navigating. There is a place marked X on the map but it won't be easy to find. The moment someone pulls out the map, rustling leaves can be heard but nothing can be seen. It could be nothing.
  • When moving through the woods, you'll find runic markings on some trees which are also shown on the map. This will give you an indication that you're closer to your destination. While you're in the woods, monkeys will sometimes try to steal your belongings to prank you but you should not hurt them since they're simply playful creatures who have missed the presence of Fairy Tail members to play pranks on.
  • Give the monkeys your bananas. The monkeys will happily take them and leave you alone.
  • At some point you'll reach a tomb, but when you arrive there you'll notice that it has been opened forcefully. At this point, you're standing 25 meters away from the tomb and are looking down at it. Outside the tomb are a few people with a guild symbol on their bodies. It seems some unwanted visitors have entered the island.

Chapter VI: Kerberos, The Treasure Hunter Guild (1600 Words Minimum)

  • Create a topic on Tenrou Island.
  • Before you manage to do something, the people below will scatter and disappear. Go down and check out the scene. You'll find some items outside the tomb belonging to the group. There is also a little notebook with a three-headed hound on it, below it the words 'Kerberos' is written. There is nothing written inside the notebook.
  • The one with the map will mention that the tomb is the spot marked X on the map and the place where Cecilia asked them to pick something up. Prepare to move on and enter the tomb.
  • Inside the tomb, you'll notice that it is quite the labyrinth. At the same time, the map you were holding is now suddenly zooming in and showing the map of the tomb instead. It's time to find what Cecilia asked for.
  • While moving through the broad hallways, a pool of water will hinder the users from crossing to the other side. The distance (10 meters) can be covered via a Flight-spell, a Frost-type spell of B-rank to freeze the water and pass to the other side or another craft method. In case the users decide to swim, they'll suffer 1x B-rank damage from a magic attribute to the water which causes fatigue.
  • When the users have reached the other side, they'll find themselves in a room (50 meter radius) with a lot of beautiful plants. The door appears to be only 30 meters away. When walking 10 meters into the room, the plants will start to move and vines will start to entangle the users' legs reducing their speed by 10 points. The vines belong to plant monsters (Nature-type) which can be destroyed with 1x C-rank spell each. There are 6 plant monsters and they move at T3 Speed.
  • Upon destroying them, the vines will let go and the users can move onto the next room (40 meter radius). In here 6 golems (Earth-type) all guard the entrance to the next room. They are 3 meters tall and move at T1 Speed. They possess T4 Strength (A-rank). When they're destroyed the entrance to the room will open.
  • When you reach the next room, you'll find a jewel. The group before you must've taken the wrong paths because what Cecilia asked for is still there. The jewel is about the size of an apple. In case anyone still has an apple, it is recommended to replace it within 3 seconds of taking the jewel. Otherwise, everyone in the room will receive 1x A-rank Lightning-type damage while being shocked.
  • After 10 seconds of taking the jewel, the users will be teleported outside the tomb.

Chapter VII: Return Kerberos to Hades (1400 Words Minimum)

  • Create a topic in Tenrou Island.
  • It is time to return to Cpt. Seagull now that the item has been found and retrieved. Make haste and move through the woods towards the ship before the strangers encounter you. The map will have turned to normal back again to show Tenrou Island instead of the tomb.
  • Halfway to the ship, you'll get attacked by a smoke bomb. It won't cause damage but it will halt you from moving on unless you manage to use a Wind-type spell to get rid of it. When the smoke clears up, you'll suffer -10 in Speed, unless you cleared it with a Wind-type spell. There will be three people standing in front of you about 20 meters away.
  • They'll introduce themselves as Vier, Zes and Negen and will explain that they belong to Kerberos the Treasure Hunter guild. They're gonna need you to hand over what you've retrieved from the tomb. With that, they'll also mention that they noticed you from the beginning since you came to the island but decided to let you clear the tomb for them since they had no luck in there without a map.
  • Get ready to battle. Defeat the three Treasure Hunters in order to move on. They don't seem to be bad guys honestly. They are distinguished by a comedic trait, this being to stare at each other without saying anything before answering in a loud and angry tone whenever someone says something which angers them.  
  • Vier shoots 1x C-rank damage per turn with his sniper and always hit someone. Zes uses a big hammer and deals B-rank damage with it, Negen uses a big sword and deals B-rank damage with it.
  • Upon defeating the three of them, Negen will yell and stand up again. His stats have increased by +10 and his Endurance is completely restored. This time he has 2x S-rank Endurance. He will mention that even if you defeated him right here, his comrade Zeven is still somewhere on Tenrou Island.
  • Battle Negen again who is much stronger this time. When you've dealt at least 1x A-rank damage to Negen, monkey will come from all sides to repay you for those delicious mainland bananas and overwhelm Negen. One of the monkeys will turn his head and look your group dead in the eye as it gives you all a cool thumbs up. Never more were you so certain that a monkey just told you to leave to show his gratitude for the bananas.

Chapter VIII: From Tenrou Island to Hargeon (1500 Words Minimum)

  • Create a travel topic from Tenrou Island to Hargeon.
  • Run to the ship and sign Cpt. Seagull to get ready.
  • Cpt. Seagull will quickly rise from his seat and put down his barbecue meat. As you approach the ship, he'll have it ready.
  • Get aboard as Cpt. Seagull sails away. Take a breath. You're finally done. Cpt. Seagull will tell you to keep flipping the meat on the barbecue as he navigates the ship.
  • Suddenly, the clouds will become darker. Lightning strikes down and everyone on the ship will suffer 1x B-rank Lightning-type damage out of nowhere. Someone in the distance can be seen gliding over the water, quickly nearing the ship.
  • As the person comes close, it can be seen that it was not one of the previous people encountered, yet he bears the same tattoo. It must be Zeven. He will hop on the ship causing everything to blow away. His mana is way vaster than the previous Kerberos mages. With a grin on his face, he'll ask you to hand over the jewel.
  • Before you guys can even reply, Cpt. Seagull dashes from behind you towards Zeven and yells out with a mighty voice 'SEAGULL PUNCH!' as he delivers a clean swing right into Zeven's face. To your surprise, Zeven flies away so far into the distance that him dropping the water can't even be heard or seen anymore.
  • Cpt. Seagull will turn around and say: "Those damn burgers were almost ready," while pointing at the burgers on the ground due to Zeven's action. He'll then start laughing and cooking up new burgers for you guys which will restore your Endurance completely.
  • Talk, eat, laugh, rest, whatever you need to do till you reach Hargeon. Say goodbye to Cpt. Seagull and thank him for his assistance.

Chapter IX: From Hargeon to Magnolia (400 Words Minimum)

  • Create a travel topic from Hargeon to Magnolia.
  • This is basically a 2x 200 word post travel per participant from Hargeon to Magnolia.

Chapter X: Expedition Tenrou Island Completed (400 Words Minimum)

  • Create a topic in the Fairy Tail Guild.
  • Upon entering, the guild members who are present inside the building will all cheer to welcome you. Music will play, kegs will be opened, and dancing will ensue. Cecilia will come down and hug you all. Give Cecilia the jewel.
  • Cecilia will take the jewel and place it in a pouch attached to her dress. She'll point at a chest on a table in the back of the guild hall. Go to the table and open the chest. Inside the chest you'll find all sorts of potion and pouches along a with picture. On the picture, you'll see Cpt. Seagull with the monkeys from Tenrou Island around him. Behind the picture it says: "I forgot to mention that those bananas were for the monkey. Thanks for giving it to them anyway. My friends stole a small chest belonging to those guys and brought it to my ship before you guys came back. I have no use for it, I hope you do. Take care, Cpt. Seagull."
  • How did the chest get here before you team did? Who knows. Split the rewards among yourselves and enjoy the party.

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Kazumi Kiseki
Adventure is out there!

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Shin Sekai
More Rose room

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Houren Vanadis
Sign me up.

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Of course the cheerleader is gonna go!

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Great way to make new friends! Count me in.

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I'm hundred percent tagging along. Let's go!!

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Kazumi, Shin, Houren, Tori, Sael, and Winderlin, have started this quest. The quest must be started on Wednesday.

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When users miss the 48 hours mark twice, they will be disqualified from the call quest.

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Winderlin King

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Kazumi Kiseki

Reward Split:

2x Strength Potion winnie/houren
2x Speed Potion Kazu/Sael
2x Endurance Potion Houren/tori
2x Intelligence Potion Tori/kazu
2x Experience Potion Sael/Winnie
1x Physical Potion houren
2x Mana Potion Kazu/Tori

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Konstantin Sokolov
Houren, Kazumi, Sael, Tori and Winderlin have completed this quest.

Houren has also received 2x 250,000J Jewel Pouches, 1x Strength Potion, 1x Endurance Potion and 1x Physical Potion.

Kazumi has also received 1x Speed Potion, 1x Intelligence Potion and 1x Mana Potion.

Sael has also received 1x Speed Potion and 1x Experience Potion.

Tori has also received 1x Endurance Potion, 1x Intelligence Potion and 1x Mana Potion.

Winderlin has also received 1x Strength Potion, 1x Experience Potion.

Tenrou Island Expedition [Fairy Tail] LAwGxUv
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