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Till the Dirt [Quest: Kerii]

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Default on Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:18 pm

Kerii exited Castle Syllas and began to walk back towards the request board. She honestly didn't know if she would have been given the opportunity to stay at the banquet or not, but Kerii's guess was the later. Even if she was invited to stay at the banquet, Kerii didn't even know if she would take up the offer or not. She didn't want to keep standing out there even more than she already did. If she did stay, she would definitely feel out of place and her being introverted would have just made her exhausted in the long run after the banquet concluded. Plus, if Fernando De Syllas happened to come and saw that she was out of place and question her, she would be put in a rather uncomfortable position. Actually, come to think of it, Kerii couldn't recall seeing Fernando. Well, at least she didn't think she saw Fernando. She definitely didn't see anyone who reminded her of Rosalia, not even Rosalia herself. Perhaps the young noble tried to make another escape, but this time by hiding within the crowd of people she would undeniably blend in with. It actually seemed like a logical and clever way to escape. But would she miss a banquet? Kerii honestly had no idea. She didn't know what went on in the mind of Rosalia, and sometimes Kerii thought that it was best not even to imagine what went on in the mind of any member of any royal family. Some people had lots of conspiracy theories about anyone in high power. Rather or not those were true was controversial, but some people would swear to whatever deity they believed in that it was true. Kerii didn't think that the rumors and theories were true, but who knew. There was always a possibility that they were real.

As Kerii neared the request board, she began to wonder which request she would end up taking. She thought that it would be good to get a new client, you know, to spread her name and her guild's name around to as many people in Marigold as possible. Although Lamia Scale was a relatively well known guild, it was still good to give it good publicity, along with getting some of its members known throughout Fiore. However, Kerii had only been doing requests in the southern and eastern parts of Fiore. She still had to do northern, western, and central Fiore, not to mention helping out some lesser visited places such as Nanuq (which was still northern, but still. It was an island). To be honest, Kerii didn't know much about Nanuq aside from the fact that it was an icy cold island, and the lack of information she knew only made Kerii want to visit it more. She was curious and constantly hungered for more knowledge, especially on different places and cultures. Maybe she would even learn something at Nanuq that would help her in the long run for being a mage in Lamia Scale.

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Default on Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:19 pm

Kerii walked up to the request board and looked at everything she could take. She pondered over what to take for a good few minutes. This time, she took Farmer Jim's requests into consideration. Not every request he put out involved killing animals. For example, the cabbages request she took. Farmer Jim needed someone to simply put multiple cabbages in crates and load them onto a cart so that they would be ready to be shipped off to a local cabbage vendor. Apparently, cabbage was a very popular food in Marigold. Kerii didn't understand the hype about it though. She wasn't the biggest fan of cabbage. She would eat it, but she wasn't a cabbage fanatic like Farmer Jim and (most likely) other people in Marigold.

She ended up selecting a request that Farmer Jim put out. In her eyes, she didn't see how it could involve killing an innocent (or she guessed a not-so-innocent, but accidentally non-innocent) animal. Farmer Jim simply wanted someone to till the dirt to prepare his land for some more crops to be planted. After harvesting the cabbage and putting it in crates, Kerii guessed that Farmer Jim wanted some of his arable land to be prepared for another bountiful harvest. Kerii shrugged and took the request. She didn't see how it could possibly go against any of her principles or morals. So, with the request in hand, she began to make her way over to Farmer Jim's farm.

Kerii walked along the cobbled streets of Marigold which seemed to slowly fade into a dirt path as she neared the farmlands. She knew the way to Farmer Jim's farm by heart and before she knew it, she had arrived. Kerii knocked on the door of his rancher and he opened it. He beamed when he saw the elf's familiar face. "Kerii, are you here to help me out again?" He asked. She nodded her head. "I saw that you needed some help getting some of your farm land ready." "Yeah. You know, it's hard to find good help. Not a lot of people like doing this kind of work, you know? Have you ever considered the farm life?" "Well, I like the countryside, but I'm set on being a mage," she explained. "That's understandable. Now, here's how you till dirt properly." Like the professional farmer he was, Jim expertly told her how to properly till dirt in remarkable detail. By the time he thoroughly explained what she had to do, she began to till the dirt. It was hard and tedious work. With Farmer Jim's vast land, it took Kerii the rest of the day to till the land to the point where it was ready for plants to be grown in. At the end of the day, the palms of Kerii's hands were red from gripping and doing repetitive movements with the tool she used. She knew why farmers clearly preferred to use tractors. Constantly repeated movements were not good on the joints. Once Kerii was finished, she returned to Farmer Jim and received her reward. Afterwards, she went straight back to her room at the inn.

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