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Update 22/07/2017

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on Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:57 pm


Update 22/07/2017

Fortune Wheel: The winning numbers and rewards for the Fortune Wheel have changed.

Gossip: This is a new module which has various gossip in it overheard in the streets or inns. Users may decide to check out the rumors and stumble upon something interesting from time to time, or absolutely nothing. The gossip can be vague and lead some people into the wrong direction.

Rings: The first ring have been added to the shop. More rings will be added later on in the next updates. If you liked it, then you should've put a ring on it.

Donation Incentive: There is donation incentive for 5 and 10 dollar donations till we reach a total of 50 dollars to pay for our expenses. Each 5 dollar donation receives 100,000J and 200 points, and each 10 dollar donation receives 250,000J and 500 points.

Guild Locations: The exclusive locations that belong to guilds have been added: Tenrou Island, Exalted Lands, and the Haunted Lands. Blue Pegasus' Mana Training Hall has already been around.

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