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Hammer Time.(Quest)

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on Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:06 pm

Walking into The Black Anvil, the task to getting comfortable and known by the people of Magnolia started for Judina hearing the talk and suggestions of other since she was a mage based of metal she got suggestion to be around a smith and see how that was. An interesting point to do, If not suggested she would have just gone about her business with out trying this, She did have new habits to work into her old ones.

So she would sign up for the job to do the next morning. Spend her morning doing her normal meditation, stretching and balancing routines she would just seemed like a normal woman for once in her life, since she was showing up to a blacksmiths working spot Judina had a feeling she would just leave all of her metal bracelets and crosses at home and show up just in her normal robe, spending the other part of her morning walking to the Black Anvil, The cool morning wind had set in and it had made for a nice comfortable walk to the place.

Walking into the Black Anvil, Judina inhaled deeply and exhaled it quickly, Find a place to put her robe down she was ready to face the day."I am looking for Barras" She would mention to some one shortly after she arrived to work, She would be pointed to were he was and Judina would walk over to were Barras was, waiting for him to finish working on what he was working on Judina would listen to what was being explained to her what to do. From what she pieced together Judina was going to try her hand at making a few things which was interesting wondering what else she could end up doing this day she was excited to get started.

Looking at the pieces of metal to work on Judina would walk over to what hammers they have and see which one would be good for her to use, gazing upon the five of them she would pick up one of them lifting it up and down a few times to test it, it was not exactly what she felt was ideal so Judina would place that one back were she found it, Picking one of the hammers at the end she picked it up with ease, Evening throwing it slightly watching it spin and catching it right away, it was the hammer she was looking for.

Judina then would head to the spot where she saw the assistant with the injured arm and asked. "Were do I start and what are we making?" Listening to what the assistant said, nodding in agreement about it Judina was ready to work, It was interesting hearing what he had to do and her attempting her best to do it in return, Striking the metal glowing from heat. It seemed interested for she never knew how it all use to work, But after hearing it explained and watching it work in process Judina finally understood.

She would listening for queue time to strike either hard or light, The right amount of force is needed sometimes so far it was just to make a flat piece of metal into a sheet, Being told to stop for the moment because that piece is done Judina would stopped for the moment.

She would wipe the sweat off of her forehead while she took that moment to breath and admire how this smithing work station was set up, It was something like a machine how it was all set up and everyone was in short distances around each other to pass off what they did to the next person.

Judina would watch as the next piece of metal was in the forge to be heated up, It was oddly interesting to watch a piece of solid metal the clod gray metal slowly light up and turn a very bright glowing orange and able to be twisted and mended into what they needed it to be, If Judina was ever one of the geeks that could explain it all it would be interesting to explain too another person, Then again Judina was at least decently smart, but not that smart.

Watching the tongs lift the next piece on the Anvil and and ready Judina got the signal to start flattening it out again which she continued working on hitting it like the beat of a song she heard before arriving here but it was working out in flatting the piece of metal, so far it was just flattening out pieces wondered what else would need to be done here, Maybe one of these days she could see what her magic could do, since she wondered if it worked the same way as her magic, She knew she would actually have to use it for once to know for sure, But that is besides the point she had in her mind.

She would stop for the moment was the piece was turned to be flatten again it seemed like they were just moving pieces so it would be almost like a metal piece a paper but Judina did not ask what they were making still not her matter.

She would finish up what was left of that pieces and walked over to Barras ,with the smile on her face of the day as she felt like she did well today so said."I have finished what was asked me, If there anything else you wish of me?"She said with a smile, So far nothing else was spoken for her to do so Judina would gather her things and talk to Barras for a bit ending it off with."I also thank you for allowing me to take the job, I know i am not the best metal mage but it was interesting to learn and keep this experience in mind."With that Judina took her reward and head off for the day with nothing else left to do.

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