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Hot In Here.(Quest)

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on Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:18 am

Aside from the team meeting, It was wonderful and interesting for once. She would do some side work requested of mages to work to get to know people and build trust with people among to people she would be working for.

A Job in a an area called the Black Anvil, Judina figured a bit of hard labor like her father did would be interesting to start with, It was a smith shop. Judina had not been in a smith before so for her interest, But also having no idea to expect Judina went in mostly blind and unsure how to do the job but she found it interesting this way.

So taking the job Judina would show up to this blacksmith shop in her normal outfit of robes and her small metal pieces on her on."Good morning Barras what shall I be giving you a hand with this morning?" Judina spoke as she normal did, It seemed pretty straight forward from what was explained to her, place metal into one spot and then reheat if needed, Keeping good attention to it while it was being worked on, So with that in mind she then said. "Sound simple enough, Thank you for explaining Barras." Slowly walking over to were she would be standing for her work Judina realized if anything she was already starting to sweat from the heat of the forges and the color of her clothing, It was a simple fix, before she would actually start working Judina took for the metal hair pin she wore, opened the robe and folded it neatly and placed it neatly somewhere for it not to be to ruined, placing all of the metal object on her person and placing them on top of the robe, Being in her dark blue undershirt, long blue pants and her hair still fine with the rat tail and everything Judina felt she could deal with what heat she felt now and moved into position.

Stretching out Judina's back let out a really loud crack, Picking up the tongs for the first piece of metal Judina then looked over at the person she was working with and said."Are you ready to start?" With getting a nod yes back from him watching over him because this assistant had just recovered from an arm injury Judina would be as shift as she needed but also keeping up a pace as well. Watching the glowing orange metal for when it would slowly fade to it's normal color for it to be reheated again, The first piece did take a bit of time since getting into a pace or grove of working needed to set for them both.

Judina realized why back then her father told her he liked this line of work, You were already going when you had too and kept busy always having something to do to keep your mind busy to not be lazy and lack off, With the first piece of metal just about at the cooling point Judina then motioned the assistant to stop. Picking up the piece of metal with what she had she placed it back in the forge and waited a few minutes while it heated it, Tapping her foot to a song her mother use to sing as well, Judina always wondered what her mother use to do for a job. It was only her at home alone surely she did something.

But putting that thought aside Judina then pulled the piece of metal out of the forge and put it back into place, listening to the sound of the hammer hitting the metal at the normal timing she was use to hearing from the assistant moving the piece slightly as she needed to it needed to be even after all since it was important to keep it even for the piece to be nice, This object looks like it was going to be a piece of plate mail, A breast plate at best, But Judina could be wrong too since she had no idea of who was buying what at this blacksmiths store she was just doing what she was told while she was here.

Since it was working with the pieces and not what they were Judina did not ask for seem to make conversation, It seemed kind of like she was a stick in the mud in that manner to them but Judina was normally quiet by nature. Looking over at the piece again Judina checked it seeing if it needed reheating again. One more around of heat should do it, picking up the metal piece with the tongs again Judina knew and counted how long it would be in there, it was not too long if anything it felt like 30 seconds.

Not much longer after Judina set the piece aside to move on to the next one, This was seemed to be an axe head a raw one not quite detailed and finished yet, But simple to work with nonetheless so picking it with the tongs Judina placed it into the forge and started counting in her mind while she wanted for it to be heated up, Slowly as the axe head start glowing she realized her counting was being spot on, Which was something she hoped for with doing the counting. Picking it back up and placing the glowing orange axe head on the anvil Judina nodded too the assistant and they continued working well into finishing various other pieces they would need to be finished as well.

Judina would finish up all of what she was requested to help with, walking over and picking up her clothing and pieces of metal she would go and look for Barras to double check what else would be needed to be done. After hearing nothing else was needed she then said. "Thank you for allowing me here to work." Getting a smile and something in the same in return Judina got paid and left.

Wordcount: 1002/1000


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