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Potion Pepper [Chelvaric]

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking through Magnolia early in the morning. The birds were flying around and getting food for their little chicks. As it was the heart of summer and their eggs had come out. They probably are very busy with raising their offspring for the next couple of weeks. But it wasn’t like with humans as they were way faster independent and flying around for themselves. He wondered how the parents felt when after a few days their kids were already grown-ups moving out of the house. They probably would be sad and lonely after their kids left. Or they would be happy and already be thinking of the next kids they would make. Ah well, that was how nature was in the end. A beautiful fight of life and death between the different animals. But who could blame them they didn’t have anything but a basic instinct to go on. They were just trying to past time and nothing else. Chelvaric greeted a couple as they were walking by and saying good morning. It seemed they were in a very good mood. Seeing the new sparkling ring on the girl's hand he guessed that she just got proposed too. He smiled at them. it was good that some happiness was still in this world. “Why are you even smiling boss”, Scraggy said loud and clear. “We have a job to do by the way boss shouldn’t we start going to the location we’re supposed to be”, he continued talking. “Yes Scraggy you're right we should leave already. Well let's go to the potion shop again.”, ignoring the question about the smiling. What would a demon understand about love anyway? They were mostly only capable of knowing the bad sides of a human. And they barely came in contact with the good sides of the other people.

Chelvaric arrived at the well known for him now potion shop and he looked at the outside that hadn’t changed in this past time at all. The last time he was here with Snow and they had to test a new weapon. Although it was Snow who fought and him just standing on the sideline watching how the battle went. But then again he is just a support person. He liked helping people. He could fight if it was really necessary but he rather not at the moment. He needed a bit more spells and another companion for that. Yes, another companion is something that he had to look for very soon. With scraggy alone, he won’t be able to fight the demons. Especially when he fights without another human partner. He wondered what snow was up to and then entered the shop before he dozed off in a day dream. He just needed to finish this quickly and go on to the next job. He felt like his power was close in rising again. He smiled as that would be another step closer to his revenge. He was happy about that.

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Chelvaric Walderkat

. The old man of the shop was standing behind his counter and greeted him when he came inside. Chelvaric greeted back and walked closer. “Ah, Chelvaric you have come back. Good, I know that with you I can rest assured that it will be a job well done. Oh is your friend not with you today.”, the old man said as he was stalling out new options. “ah no she was doing a job with someone else so I am winging this alone.”, chelvaric replied and he stretched out. “well it’s easy this time just find me the herbs on this list in the forest and come back when you were done.”, the old man said and he handed him a list of herbs to be searched for. Chelvaric said goodbye and they were off walking to the forest.
After an hour of walking, they finally arrived at the forest. It seemed very peaceful and calm. He couldn’t hear many animals walk around. But it was around the time that the forest creatures would be sleeping in the shade. He took the list out and looked at the contents of the paper to what he had to collect. It seemed it was a curly fern. Those were easy to find and not long after he found the herb under a bundle of leaves. Okay, that was one done what was the next one. He thought and he looked at his paper again. Ah, it was a blue lichen. They were rarer but easy to spot with the blue color. He looked around behind many trees and under a lot of rocks. But he couldn’t find it. He sighed and plunged down on a tree root and was just about to say something when he saw the root sitting next to him. And with on it the herb he was searching for. Well, that was rather easy. The last thing he needed was a red leaf vine. Those would grow on big trees so he wandered a bit deeper into the forest. After a while, he found the plant and he cut some in pieces before he left back to the mage.
When he arrived back the mage would stir the potion up with the ingredients. After a bit of cooking the mage gave it to Chelvaric and he stared into the bubbling purple potion. He looked back at the mage and then at Scraggy. Scraggy was looking like drink it boss I wanna see what happens. And he would rather have something funny. Chelvaric Drank the potion and felt a boost of energy going through his body. It felt so great and nice. He felt like he could cast his spells longer now which would be great if true. “Ah, good job Chelvaric. The potion worked perfectly I’ll give you your money then you can be on your way.”, the old man said and he gave the reward to Chelvaric. Chelvaric took the bag of money and motioned to Scraggy to follow him. He left the shop and went back to his daily basis

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