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A Strange Episode [Alice|Invite]

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Default on Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:56 am

Eva stood still, her eyes zeroing in on the juicy looking plums the vendor had in his palms. The man seemed to wave it around as if to entice her, telling her to come and take a bite. She looked around. Her manager, Hanase san was nowhere to be seen but his words echoed inside her ears. “You are obsessed with plums, Eva. It’s great that they are fruits but is that what a healthy 21 year old should be eating? Shouldn’t youngsters your age be eating junk food?” he had asked, pushing his strangely glowing glasses up his nose. “No more plums until we figure out what’s wrong with you!” he suddenly exclaimed as if he had found the cure to world peace, pushing Eva into a bottomless pit of despair that she didn’t know existed under her feet.

But here she was, after somehow climbing up that pit of despair, eying the heavenly fruit known as plums but unable to buy it because she was, strangely, someone who listened to her manager. Eva sighed. She hoped that someone would drop out of the sky in some odd fashion to both entertain her and distract her. But what were the odds of that happening?

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Default on Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:19 am

On a count of one to ten how many times did you find Alice on the roof, close to the market trying to capture a culprit. Maybe not that many times as she would like to believe, which was a good thing. She didn't understand why she was on this god forsaken mission with a guy that knew how to use magic so he could fly, perhaps because she was able to run over rooftops as if it was the ground but it sure was a lot of trouble.

When she finally caught the guy, or well she was holding on to his backpack while he was flying up, good to know she wasn't too heavy for him, she heard something that made her eyes blink rapidly and her bright red coloured head swing from left to right in the no sign. There was a sound of something ripping and she was sure as hell that she knew what it was. For a second she was just hanging on to one strap of the backpack while five seconds later she was dropping down back to earth, thanks to gravity, with the backpack in her left hand and no idea what to do with her mind. Maybe since the loss of her companion she had changed into a daredevil, but she quickly changed into an armour to let the damage be little. Unfortunately she fell right through the roof of a market stand, full of plums and damaged it properly, Most of the plums were okay, considering they were on the ground, but it wasn't the best idea she had in mind. She had hurt her back quite and there was someone yelling at her, she had no idea what was going on.

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Default on Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:39 am

Eva couldn’t resist the urge to scream bloody murder at the sight in front of her. Someone, a woman that Eva soon recognized as Alice, had literally dropped out of the sky onto her object of affection, the plums. Eva couldn’t even question the reason for Alice to be doing such a dangerous stunt when the store owner began yelling at the orange haired neko.

“My plums,” she whispered, her eyes still on the round little plums that she wanted to eat only moments ago. “My sweet little plums,” she wanted to lament but was forced to pull herself together when a crowd gathered around them, hiding her wailing self behind her perfect masks.

She coughed and straightened up. “Uh uhm Alice, what are you doing here?” she ran over to the woman, crouching down to help her up if needed. “Where is your puffy little companion?” she looked around for the little thing that usually circled around Alice like a mother.

“Uh Hum!” she heard someone clear their throat behind her. “Do you know this woman?” the man with a potbelly and balding head narrowed his eyes at the two woman. “I want my payment for this damage right now!” he exasperated, much to Eva’s annoyance. It wasn’t like she intended for someone to drop out of the sky and dis- oh, wait, she actually did think that.

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Default on Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:44 am

Alice rubbed the back of her head, ignoring everyone around her because there were quite a few stars in front of her eyes that she couldn't get rid of no matter how hard she blinked. Damn, she needed a healer probably. Finally she heard someone say her name and she turned to look at the person, she was probably having a heavy concussion. "Is that you, Eva? Can you make this guy stop screaming in my left ear?" she said because she wasn't entirely sure. She held up her left hand that was thank god still holding on to the backpack, "I was trying to capture a criminal that literally took flight." she hoped the backpack would give answers but she would first want to stop seeing stars.

She stopped moving, there was probably blood in her long orange hair but her heart broke a little when Eva asked about Ophelia, "She eh.. isn't around anymore." she said it in a way that some would think it would be that she left and others understood she might have died. Which is what happened, she took a deep breath to get up. But damn Ophelia her healing power would be nice now. "The council will pay, don't worry." she said as she switched back to her normal clothing, instead of the heavy armour, "You think people would appreciate us capturing culprits but no." She muttered a little too loud as she tried to get up but swayed too much from left to right.

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Default on Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:58 am

Eva felt sweat drop down her forehead as she eyed the little backpack Alice held in her hand. That was what all that was about? She took the backpack off her, placed it to a side and helped the woman up, throwing one of Alice’s hand over her shoulder to steady the woman. She looked over to the still fuming potbe- store owner, and sighed. “Like she said, the council will pay for all the damage,” Eva answered, took the back pack off the side and tried to move Alice to a bench that was next to the store.

She spotted little drops of red on her hair and quickly looked around for a medic, having no healing powers of her own. Eva looked around, finding a scared looking boy with a white medic’s coat a few steps away from them. Pushing a smile up front of her face as she gestured for the boy, who flinched, to come over. He did as he was instructed, however, and moved up to face Alice, using his healing powers to stop the bleeding.

Eva wasn’t exactly the most sensitive or emotional person in the world, but even she understood what Alice meant when she said her companion was no more. She contemplated whether to ask more about it or let the conversation slide, deciding on some other topic to move onto. “So what happened to the culprit with that backpack?” She asked, helping the boy with healing her by sweeping the orange locks aside, curiously tapping the back of her neko ears with a finger.

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Default on Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:55 pm

It was a wobbly way to get up but thank god Eva was supporting her, otherwise she would be flat on her back again. Man this was very uncomfortable and she couldn't even focus on what she was wearing now, since she switched back from the armour to normal clothing, she would probably figure out in a few seconds, but since no one corrected her at the moment she was fine. She would shuffle a bit to follow Eva her guiding and set down not much later on a bench. Man her head was throbbing and when she touched it her hand came back red, that made her vision at least a little better, she wanted to clench the backpack but it was gone, "Where's the backpack?" she said with a hint of panic in her voice, otherwise this trouble was all for nothing.

Alice only knew she was feeling better thanks to whatever they were doing, she had not really since the medic. She did twitch her ear when Eva touched it but apart from that didn't react. She was focusing on the topic, "He is a thief. Stealing left and right from jewelers and other merchants and take the roofs to leave. They asked me because I'm nimble to trace him. They forgot to tell me he could fly or I guess they didn't know. All I could was hold on to his backpack and I fell as the straps were torn apart thanks to me hanging on, I guess." she said as her sight finally got better and the healing was almost done. The medic told her that she needed to be careful with sleeping and all but it would probably be alright. She thanked him, handed him some jewels and turned back to Eva. "I guess I should find him again and fill in the papers about that shop."

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Default on Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:43 am

Eva smiled at the medic, too, who seemed to have gotten less nervous around the two Rune Knights. Apparently, Alice had been going after some thief that knew how to fly. Eva wasn’t sure how to take that bit of information. Why would anyone go and grab onto a guy that could fly when they can’t. And, now that she was on that line of thought, why had Alice not landed on her legs or on fours when she was a neko. She thought cats had that insane ability. Also, if Eva wasn’t spacing off, she would have noticed that she was voicing her opinion out loud.

She let a hand hover behind Alice to support her in case she lost her balance again but it seemed that the medic’s healing magic had done the trick since Alice was already back on the case with the thief. “Which way did it go? Maybe we can go after him together,” Eva suggested, not having anything to do now since her precious plums were all gone. It seemed to be a perfect day for catching a thief anyway. “By the way, does those neko ears work like a regular cat’s ears?” she asked, subtly poking the small thing again.

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Default on Wed Jul 19, 2017 5:10 am

Alice raised her right eyebrow that was mostly hidden by her bangs now as she looked at Eva, whom clearly didn't notice that she was talking out loud. "I'm Half cat, half human. It probably takes training to land on my feet or all fours and would perhaps still have had given me broken bones. But enough about that, this happened, can't change anything about that. As I said before, I think the Knights weren't aware that he could fly. He normally escapes over the rooftops. That's what they asked me for, just when I grabbed him, he sort of took.. wing?" It was weird to say because she had not seen anything weird on him, he just jumped in the sky and didn't go down like gravity wanted but flew away."[/color]

She was glad to know that Eva was helping her a bit, for some unknown reason she always had the feeling that Eva hadn't liked her while she sort of did her best. She wasn't hurt by it really, but it was sometimes a bit uncomfortable. "Oh that would be great. You have wind magic right? I believe he has something like that too." She pointed though up in the air, "Towards the north, through the air, so that's the only way I know." She already took a few steps when Eva poked her ear again, so she had felt it right, "If only that were true. My hearing is the same though I do have to say because the ears are on top of my head, that sounds weird, anyway they aren't blocked by hair and everything which makes listening a lot easier."

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Default on Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:08 am

Eva felt slightly embarrassed when she realized that she had spoken her thoughts out loud earlier, but was glad that she learned something new about a race that Eva previously thought she would never get along with. She just didn’t get the hype about cats. “It must be nice. You can probably hear a lot more than a normal human though, right?” Eva said as she started up the direction that Alice had pointed towards. It was true that she had wind magic but flying was still something beyond her. She could levitate herself and probably make aerial combat much easier. Outside that, Eva was just as helpless as Alice was against someone who could fly.

They must have ran around for a long time since Eva felt sweat rolling down her back and face. It made her hair stick to the sides of her face and urged Eva to keep sweeping them back behind her ears. “Kyaaaah!” she heard an extremely high pitched voice coming from their right down a road that was a popular spot for rich people to spend time by gambling or attending strange parties and clubs that Eva, personally never attended, despite bearing the Vanderbilt family name herself. “I think we found him,” she told Alice, pointing towards the shadowy figure that seemed to jump over their heads, a triumphant expression on his face.

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Default on Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:19 am

Alice shrugged, "Perhaps a bit. It comes in handy with the job. As well as these." she showed the claws that she got with it, sliding them out of her knuckles and back because she had no use of them now but she grinned at it. It was just the love for it as a Requip user. She would follow Eva quickly too, the first few quick steps were wobbly but not long after that. She hurried on, but the weather was too warm to find some culprit.

It must look stupid if you had no idea they were knights but thank god the both of them weren't dressed in obvious Rune Knight outfits. She would not be embarrassed but they would be stared at more than now. If they passed people they looked on for a few seconds than continue with whatever they were doing. Her ears twitched to catch sound and just like Eva she catched the pitched scream easily. Alice turned to look at Eva and nodded, she grinned now that she had an idea, "Shame I have no bow." she stretched her right hand to make space and a straight spear showed up with only a bit of light. "Bit of a shame I didn't think of this earlier." She closed one eye to make sure she got the location pinpointed before she opened it again and threw the spear. She seriously hoped that.. oh.. she hid him already and he dropped off the roof, "Let's be quick."

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Default on Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:13 pm

Eva couldn’t understand where all these strange incidents were coming from that day. It had somehow begun with her staring at a bunch of plums, that she still wanted, and then having Alice drop in out of nowhere from the sky, over her plums, too, at that, and then chasing around some weird thief that Alice now produced a SPEAR to take down. That was out of nowhere, too.

Eva wasn’t sure if she should be scared or amused when Alice aimed at the flying man. All she knew was that by the time Alice threw it, Eva had unconsciously taken a few steps away from the orange haired neko. ‘I shall remember to never get on Alice’s bad side,’ she suddenly found herself agreeing with her inner thoughts, looking over at the man that now laid flat on his back, knocked out completely. “Fatality!” she suddenly yelled, impressed and strangely feeling comic for once.

Eva approached the guy and crouched down, searching him for whatever items that he may have taken from the old, fat lady that ran up to them. “Oh My precious purse!” she squealed, reaching for the small diamond studded purse the thief had on him. “Oh what a wonderful pair you two are,” she turned to Alice and Eva, looking absolutely pleased with the two of them. “Tell you two what, I’m a fashion designer. Drop by my shop at some point today and I’ll have you two fitted for some free outfits!” she beamed at them, handing Eva a small business card that read “Madam Felicity”. She looked over to Alice. Somehow, the strange day was starting to become rather interesting.

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Default on Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:05 am

She had noticed the reaction of Eva and she looked at her as they made their way to the culprit, "Have I told you that I'm a requip mage?" she said with a small smile. She took her spear back in her hands, first thing she did when she arrived at the spot and let it disappear after some inspection, maybe she needed to ask Barras to take care of the lemmet. She couldn't help but grin and Eva her yell and she turned to look at the culprit, she hadn't hurt him too much, literally just let him drop and get knocked out.

Alice blinked a bit in surprise but her tail went from let to right in curiousity and her cat ears were upright, not really showing how suspicious she was. "Thank you." said Alice to madam Felicity, she wanted to say it was just their job but the woman didn't want to hear a thing about it. She looked to Eva as well and shrugged, she didn't mind, she couldn't help but grin. "Should we first take a break, I can use a drink after that run. I mean after handing this man in." she said as she held out her hand to get something out of her dimensional pocket, "By the way do you like plums?" She would hand it over to Eva if she said yes. Since the plums had accidentally fallen into her pocket.

If everything was going alright she would bring the unconcious man to the Rune Knight office in Magnolia, and she would sign the papers quickly to send jewels to the shop owner of the plums. It was quickly finished.

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Default on Sat Jul 22, 2017 10:04 pm

“Yes, yes you have,” she said as Alice asked about knowing whether she was a requip mage. She seemed a bit suspicious of the woman that claimed herself to be a fashion designer but Eva, on the other hand, believed her. The woman was wearing a piece from the new summer collection that she had had an exclusive peek into through her line of work. She didn’t recognize the face or name of the designer, but she did recognize the outfit, which was all she cared about, anyway.

Eva agreed when Alice asked if she wanted to grab something to drink. “I was about to tell you the same thing. We had been running around in this heat for too long. Maybe we should grab some lunch while we are at it. Do you have any recommendations for a nice restaurant in Magnolia?” she asked while helping Alice with handing over the fallen thief over to the Rune Knights office and complete all the paperwork.

“I do like plums quite a bit. When people around me usually go crazy for chocolates, I would easily pick plums over them any day,”
she told Alice, slightly spirited as their topic of conversation just happened to be her favorite thing in the whole world. “A lot of people just don’t understand the greatness of plums,” she said. “Oh, and here’s a funny thought. I had been eating plums for the past few days for both dinner and lunch that last night, my manager actually told me to stop eating them and go out to eat junk food instead. What kind of manager for a model even says that?” she chuckled.

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Default on Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:45 pm

The paper work was especially easily done thanks to the help of Evangeline. "Lunch sounds great." She thought about the restaurants, she didn't have special recommendations, "I don't know what you like. They have nice bagels and a place near the park. They have a great italian restaurant near the Fairy Tail Guildhall and so on." She thought about a bit more but she had various experiences around those restaurants. "What do you prefer?" She said as she headed to the office and soon headed out of the office and handed Evangeline a plum.

"I only like chocolate from time to time." she said with a frown on her face that showed her dislike for chocolate. "I prefer strawberries over everything." but she had to laugh about Evangeline her fondness of plums, "Oh you are a model! Surprising that you are told to eat junkfood. I thought you were barely allowed to eat anything. Do you have a like special diet if you don't mind me asking?" she asked curiously, while she made her way to one of the restaurants that Evangeline agreed on, since she had no preference. And it wasn't like she was afraid after her encounter at the bagel house, besides Eva was with her. Two knights might be able to capture him.

She touched her cheek because of that and looked at her side but there was no Ophelia there and she felt a little bit empty. "Can I ask you, some advice?" she suddenly said a bit gloomy, though she sure as hell tried to hide that. Should she tell about the letter or not?

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Default on Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:23 am

Between bagels and pasta, Eva definitely wanted some pasta at that moment. “Let’s just go for some delicious pasta,” she said, walking out the Rune Knights office and towards the direction of the Fairy Tail guild. When Alice handed over a plum, Eva was ecstatic, throwing whatever bans Hanase san put on her to the wind to take a bite out of the juicy goodness. “Plums are the only kind of sweet I can stand. I am not a big fan of overly sweet things,” she said, walking along with Alice towards the restaurant they would have their lunch in.

When the conversation tipped towards her modelling career, Eva hummed a bit in response, trying to find the right words for a career she was only doing until her true passion for dancing took off. “I was only asked to eat junk food because Hanase san got worried about the way I ate plums all day but he was half joking. He said something like “go act as a real youngster” or something and confiscated all my plums.,” she pouted at that. “And, yeah, we do have special diets and stuff but since I work two jobs, and the important one being a Rune Knight where I’m always active, my diet is packed with foods that could make me last longer. I had to train up on my stamina too,” she told her, remembering all the days of training she had to go through to build enough energy to balance both her jobs.

They had almost arrived at the restaurant when Alice suddenly turned serious, asking for advice. Eva didn’t know if she was the best person to advice someone when her own life was a big lie, but she guessed that she could hear the neko out, especially since she had grown on Eva during the past few days. “Yah. We ca go into the restaurant and talk if you want”.

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Default on Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:43 am

Actually Alice was sure that she had prefered the pasta over the bagels more because of the idea that she didn't want to be knocked out over eating a bagel again and besides Ophelia had been there and well she had never returned from there. She would guide Eva towards the restaurant when needed which was only at a later time and only for short because the restaurant, which was placed a little higher so it had a good view over the guild as well as the river, would be easily visible. She gave a glance towards the Guildhall to see about the resterations before she turned back to walk inside the building, "Well now you get carbs. Good for stamina and better than junkfood if you ask me. The pasta I mean." but she had listened with interest to the story about the food and her love for plums. She hadn't comment about the sweet things but she would maybe take some plum later. There were two more in the dimensional pocket, by accident. "I don't think I could take two jobs at a time at all." she said so it made her like Evangeline even more. She liked people that worked hard, she might not have two jobs but she was working hard to maintain this one. "Must be hard work. Is it a good combination? I just pore all of me in this Knight job."

She would go inside before touching the topic again, she had only nodded. She asked for a table for two and the lunch menus and went to sit down before she said anything to Evangeline again. "I have gotten a letter. From a dear friend of mine." she lied, "The letter mentions that this person has done something wrong and that it might change our friendship." This lying was going way too easy for her liking. "The person also wrote the town where they are going to stay at the moment. Do you think, if you would like to give me advice, I should go after and go to that city?" She held out the menu in front of her nose, she would pick something random perhaps.

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Default on Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:25 am

“Haha, I suppose it is better than Hanase san’s plan,” she chuckled, following Alice into the restaurant. It was quite a nice place. Since it was floor or two higher, they had quite a nice view of outside. From a quick peek Eva had through the glasses, she could already tell, from the neatly arrange tables and good sense in colors that she was probably going to mark this restaurant down in her good list. There was always something about the air of a restaurant like these that made Eva calm down and actually want to sit down and enjoy something other than plums.

“Having two jobs at once is definitely difficult,” she told Alice as they walked in. “The biggest problem is the schedule. Modelling jobs have a certain schedule that can’t be changed no matter what because getting things done for ads is only one step of many other things. I can’t completely ignore my job as a Rune Knight either because that actually concerns with the safety of Fiore. So I’m usually running around doing both work, my progress on both is slow as a result but I get to do what I like. It’s a blessing that I have someone like Hanase san with me. He might not like plums, but he is a capable man,” she answered. “Ah, but I remembered something,” she hit the palm of her left hand with her right hand making a fist. “Since we are on the topic of jobs, I heard something going on around the Rune Knights but this has been the talk among us for a little now. I heard they were considering you as a new Lieutenant. I guess they are finally recognizing your work,” she told Alice, having indeed heard something about it through some source.

When they sat down and Alice told her about her real concerns, Eva’s inner self went quiet although Eva herself looked perfectly alright. If this was some sort of relationship advise, she wasn’t sure how to go with it but she didn’t know who this person she was talking about and she decided that she might as well step back and give her a real answer. “I’m not going to guess that person’s intentions but if you feel that something had been left incomplete, I suggest you find that person and have a good talk,” she told her, reserving her other prejudices and bias back into her own thoughts. She didn’t want to do that. Instead, Eva busied herself with ordering food for them.

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Default on Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:39 am

Alice looked at Evangeline as she explained by the job schedule and she nodded. She never thought of that as in the timing to when model work was needed. She did understand that it was both some sort of job with a tight schedule that it was difficult to work with. She took a seat during the conversation and nodded to make sure she understood how much of a job this modeling was and what a combination with Rune Knights. It showed the capability of Evangeline pretty well. "I won't consider it slow if you are a Seated Knight already. Did you start as a page?" she asked, it might be a weird question to some but she had literally fought to get her spot. Thanks to her spar with Konstantin on the first day that they met, he had been able to get her to be a Seated Knight immediately. She looked up surprised when Eva hit her one hand with the fist of the other, she frowned a little and couldn't really grasp what she was saying, "Me a lieutenant?" She stared outside for a second. It did warm her a bit, she liked the idea but she wasn't good enough. "I threw myself at work because I lost my companion. It was my fault, I couldn't protect her, if I can not even protect her, how will I be as a lieutenant?"

She would tell Eva about the letter but she made it a little bit different. She had been able to tell Tori considering how Tori liked him, how she said he was a good man. Evangeline was a Rune Knight as well, she shouldn't give all the details in this case. "Maybe that's indeed the best to do. Especially for my own worries and so on." she gave a small smile and turned back to the menu to order some pasta salad and a water. She would wait for Eva to order something too.

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Default on Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:02 am

“Yes, I have started out as a page,” she answered. “I did a lot of work behind Hanase san. There was a time that I completely ignored contacting him and just went around traveling and focusing on my Rune Knight job. I settled down just recently to do more of my other work,” she told her, sighing as she remembered the kind of scolding she had to go through after doing everything so selfishly. But it had been for the better, definitely, since she was now a Seated Knight and she had only been a page like five months ago. It was uite a quick work, honestly.

“Hmm, shouldn’t it be that you must become a lieutenant and grow in both ranks and power because you couldn’t protect her?” Eva asked, completely serious with the conversation now. She held a small smile on her lips but otherwise, her expression was unreadable. “Because you didn’t have the ability to protect her, you must now gather it and if I was ever left in your shoes, Alice,” she paused, her eyes quickly glowing the deep red of her contract symbol, almost for a split second, “I would grab any sort of opportunities to pull myself higher, whether I deserve it or not would be the least of my concern," she sounded like her real self for once. But she quickly gathered herself before she could give more of herself away. “In short, I would accept it and work harder in the future, Alice,” she smiled brighter.

As for the matter with the letter, Eva quickly dropped it on her own accord. She didn’t want to continue a conversation that could potentially turn her mood sour. Alice had looked like she wanted to follow that person anyway. Eva had only purposefully played on that side to keep her outer chara up. She would order the same thing as Alice, only swapping out water for some orange juice. “We still have that designer to visit. Should we drop by after lunch?”

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Default on Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:10 am

Alice find it interesting to get to know Evangeline better. She was not only interested in her hard work but also her whole character. How did she get here and why a Rune Knight if you were a model, what if something happened to your face or anything but she understood that those questions might be answered in time as they perhaps grew closer since they would have to work together a lot when it came to the team that they were now both guiding. Thank god, Alice thought, she wasn't alone in that progress. "I bet he wasn't only mad because you left but worried as well?" Because she went behind his back, she never had someone to do that for or against. So she wouldn't always understand but she believed she sort of got that feeling now. As much as she was sad, there was also an anger burning deep inside her. There were unanswered questions and most of all, an unanswered bond on the word trust.

Alice had closed the menu and looked at Eva when it came about their conversation about her a possible lieutenant. It was a sort of fire it felt for Alice, that Eva talked with and she stared at the table considering what she said and her open surprised look changed into a harder one as she understood that idea and the prospect of her becoming stronger to be able to protect, instead of to run away and to stop being able to. She turned her hazel eyes back on Evangeline and gave that same smile, "You are absolutely right. I shall work hard to remain the only candidate."

The whole idea of the letter and leaving Magnolia to go to Orchidia, was her own worries now but it was always nice to see what someone else would do and that's why she had basically asked Evangeline too. Since they were waiting for their order to come, she nodded about the suggestion of the designer, "Sure why not. It's been a while I got fancy clothing."

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Default on Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:42 am

“Ah yes, he was worried enough to chew me out for a whole week,” she chuckled. Eva could categorize people and ignore them however she wanted but it was a fact that Hanase san stood quite above it all. He had become a singular existence that actually knew something about Eva. Sometimes, she would think, whenever she felt his intense gaze behind her, that he may know her more than she does herself. He was a smart person that way, and experienced in life.

“I want to get some new outfit for work,” she said as a waitress got back to them with their order. She dug through the pasta with her fork as she talked, “I had had this one I usually use for a long time now and it is really old and uncomfortable now. I’m thinking of getting some new ones fitted. Some really beautiful ones, too. And, this person did say we could get it for free,” Eva’s eyes gleamed at the word free. She worked as a model, she worked as a Rune Knight, and she had a ton of money saved up but the word ‘free’ still caught her eyes wherever she went.

She quickly went through her plate of pasta, keeping the orange juice to the very end. She felt like a kid whenever she ordered orange juice in a restaurant but she wanted something that could supply her better with more energy than plain water. She would go through her salad quite quickly, too, being used to any sort of vegetables after long years of working as a model. “We’ll get going as soon as you’re finished,” she said as she wiped her mouth with a tissue. That had been a good meal. Now she was fully ready for some fashion.

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Alice had the feeling Eva was also a bit opening up to her as the first time they met was with the Kardia Cathedral on fire and after that the job that no one had liked. Running away from a fight was not Alice her point in life anymore. Though she still believed that there was something of cowardism in her left. That's what she had always done before she became a knight, so it wasn't something that she easily threw away. No matter how much she wanted but she liked that she was making more friends and collaegues were nice if they were a combination, it would make work easier.

Alice thought about what Eva said about a new work outfit. She could use one as well. She had not wore the other ones much because she didn't like them. She prefered her own clothing or else she would change into an armour set. But it couldn't harm, especially not if you were a candidate for lieutenant. "That's not a bad idea. I can use some as well." And indeed the free option made it so nice.

She noticed how Eva enjoyed her food and after running, using her magic, Alice wasn't far behind on the eating rhythm. She would last a bit longer but it was also very tasty. She finished with a last sip of her water before she asked for the bill and either paid or split it with Eva. She would take the card from Miss Felicity and find the shop together.

When she entered, her ears were perked upright and not really moving as she was just seeing everything and caught most of the noise which was the designer self, whom immediately came towards the two of them and said something that Alice heard in a half attempt to listen, the woman turned towards her and that she did hear, the words she said next. "Dear, cat ears were so last year." Her ears immediately dropped on the back of her head, "Well, I'm half cat."

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Eva paid half of the bill and they both left the restaurant, quietly walking towards the direction of the shop. They arrived at the obviously high end store only a few minutes later. It was a huge building with minimal, aesthetic decorations, and the sort of place Eva often worked with. Eva followed after Alice as they entered the store, her eyes only fixed on the several mannequins and the outfits displayed on them. One mannequin in particular, wrapped up in a silver gown grabbed Eva’s attention the longest. But no matter how much she tried to come up with something, she couldn’t recall any sort of occasion that she would have to use that in.

The bigger highlight of the day, the one that left Eva giggling to a side, was the designer’s comment on Alice’s neko ears. She had to place a hand over her mouth to not laugh too hard at the situation. Even the designer looked dumbfounded at the confession. She probably didn’t expect it. However, Eva did do something that she would usually not do. She poked at Alice’s ears a couple of times and laughed, “Yeah, Alice. Didn’t you know that cat ears were so last year?” she teased, dropping her head in to whisper close to Alice’s ears. “Wait till you show her your tail,” she sing-songed and walked up to the designer, leaving Alice with that bit of thought.

“We would like to get some new work outfits,” she told the woman who immediately snapped back to reality. “Oh yes! You two are in luck! I just finished some new designs for work related outfits and some of my favorites are the Rune Knight ones,” she beamed at them, quickly ushering them into another room where there were several other attendants to help them get fitted for the new outfit.

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Alice pulled her head a bit away from Eva but her face was neutral with her lips almost curling into a smile. She could find Eva her teasing funny, the fact that the designer had never seen a half cat was interesting, "I think she will scream like a child." she giggled back. She sometimes used her tail outside of her clothing, sometimes she kept it hidden, it was entirely depending on her mood. She however let Eva do the rest of the work because she didn't feel the need to talk to someone that was blind on other races in the world at the moment.

She would be ushered towards a changing room or something in which her sizes were all written down and she found it awkward when someone touched her all over the place, one of those people gasped about her tail and she looked at Evangeline and shook her head with that small grin, "Half cat!" she yelled. But it wasn't all that difficult, some were even interested and got over the shock of her ears and tail and worked on her new uniform soon, which was rather comfortable and she liked it. Maybe even more because it was indeed free. She stared at herself in the mirror, she had been a bit afraid it would clash too much with her orange hair but it was fine.

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Eva couldn’t help but laugh. Seeing the attendants fumble around with Alice and her ears and tail was fun to watch. Eva, on the other hand, had no problem dealing with all the touching and measuring. In fact, she stood very still and moved in the right directions even before anyone instructed her. The designer stood back, nodding as each of her assistants worked on the two Rune Knights that were now going to get a surprisingly similar outfit just for their official duties. Eva was even able to suggest altering something here and there for the comfortability of them. After all, they were going to move around a lot with them and it’s only appropriate that they were designed to be so. The designer also agreed.

When they were finally done, the sun was starting to set, painting the sky in a golden red color. Eva and Alice both exited the shop after the thanking the middle aged designer and her attendants, each carrying a bad containing their outfit. “Ah, that was a really good day,” Eva said, fully satisfied with how the day had turned out. “I should go home before Hanase san starts worrying again, though. I’ll see you later, Alice. It was really nice spending a day with you,” she told her honestly, smiling and waving as she walked off.


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