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Eyes staring forward [Mission | Marina]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:27 pm


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Truly, the sculptress enjoyed the nomad's company even more than she realized. She had fun on their outings and missions alike, even though the only missions they took were all centered around that magic shop, working under the same boss. So when Alisa looked over the request board, she wanted to take something different. That was, until she saw the old man's latest job offer.

Though she wound up picking another magic shop task, she knew things would be different this time: Mr. Saton the magical shopkeeper specifially called on people who had helped him out in the past, people like Marina and Alisa. Whatever his problem was this time around, it clearly sounded serious, at least more serious than it had been in the last couple of times.

He even warned any potential help to come prepared for a fight, something he'd never done before.

Of course, such words prompted Alisa's choice of outfit, fanning herself as she looked through her wardrobe. She was still inside and it was already this hot, enough for sweaty droplets to trail down her smooth skin... Even if she wanted to wear her usual winning combination of coat, skirt and tights, it was far too hot - bright and clear summer skies with little to no wind - no matter how fresh those clothes might be. She needed something lighter. Fortunately, she had several alternatives, including a couple of white battle dresses. Or so she might call them but ultimately whoever looked at her might be inclined to think it was little more than a modified swimsuit.

And in a way it was: actually pretty comfortable to swim in and even the panties she had underneath were bikini bottoms.

This one had sheer openings on the sides and a black zipper running down the front, yet despite that tight squeeze around her curves and resulting cleavage, the fabric let her skin breathe and kept her fresh and cool during the toughest of workouts.

Of course, she couldn't deny the sensuality factor - the poor old shopkeeper might just have a heart attack -  but in this case it just came as an added plus, assuming it even made any difference in hot weather like this. And the moment she

stepped into the hotel's dining room for a light breakfast, she found she was no exception: Just about everyone was wearing as little clothing as modestly possible.

After having a bowl of cereal and a glass of fresh orange juice, she stepped outside, heading straight for the Magic shop: "What a lovely day...", she commented, inhaling deeply, then tying her long hair in a high ponytail. And indeed it was; not only were the skies completely clear, but the the dry summer heat kept most people indoors. For an aloof loner like Alisa, finding the streets mostly deserted defenitely made up for the unpleasant heat, many times over.

Would Marina feel at home too, after finding Magnolia almost deserted in a different way? Though even this heat probably felt like a cool, refreshing winter to her. She could just ask the girl herself, as before long, she arrived and swung the door open.

...Did her partner arrive before her this time?

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"Too hot..."
- Alisa Vollan

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#2Marina Wulfstan 

on Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:43 am

While, Marina wasn't too fond of doing this request she was more than excited that she got work with elegant friend once again. She wasn't quite sure why she was so fond of her. Maybe it the differences between them after all.  There that saying that opposite attract or something along those lines. She could wonder about it later. For now she should get prepare for the request. This request might prove to be more difficult because they were warn that they should be prepared for a fight which did worry the beast master slightly. It been awhile since she ever got into a fight. She been taking it easy in this town. Then again she was doing this job with Alisa so she doubt that if any combat did happen the both them could handle it together. Hopefully she wouldn't need to use her magic. It not that great at the moment. Yeah.

Marina would as she look around her room and shrug she could do a bit of cleaning in here, but at a later time. The beast master would rise up from her comfortable bed. A part of her almost... almost miss the times she had to share a room with her brothers. She did enjoy their company after all and having such a big and comfortable bed all to yourself was great, but at the same time it did felt a bit empty. Marina frown for a moment before she hop out of bed and look at her choice of clothing. She didn't have much to  choose from. Whatever it just another thing she needed to do after the mission. Note to self do the landury. Marina would just throw on a pair of jeans and black t shirt and that was her outfit for the day.  Sure wearing black in heat wasn't the best idea, but this heat was nothing compare to living in the desert.

Not wanting to waste anymore time in her hotel room. The desert dweller would grab a a doughnut and exit the inn making her way to the shop.

Unlike before when Marina burst open the doors there was no Alisa to greet?  Well Marina did leave her room earlier than usual. Marina sigh as she stare at Khalash. He was also shock that Marina was the first one to show up. The disappointment show on his face.

"Hello Marina. Odd to see you here first.Your friend is coming right?" Khalash ask as Marina just nodded her head.

Marina resist the urge to roll her eyes. The dude didn't have to sound so disappointed. Sorry if she didn't wear a school girl outfit every day."Yeah. She be here." Soon an awkward slience overcame them as they wait for Alisa to show up. Khalash seem to be looking over something that was wrapped up. As for Marina she watch the entrance like a wolf.

Finally the door open to reveal her friend. "I'm so use to this being the other way around." Marina must have left earlier than usual.


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#3Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:03 am


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Her eyes set on Marina immediately, trailing down and admiring her figure: Of all the outfits she'd seen Marina in, this one was defenitely the best, not necessarily the most stunning, but the one that fit her best, her looks and personality all in one.

Her blue jeans sit snugly around the ravishing nomad's womanly hips, enough for Alisa's gaze to linger there for a moment, yet that wasn't even the best part. No, that simple choice of outfit - as casual and unpretentious as the girl herself - drew very little attention away from her pretty face, those cute, youthful features, that luscious brown hair, and most of all, those shimmering ruby eyes.

"Indeed. Though seeing you here, first thing upon arrival...", she aswered, smiling and softly petting her friend's arm like she so often did, "...Rather lovely welcome if I do say so myself~", before winking and chuckling, and only then properly greeting here, "How are you today, Marina?"

Once more, their boss seemed truly delighted by this delectable eye candy the two of them provided, getting a potent enough nosebleed even the man himself couldn't help but notice, hurriedly grabbing a tissure and wiping up up.

"A-Anyway...!", he hurriedly changed the subject, clearing his throat even before anybody said anything, "Now that you're both here, I can tell you the details.", and with this, he crouched down and under the counter and when stood back up, he had a pair of gauntlets in his hands, "...Feast your eyes on these!"

At these words, the Pegasus couldn't help but glance not at Mr. Saton, but at Marina. Only a loud clang got her attention again, when he dropped the metallic gauntlets, letting both girls admire his temporary employees admired the glowing runes and lines carved onto the metal. Anybody could tell it was indeed magical, but merely the fact a Magic salesman had them should suffice in getting that point across.

"So, what do you want us to do with them?", asked Alisa, crossing her arms as a playful smile appeared on her lips, "Don't tell me these are duds like the last one."

This time, the old man didn't look flustered or angry at all, merely laughing off the jest with a confident smirk. Seemed like this item was the real deal, which he promptly confirmed:

"Far from it my dear..."

Apparently, he'd already tested out the item, he saw and it was good. All that remained now was to see whether it would still be good in a real fight. That's what he wanted from them, head outside, walk around, and look for a fight. He went as far as warning them not to take on any random citizen, just find someone who looked strong, preferrably someone who'd challenge them. He was really worried about getting into trouble for this, even though they'd be the ones doing all the fight.

"Here, you should take one of them.", Alisa said, handing the right gauntlet to Marina, "It's a team effort, right?"

And with this, they could head outside and look for a fight. They should probably start with the bad parts of town, those are the easiest places...

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"Too hot..."
- Alisa Vollan

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#4Marina Wulfstan 

Yesterday at 12:11 am

Well. Despite  not doing much or wearing anything special she still managed to look decent."Well, I can't argue with that. I get look at myself in the mirror everyday before I start my day." Marina held back a yawn as she glance at her friend. The desert dweller rub her eyes just to make sure she was still awake. Wow,  Marina wasn't sure what the artistic mage was wearing. She never saw anything like that in the desert before.  It look good on Alisa no doubt, but Marina still find the outfit odd. "I'm doing okay I guess. A bit hungry, but other than that I'm going fine. How about you?" Marina would respond, but was interrupted by the store owner showing off an item he had. Hopefully it wouldn't be a fake like the magic stick. Still it was hard to take her eyes off her friend until the sound of something heavy dropping cause her to look at Khalash.

Marina did let her eyes feast on the magical gauntlets on display. She had a blank expression on her face that turn into a look of mild surprised. Great, so he wanted them to go around and pick a random fight with someone to test out his toy. Marina shook her head. Wouldn't it be better if he was the one doing the fighting? Then again if he was the one being seen beating up someone that would look bad for his business. Oh well she was still getting paid for this.  

The desert dweller nodded at her partner and put the on the right gauntlet. "Of course. Now let's go looking for fight. Shall we? See you later old man. We be back as soon as possible." Marina threw out a couple of punches randomly into the air to get a feel for her gauntlet. It wasn't bad at all. Plus she felt a bit more powerful. Now where was the best place to find a fight at?

As the two of them headed into the less desirable parts of Magnolia. Marina kept an keen eye on her surroundings. Looking to see if anyone out here is itching for a brawl. So far people seem to be fine with keeping their distance which annoy the more tomboyish of the duo. She figure that two beautiful women all by themselves would draw some attention, but besides a few stares here and there. Nothing major happen yet.

Marina sigh as she kick a can down the street. Which hit a trash can causing a loud clink sound."This is becoming a drag. How long have we been searching for a fight and no one seems to be interested? Ugh. You at least think some creep would have appeared by now. Right?" The beast master complained about their task to Alisa as their search continues folding her arms across her chest.


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#5Alisa Vollan 

Yesterday at 8:50 am


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Alisa chuckled, truly her gut feeling had been right: Marina would feel right at home in Blue Pegasus where staring at oneself in the mirror proved a popular pasttime. At least, she had all the beauty and confidence down already.

"A bit too hot for comfort... Otherwise fine.", she said, fanning herself as occasional drops of sweat dripped down from her hair onto her chest, "Though I'm not sure how you handled so many years of this heat."

Or rather, heat much worse than this. Then again, Marina was born in the desert while Alisa was born in the cold, snowy north. No doubt the brunette would struggle just as much if she travelled north, where the days were frigid and the nights even worse... In the end, that gave them something to chat about as they walked around all the bad parts of Magnolia:

"Seems like the only time they don't show up is when you actually need someone to punch...", sighed the sculptress, part due to boredom and part to heat, running a hand through her sweat slicked hair adjusting the ponytail in the back, "At this rate we might as well just go to the Fairy Tail guild hall and challenge someone. Though I'd rather not have to go there."

The sheer loud and rowdyness in that place makes their Rolling Lacrimas concert sound like a library... Defenitely not Alisa's cup of tea, even the fierce Marina might not feel too into it. But just as the boredom started getting the better of them, a ray of hope appeared on the horizon, brighter than any ray of sunshine: A serious looking kid swinging around a sword.

"How about him? I might feel bad for challenging a kid, but it's not like we have a better option.", suggested Alisa, nodding towards him.

Fortunately, they wouldn't need to think too hard on the subject as the kid himself say them with their fit figures and glowing gauntlets, and approached of his own voilition:

"You look strong, Onee-sans.", grinned the boy, "How about a fight?"

"Even though there's two of us?", Alisa raised an eyebrow, sharing an amused look with Marina then staring back at him.

"I don't care, i challenge you both!", answering on reflex, the kid raised his sword

How confident. But more importantly, how lucky for the two of them.

Now they no longer had to go around looking for an opponent/test subject. Alisa didn't really like beating up a random kid, but she also wasn't the kind of person to hold back when challenged.

"Very well, I'll dance with you a little while.", and with these words, a cool, confident smirk drew on Alisa's lips as she stepped forward took her stance, hands clearly aligned with her center, doing a 'come on' motion with her lead palm, turning back and chucking to Marina, "I'll try to leave some for you~"

The overeager teen didn't even say anything else, instead charging right at Alisa with a loud, "HAAAAA!", hefting his sword over for a downwards strike. With flowing, almost watery movements, she swayed out of the way of the first one, then the one after that, and so forth. Occasionally parryied an attack with a gentle push on his sword hand, other times she had to step back or aside.

One might argue she had plentiful opportunities to get a counter in, but it wasn't nearly as easy as it might have looked. He had a sword with all the extra range it provided him, and she only had a gauntlet, and using magic here felt like cheating. But Tyler couldn't keep up that fast and furious offense forever, and soon enough he'd start getting frustrated. All in all though his form was sloppy and his composure even more so, his fighting instincts were right on point.

Maybe in a couple of years he might actually be a decent swordsman...

...Just not like this, burning himself out after only a couple of blows.

After his fourth strike, he already had a mean, annoyed grit in his eyes, "You...! Take this!!", and executed a bold, forward charge, aiming to skewer her gut with a lunging, two handed thrust.

He put all his weight behind that attack, which ultimately proved to be his downfall. Like before she swayed out of the way at the last possible moment, but this time she did more that than: Her hands reached both for his dominant wrist and elbow, pulling him into his lunge while executing an inside kick, right to the kid's knee.

With a sharp cry, the kid found himself falling forward, helpless to defend against the Pegasus' follow up. Once Alisa's kicking leg hit the ground, she took a dashing step forward, turning her body aside into a thundering, snapping backfist to his jaw, testing her gauntlet.

And the magical item passed with flying colors. The moment it hit the swordsman's jaw, it lit up with a violet magic matching Alisa's usual color, and sent Tyler flying straight towards her partner, precisely where the martial artist punched him towards, "Tag in, Marina~", invited Alisa

Really, what kind of cheapstakes double team a kid?

Strength is also Beauty

"Too hot..."
- Alisa Vollan

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