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Update 17/07/2017

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on Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:29 pm


Update 17/07/2017

Point Shop: A lot of the items in the Point Shop have been permanently reduced in price. Don't overdose on potions.

Quest Items: In the creation of the new quest batches, items can be obtained at the end of a line of quests from time to time. In case the user already has an item and does not wish to receive the item rewarded by the quest, they'll receive 20% of its rarity value on top of their reward.

Spell Purchase: Purchase and then train, right? Not anymore. In order to obtain a spell the users now only have to either purchase it or train it after getting their spell approved.

Minimum Wordcount: Forget about those blisters on your fingertips. The minimum wordcount for roleplay posts has been reduced to 200.

Elysian Potion: No longer interested in your current class? We've got something for that in the Point Shop called the Elysian Potion. It will require you to retrain or purchase spells in case you can no longer use them due to your new class-restrictions, but anything to stay classy, right?

Sneak peek into the next updates: More quests, items, new town, new locations, dungeons, hidden areas, and next plot quest.

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