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Hammer Time [Quest|Eva]

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on Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:47 am

Eva swept her hair back, pushing a few strands behind her ears. She felt the cool breeze washing over her, eliciting a relieved sigh. It was all the relief Eva had to hold on to in the summer heat. Being a wind mage, you would think that she could make some cold breeze for herself but that was definitely not the case since Eva was sweating much like any other person under the hot eye of the sun, once again reminding herself that being a mage didn’t make her anything more than a human.

She fanned the back of her neck trying to somehow make things better for herself. Although it was in vain, she still seemed content with her efforts as she walked down the busy streets of Magnolia towards the smithy owned by the famous Barras, known to most people in Fiore to be one of the best blacksmiths in the whole country. She had actually taken up a request put up by him last evening on her way back from the church where she had helped Father Jerad with distribution of medicine. With a lot of her modelling jobs cancelled, thanks to Hanase san, she now had more time to focus on her work as a Rune Knight.

She stopped at a café on her way down, hoping to get something that could cool her down for a while. The Ice Princess café, usually empty thanks to its low standards in customer service, was crowded, a testament to how the summer heat was getting to people. She found a place at a far corner of the room, taking up a seat in the direction facing away from the other people in the shop. She had to wait for a painful thirty minutes before someone actually came up to her asked for her order. Having a reputation to keep, Eva swallowed her anger and asked for an iced tea and some pastries, handing the menu back to her. The waitress actually had the guts to smile at her as if she hadn’t made someone wait for half an hour before walking back to the counter where she whispered the order to whoever was back in there and went off to take someone else’s order. The only thing that made the wait worthwhile for Eva was the cool breeze of the A/C inside the shop.

Despite having a lack of customers throughout the year except in summer seasons, the café was well structured. It was neat, clean, and had a pricy vibe that said a lot of money was poured into its maintenance every year. Eva could only guess that it was owned by somebody that had too much money to spare, much like her own father who had this quirk of wasting money on whatever he found interesting. For a long time, it seemed to Eva that he could go bankrupt with the amount of money he wasted but got reminded again and again that morons like him survived the most in this world.

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on Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:48 am

An hour later, Eva finally managed to walk out of the shop, satisfied with the air conditioning alone. The Black Anvil was just down the road and Eva met Borras as soon as she opened the door. The man seemed to be hammering away at some metal that Eva guessed would be turned into something interesting later down the road. She didn’t understand their work as much as she would like to think she did, but she was sure of the basics, having read about it in many books that were companion in her childhood.

“I had been waiting,” came a friendly voice as Eva snapped out of her daydream. The man, covered in sweat and soot walked up to her, his muscle flexing after the strenuous task of flattening a piece of metal. “I need you to hammer some metal down. My assistant will help you but he recently hurt his arm, so he can’t do any of the heavy jobs,” he explained, gesturing towards a smaller man that stood to his side, greeting Eva with a customary bow and smile. Eva returned the gesture and let her eyes roam over the room. It was small but it was of a suitable size to work in.

“This way, miss Eva,” the assistant led her into the back of the room where he pointed to a fairly big hammer. “You can use this. The other ones are for Borras only,” he said as her eyes fell to the bigger hammers. He instructed her to take a place behind the anvil with all the protective gears. With a piece of some hot metal straight out of the forge placed on it, Eva began hammering away at it, listening intently to the instructions the assistant gave her in between her work. He kept telling her that she had to hammer them at an angle and with the shape of the final item in mind. It took a lot of fumbling about for Eva to finally figure it out. But once she did, the day passed by like a breeze and both Borras and the assistant looked happy with her work.

“You did great,” he told her while handing over the rewards. “If you would like to, maybe you can come again and work here,” he chuckled, holding his chin. It seemed that he had taken a liking to Eva’s perfectionist nature. “That’s very nice of you but I’m already filled with my work as a Rune Knight and a model,” she chatted away with the two men for a while, taking off the gloves and headwear as she dusted the soot off her clothes. It was a good day spent doing good work, Eva concluded as she let her hair out of the high bun she had placed it in and went out, waving goodbye to Borras and his assistant. She walked back to the inn as night rolled in, settling down over the city as everyone went home. The next day was going to be another adventure, as she would most likely wake up to the arrival of a letter that might decide another path for her future.

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