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No Peeping | Snowflake & Alice [Quest]

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Default on Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:42 am



A feminine voice echoed throughout the walls of a secluded area, adorned with bamboo sticks and wooden plates to secure the area. Steam filled the entire room, due to the hot water that gushed out of an opening to fill the bathhouse. Sitting by the corner of the baths was a young girl, or rather an android with a human figure, naked, resting against the rocky surface with her arms reclining by the rims of the bath. The woman outstretched her legs, only to cross them on top of each other as she released a long sigh, all the exhaustion and stress were contained in that one single breath. The warm water that flooded the entire bath soothed her body as she laid there motionless with her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of the Magnolia Baths.

Her eyes flickered open upon a slight noise that resounded in the room. When she realised that there was no one else but herself in the bath house, she relaxed herself once again, sinking deeper into the hot water. She specifically chose the late hours, the time when barely any human being enters the bath house for the sole reason to avoid people due to her mechanical body. Beside her was her companion, Vysella, enjoying the warm waters soothing her white fur. It was the first time both of them had ever been to a bath house before and so far, Snowflake had been enjoying every bit of it. Cupping water into her hands, she splashed it across her face to prevent herself from falling asleep.

The reason of her being at the bath house was not just to relax in the waters, but her regular routine of checking the quest board permitted her to search for the coordinates of this particular bath house. The paper that caught her eye a few hours prior was a quest written with precision and grace, as if the write spent a good ounce of their time to outline but a simple request, which was to get rid of a pervert who has been trying to peep into the baths.


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#2Alice Baskerville 

Default on Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:56 am

Alice had been on the roll to doing jobs one after another to forget her sorrow about losing her first and most important companion. She had lost Ophelia, the Clefairy, to her own stupidity . She was wrapped in a white towel at the moment sitting in the spa, next to the bath, she didn't like water since she had turned into a neko, that's what made this job a bit more difficult than normal. However it also gave her something else to think about, which was what she was doing now as she sat on the edge, splashing her feet a little.

When she had gone to the quest board, she had been reading all the jobs that Magnolia Town's people had put up. She had at first not wanted to do this job, although she had once before worked for Bella. It was that she had bumped into Snowflake, she had met her before with the fire of the Kardia Cathedral. She believed they sort of had decided that it was easier for the two of them to capture the peeping tom person. That's why she signed up for a job that made her step into the water. She shivered a little but she would be fine. Her ears were twitching, trying to catch a sound, because apart from her and Snowflake, there were no others, Bella had closed the women's bath for this job.

She didn't feel very happy about the setting, which was why she was still wearing her towel. The fact that she quickly could change back into her clothes made her a bit more at ease but to simply enjoy the spa was difficult. She was combing her hair with her fingers, making sure to look casual at this time. She wondered if normally it would be very busy at this time, "Do you go here often?" she decided to ask Snowflake because if the person was already looking and they came in together, he would probably assume they were friends and she should act that way. She also didn't mind to get to know her better.

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Default on Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:31 am

It had been perfect for the fellow Blue Pegasus mage, for she was able to enjoy the Magnolia bath house alone together with Vysella. Her eyes were growing heavy and she could feel her consciousness slipping away gradually. It wasn’t until a voice entered her thoughts and her brain waves would suddenly react with a jolt, her head whipping back with force as it met against a rocky surface of the bath. Cerulean eyes fluttered open in panic as she frantically looked around the area. Pain convulsed the area on her head that she had hit herself against a rock and winced under her breath while rubbing her wound with her hand. A familiar figure came into view as Snowflake immediately submerged her body under the water, hiding away from the sight of people. She thought Vysella and herself were the only ones in the bath but apparently, she was wrong.

A question lingered in the air and the woman wasn’t sure if it was directed at her or someone else. However, recalling that there was no one else in the room, she concluded that the question was indeed, for her. The android exposed half her face above the water and glanced around. She would notice a female form in a distance and once the steam disappeared, she was able to figure out who it was. Cathedral. The word echoed in her mind as memories flashed before her eyes. She recollected saving the same girl from the burning cathedral that day and attempting to cure her injured leg.

”Oh, hello.”

Her voice was soft, but it was still audible enough in peaceful room. Silver hair was drenched wet from the moment she immersed herself under the water. A small towel laid on top of her head and in front of her chest was Vysella, staring up at the orange-haired girl with her large eyes. Snowflake tried her best to hide her exposed body away from the sight of people since one would be able to tell who she was the moment they saw how her body appeared to be. Cracks and lines were visible all across the skin of her body and through them, were metallic plates that were located inside which indicated that her body was still in progress of being perfect.

”No. This is actually my first.”

Responding to the other girl’s question, she remembered that she still had not introduced herself to the girl, nor did she know her name. ”I’m Snow. What’s your name?” Snowflake figured that the other girl might as well be here for the quest since the owner of the bath house has been already closed for guests, apart from the ones that had special permission.


#4Alice Baskerville 

Default on Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:46 am

Alice had said something, she had assumed that the girl was aware of her but it wasn't the truth, "Oops. Sorry. I thought you heard me before." Obviously the red head wasn't aware of the issue at hand, she had her own watery issue to struggle with and she had set herself directly on the other side of the pool to dip her feet into the water. She had been very aware of what she was asking from herself to go do once this job started. "Are you okay?" she asked because the sound of probably her head hitting the side of the pool had been quite hard, than again the whole pool was empty apart from them and her companion. She couldn't remember if she had seen it before and simply stared at it for a few before turning away, she felt sad everytime she saw someone with a companion, after what happened to Ophelia her Clefairy, it was difficult to not blame herself.

Alice nodded when the white haired girl answered, she was vaguely aware that she knew the name somewhere but she couldn't remember although she knew perfectly well where she had seen her saviour before, obviously she wouldn't forget that. Maybe that made it difficult as well, considering this young woman saved her while she couldn't save her own.. hold your thoughts. She thought to herself and focused back to the water, seeming that it was a threat to her now, "I came here once before. It was for a job." She didn't say this was a job as well in case they were spied upon.

She rubbed a bit of the water on her bare legs and looked up to Snow once she heard her introduce herself, "Oh I'm Alice. Nice to see you again." She wondered if Snow still knew her. She smiled a little and since she had the idea that Snow didn't like her that well or perhaps was a bit embarrassed, which she could totally imagine, she turned back to her spot and focused. This job shouldn't be too difficult, her ears were still perched upright and turning from left to right to make sure to catch a noise that would give away the peeper. She had to get used to water again, ever since she turned cat it was more difficult to get close to it, it had scared the shit out of her once someone had showed her his water magic and now she was just sitting it in. Or well her legs were dangling in it.

She thought she heard something and looked to her right, she was the closest to the door but there was no sound coming from that, she looked around because she didn't want to be jumpy if someone else entered but she thought it was part of the job, her hazel brown eyes scanned the perimeter, he must be here with them? That was even more gross than only nah.. it was both ridiculous and gross. She looked quickly at Snow if she had heard it too.

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Default on Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:22 am

Her eyes followed every movement the other girl made and nodded briefly when she asked her well-being after her head struck against the rock. The injury was still throbbing though the pain had come to subside gradually so it did not bother her that much anymore. She did not have that much to worry, after all she was made of metal and the worst thing that could happen to her would be a dent in her metallic skull, which could be fixed easily. The android observed her from a distance and noticed that despite how she has entered the bath house, she has not yet set foot inside the bath. It made her raise an eyebrow and caused her to wonder who would not enjoy warm waters soothing your body. She, herself, may be slightly weak to water as well but her body had grown accustomed to it. Her attention shifted from the features of the other girl’s face to her bright hair. So far, the girl was the first person she’s ever with such bright-coloured hair, it would stand out everywhere she goes, she thought. Even from afar, Snowflake would not mistake such beautiful hair.

”Your hair is nice.”

It was rare for Snowflake to utter out a compliment to anyone else, although she was surprised at herself for saying that out loud since she did not mean to do so originally. The girl bit back her lips immediately and looked down at the water, embarrassed. Her hands appeared strange, submerged, rippled by the waves and bubbles that formed on the surface. She lifted her eyes from her hands to the girl once again when she introduced herself as Alice. The name echoed in her name and she made a mental note to herself to not forget it. At first, she had thought Alice would not remember her from the incident that occurred at the cathedral but she regarded her as a familiar face. The expressions on her face may not be obvious, however, she felt elated that Alice recognized her.

”How’s your leg?”

Just then, a noise interrupted her, almost barely audible but she was able to pick up sounds easily. Cerulean hues instinctively darted towards the source, the door of the bath house but no one was there. Perhaps, it was the wind? The young woman tried to reassure herself, while still on guard. It could be possible that their target was already here and had begun to make a move. The bamboo trees from a distance shook slightly and her eyes would immediately follow. The cyborg surfaced herself from the water slightly, also ensuring herself that the cracks on her body wouldn’t be seen by anyone else. Her brows were creased into the middle of her forehead in concentration. It seemed that Alice also noticed that they were not the only ones alone.


#6Alice Baskerville 

Default on Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:08 am

As they were both waiting for the actual job to start it was a bit awkward. Alice did notice that as well and she would have admitted it, if it had done something. It obviously wouldn’t. She would just sit there, continue to prepare herself to maybe take a step further into the warm water. She had enjoyed it the last time, but that time she had been a human and now she was.. half cat. Sometimes the accident had great things with this new race, the claws for example, she loved that. Moving over small rooftops and so on, fabulous. Being afraid of water: not so much. Even showering took some time to prepare and she apparently needed more to let her be surrounded by water. On the other hand she could still stand. While she was over thinking that lot she was combing her bright orange hair with her fingers and still staring at the water with her hazel brown coloured eyes. As she was combing her hair with her long skinny fingers, while she was doing that there was comment from Snow and she turned her eyes quickly to that. ”Oh thank you.” She loved her hair, really she did but sometimes it was a bit difficult to work with it. The job she had done with Eva and Kon, where they didn’t need to be followed anymore, she had cloaked her hair to make sure they didn’t remember the bright orange because apart from herself and her Twin, it was only LeeAnn with such a fierce red colour that she remembered. On the other hand she wasn’t very good at remembering people their faces so that was okay.

She turned to look at Snow, who she thought was a beauty as well, she seemed to represent her name with her pale complexion and hair colour, but she seemed to be a little embarrassed for telling, so Alice wasn’t sure how to say it as well, she wanted to return the compliment as she believed so as well. Before she could say anything however, Snow asked about her leg, which made her think of Ophelia and she turned her hurt face away from the girl and her companion. ”It was immediately healed. However thanks to you, otherwise I would perhaps not survived that collapsing building.” She tried to wave it away with casualty but that was difficult of course. The sound of her voice easily gave the feeling that it had broken, that she was hurt but she said it none the less, ”My companion was a star in healing me.” It apparently seemed easier to say was then she would have expected, but it was out there now. She was alone, she still had not found Konstantin to tell him, because she couldn’t. She wondered if he had noticed she was gone an awful lot.

The conversation couldn’t continue too long as she heard something and she noticed Snow did too. A look at the door told her there was nothing but there was more than that and as she saw Snow her eyes trail towards the bamboo trees, Alice noticed that it was a perfect hiding spot. She didn’t look at it as she took her feet out of the water and raised herself to stand. She was the closest and with one last look at Snow, she walked that way, she might seem an easy target with only a towel to wear, but people would be wrong. She couldn’t help but once she saw the person, with a binocular, her mouth immediately made the word: ”Ew.” She shook her head quickly and grabbed the guy by his binoculars and pulled him away from behind the bamboo trees, ”Don’t you think it’s very rude to spy on people.” she said with some more authority in her voice. She pushed him to with his face against the door, for she didn’t want him to look at Snow much longer, nor herself for that matter.

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Default on Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:58 am

The fellow Blue Pegasus mage noticed the sorrow in the other girl’s eyes upon mentioning her companion when she brought on the topic of the accident in the cathedral into discussion. Since she had a terrible memory, she did not remember what happened afterwards but the thing she was sure of that was that she had put Alice to safety. Snowflake assumed that there were most likely some problems between the orange haired girl and her own companion although she was in no place to question her about it. Her eyes glided down to Vysella, floating beside her while playing with water. It seemed that she had been too busy enjoying the bath house that she was not even paying attention to her owner anymore. Being a fox, Vysella had extremely sensitive ears and nose and immediately reacted towards the noises that resounded throughout the room.

With a swift movement of her hand, Snowflake grabbed the towel that she had laid upon one of the rocks and wrapped it around her body. Hair drenched in water, the droplets cascade down her body and onto the towel, leaving wet splotches on the cloth. The android heard a batch of faint shuffling sounds from the trees and gorse of bushes, registering into her mind from fair distance. Her instincts were inharmoniously alarmed at that point, sensing a blurry presence that seemed to move with a distinct movement in front of her. Darkness lingered between the spaces in the trees and soon she would notice a figure, using the trees as his own advantage to hide from being caught. A gasp resounded across the room and once again, she would hear more shuffling sounds. It was until then Alice grabbed the figure out from the shadows, revealing a young guy with a peculiar head. It was mostly his hair that made up the size of his head, and even more, it was dyed bright blue.

”I-I like staring girls! What’s wrong with that?!”

The man raised his tone although his voice shivered, in response to Alice’s question. The silver haired woman barely did anything but gazed down at the man, who stared up at the two girls with bright eyes that almost appeared to be on the verge of tears. She watched him pinned up against the door by Alice as a squeak escaped his mouth. The man was a rather timid man, trembling from fear of being caught by two girls and she couldn’t help but stare at him with disgust. ”N-no wonder, there’s barely any girls in the b-baths!” The man retorted, while his bottom lip quivered as if he was scared of being put to jail. As she was about to grab his hands together to prevent him from struggling, a sudden force pushed her away, causing her to land on her buttocks and Alice would be knocked over by the man’s elbow. Panicked, the criminal began to sprint out of the room while she struggled to get herself back on her feet. She wrapped the towel around her once again, much tighter this time to not fall off her body easily. Vysella had already begun to chase the guy down the hallway while the mage tried to catch behind.

Random numbers flickered past her eyes and the statistics of the man would be revealed to her. A playful smirk danced along the line of her pink lips as she strode towards him, her immense speed easily catching up his. Vysella would leap onto the guy and bit his arm to slow him down, a scream erupting from the distance. Once she decided that she was in a close distance behind him, the woman vaulted off into the air and threw herself forth onto the man, causing him to fall face first onto the ground. The criminal lost consciousness afterwards, blood dripping out of his nose from the impact with the ground.


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#8Alice Baskerville 

Default on Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:47 pm

As Alice had been the closest and the first to action, she couldn't help but ask the peculiar peeper what the hell he thought he was doing or so. Or well she phrased it differently, because she didn't want to swear but his answer made her bubble burst as she was still holding on to him and pulled him away from the bamboo. 'For the love of god, you don't want me to answer that question for you." she said because of his retorical question about what was wrong with staring at girls, in a bathtub! There was too much wrong with that and she again had to resist the urge to do something worse: like hit his peculiar head for example and she would find it even more nice to hit him with the binoculars themselves.

He seemed to understand very well that there was something wrong as he stared to shake like a leaf but she couldn't feel any sympathy for him and wanted to be done with this job, especially in a towel. She hadn't expect him to attack her, which was her first mistake, she and Snow were pushed back. Where Snow fell backward, Alice was pushed against the wall and could manage to remain upright but she had lost her footing in the first place and her second concern was her towel. Snow and Vysella had dashed off before she could but she didn't wait too long and left the towel for what it was as she transformed. No spot of her body was visible as the lights that were part of her requip formed the shorts and the t-shirt that she would be wearing in mere seconds. So instead of being wrapped in a white towel, which made her feel uncomfortable, she was now wearing shorts and a t-shirt with black and white stripes. Her hair that was damp turned from the lose wavy curls into a ponytail. Even though she was in her transform state, she could see perfectly and she would after the others.

She was slower than Snow but caught up when the struggle seemed to be over and she hunched down to make sure everything was well mostly okay, "I hope he got that nosebleed from hidding his head, not from us." she accidentally muttered out loud, she gave a thumbs up to Snow and grabbed him by his collar and moved him up and in a chair which was very easy now he wasn't struggling. As if she had been spying on them as well Bella appeared and handed her and Snow the represented money that was on the quest. Apart from that she offered another warm bath, that had herbs and everything for the possible sore spots of the small struggle and that would give their mana a boost. Even though she was a cat that hated water, now that she was used to the idea, she didn’t mind at all, so she accepted before going home.

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