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Oh Deer [Quest: Kerii]

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on Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:39 am

After a long day's work of putting cabbages in crates, stacking up the crates onto a cart, and allowing a young noble woman to escape her castle, Kerii had earned a well deserved rest. After all the work she did in the hot summer sun though, Kerii worked up a sweat and felt sticky and gross. When she got back to her room at the inn, Kerii immediately took a shower. She was thankful that Marigold didn't provide her with coconut scented shampoo and conditioner like the inn at Hargeon did. The last thing Kerii wanted was more of that stuff. At first, she didn't mind it, but Kerii quickly grew tired of that shampoo's smell. Coconut was not her favorite scent and it was annoying to have to smell like it all the time. She would have preferred that the inn supplied a tropical scented shampoo, like a mix of pineapple, mango and the like. It was a much more pleasant scent to Kerii. Granted, it may have attracted more bugs, but Kerii was fine with that. She didn't mind bugs that much. She would much rather smell nice than be a weak bug magnet.

After falling asleep, Kerii slept through the night with memorable dreams dancing throughout her head. However, they only seemed to last for thirty minutes at the most before she naturally woke up. Feeling refreshed, the elven mage got ready to take on another request. She put on a simple red tank top and teamed it with a pair of white jean shorts and some white socks and sneakers to complete the outfit. Kerii brushed out her hair. It was getting longer. She figured that she would have to cut it soon if she wanted her hair to still be above her shoulders.

Once Kerii got ready, she headed out and got a quick cup of fully caffeinated coffee with two creams and one sugar. After completely drinking and thus emptying the cup of coffee, she tossed it in a nearby trash can, along with her empty bag of trail mix that she had been eating in between sips of her coffee. It was a light breakfast in her opinion, and light breakfasts weren't always the best when it came to being a mage and potentially not having lunch because of a request, but it was better still better than nothing. If Kerii really wanted to, she could have gotten something else to eat, but she was already close to the request board.

Upon approaching the request board, Kerii looked at all the different requests she was able to take. There were some that involved rather menial work and others that possibly involved some magic intervention. Others called for more powerful mages to solve their problems. After considering a handful of requests she thought would be best to take, Kerii decided on taking one sent out by Farmer Jim again. It seemed that he had some deer problems and needed it to be taken care of.

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on Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:08 am

The pink haired elf took the request off the board and began to make her way over towards Farmer Jim's farm. It wasn't a hard location to memorize. In fact, it was fairly easy. Each farm was unique in its own way and Kerii was very confident that she knew what Farmer Jim's farm looked like. She didn't even have to look at the address to figure out which farm was his. She knew what kind of crops he grew, what the barn looked like, what his rancher looked like, what kind of animals he had, etc. It was really simple to distinguish farms, come to think of it. It was much easier to tell which was which than trying to figure out which building to go to in Marigold or Magnolia since all of them looked a lot alike and were clustered together, which was just another reason why Kerii thought it would be nice to live on the countryside.

But, living on the countryside would have its consequences. Kerii would come to know at least one of them in the request she took for Farmer Jim. She came up to Farmer Jim's farm and didn't see him working out in the field and she didn't hear him making any noise in the barn. She didn't hear any clatter of metal buckets or footsteps in the hay. All that she could hear was the animals making noises. Kerii figured that Farmer Jim must have been in his rancher. She went up and knocked on his door. Not even a minute passed before the stout man came to the door and opened it. He looked up at her through his circular glasses. "I'm here for your deer problem," Kerii simply explained. Farmer Jim nodded his head, remembering that he put out the request. "Yes, they've been eating all my crops. There's only one solution. You need to kill them." Kerii's heart sank and evidently, her sadness was shown on her face because Farmer Jim raised an eyebrow. "That's not too hard of a task for you, is it?" Kerii shook her head. "No, I can do it. You wouldn't mind if I used a sharp tool from your shed, would you? I didn't bring a weapon with me." Farmer Jim shrugged. "Sure, why not. You can even use one of my precious cabbages to lure the deer out. Just... don't let them eat the cabbage." Kerii nodded her head. "I promise I won't."

With that said, Kerii went over to the tool shed and picked out something that looked easy enough to carry without much trouble but sharp enough to kill deer. Kerii didn't want to kill the deer, but she supposed that it had to be done. Plenty of elves were hunters, so killing something didn't exactly defy their love for nature. After all, people had to get meat somehow and there had to be some population control. Kerii did end up luring the deer out with a cabbage, but before they could eat it, she impaled one with the sharp object. The other deer fled quickly. However, it was dumb enough to be lured out once more with the cabbage and was killed just like its friend. Kerii took the two carcasses over to Farmer Jim who began to prepare them for dinner. He handed Kerii her reward and she walked back to Marigold Town.

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