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Nature's love [Shin]

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on Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:37 pm

Slowly Arisa would walk alongside the cemented sidewalk that were in shapes of unevenly squares. Within those squares were small shapes of diamonds. She was wearing a sundress that was lilac colored. It went to her knees though that were tickled by the waves. It was fitting to her curvaceous body type. The top of the dress there was a V-shaped cut to reveal somewhat of the chest area. Each step would cause swaying of her hips. Head tilted up she would look at the sky that was coming out of hiding from the clouds, but where she was going there was barely any light.

To the East Forest she was heading as she heard there were bizarre plants and creatures there. Her love of research was calling to her when she heard that. Her feet weren't covered as she was barefoot. Unconsciously she felt familiar to this as her mind would flash a scene.

Dashing through the grass, past the trees she would huff and puff air heavily as she ran. Her hair would flail behind as if she was running away from something, but that truly didn't feel like that was the case - she was smiling. Beside her were some creatures and in clothing were rags like some peasant or some jungle-like attire.

While she was seeing this in her mind, she would be walking through the forest itself upon the East. Her skin was her normal flawless creamy color that shined by the small glimpse of sun through the leafs and branches. Her mind become lost as she roamed, not even wondering where she'll end up.

#2Shin Sekai 

on Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:48 pm

Shin made his way to the forest to get some roses that he had planted a few months ago as he couldn't help but have his own little secret stash of them in case he ran out at home Okay now which path did I put them on? the redhead questioned himself as he soon saw a familiar face just a feet yards away from him "Hey did you see any roses by any chance!?" he shouted just to make user that they could hear him as he made his way to them only to realize that it was a girl that looked somewhat familiar some how. Why does she look so cute? he asked himself as he tripped on a tree root that was above ground.


on Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:13 pm

Her eyes wandered upon the nature that was around her as she went deeper into the East. Her hair of brown would sway back, didn't even bother putting it up in a ponytail. Her arms dangled against her side as she would sway her hips upon walking each step. Slowly she would go slower with her walking till a voice made her stop talking. Slowly her body twisted a little towards where the voice was coming from. It was from a male of red fiery hair and gentle ivy eyes. He asked about some roses of some sort. 'Roses? I don't think so...' she thought to herself. Her right hand under her chin, thinking. Her right leg was more out than the left as she would then look up and down at the male. ''No, but I can sure help you.'' she spoke softly and soothingly with a small soft smile. Arisa would let both her arms down to dangle once more. Her lion-like eyes of brown and gold would gaze at his ivy-like ones.

Her head turned left and right and then back at him. ''I didn't see any towards the direction I walked from.'' she would say and then turned towards the direction that was probably not searched. ''Shall we go searching together in all directions or do you prefer to meet back up here?'' she wondered. Her eyes wide and pure, looking back at him with a sweet smile from her full soft pink lips.

#4Shin Sekai 

on Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:34 pm

As he picked himself off the ground and looked at the lovely maiden "Umm...Umm..Ya lets look together...thanks for the help." his face was bright red as he and the girl looked at each other Man she is really hot. No! What am I saying she's just a friend right? he asked himself as he dusted himself off and started heading down the direction that she was. Oddly enough he actually remembered this girl as she was one of the more friendlier ones by far but he could be mistaken "I'm Shin it's nice to meet you...umm have we met before?" he asked her as he checked behind a bush for the special roses Man why didn't I just get some dirt and grow them in my room!? he asked himself scratching his head in frustration of having to go through all this work to find them. Shin really didn't want to take up too much of the girls time as she looked like she was having fun doing what ever.


on Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:57 am

She smiled softly as she twirled to look towards the guy. He agreed to work together which was good. Usually when people split up in some dark forest while searching for things, someone gets lost or worse, dies. It was silly to think such a thing though as no one was out here to harm someone at this time or the place. She was on her own mission at this time so she could do both. Look at bizarre things she finds and to help him find his roses. Such simple things to look for in such a bizarre area. Slowly she walked towards some bushes to look under, saw nothing but simple bugs. Turning away she would look behind some trees and as she was, she would hear him ask if he knew her from somewhere.

Memories be eaten, mind be lost and forgotten - Slowly with no contact shall one be nothing, but with contact shall you be something.

''Not that I can remember. It's nice to meet you Shin, name's Arisa.'' she would say softly and nods politely. There was some silence between them after that. Does he know her? Did she know him? She has noticed something with herself though, her memory was becoming more empty with people's names and images. ''Are roses your favorite?'' she questioned randomly. She didn't want it to be really silent in a forest at most...

#6Shin Sekai 

on Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:08 pm

"Oh okay you just look like someone I knew is all." this was some what of a lie as Shin remembered her from what little encounter he had with her but if she didn't know him then it must have been her twin or something. he looked behind a few trees only to find mushrooms and animals sleeping behind them, he look under some rocks but didn't find anything. Arisa had asked if Roses are his favorite which almost made him go into a big talk about how roses have many symbols to them but more than likely she wouldn't care about that. She really looks like her it's weird, he thought moving a rock that has moss on it that had a note written in his handwriting that said 'Getting close'.

"I like all plants but roses are special cause my mom likes them. I always carry one as a way to keep her close to me." his hair covered his eyes as he talked about even though his memory is clouded when it comes to the women that was talking to him a long time ago but something was telling him that she was his birth mother, "Sorry you didn't need to know that. Do you have a favorite flower?" he turned to her with a smile on his face "I think we're getting close now." he added hoping that she didn't feel bad for him.


on Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:23 pm

Surely it couldn't get too weird between the two. Something came into thought though as she was helping him look for roses. Was he a nature user? If she was going to judge by the way he looked, it would be an automatic yes. She didn't want to be that type of person that judged someone by their appearance though. Her eyes watched his movements as she would follow as well. Her head would then turn as she looked about for these Roses. His story for these roses were that they were reminding him of his mother. 'Lucky him...To remember his mother.' the darker voice spoke as she looked at him in envy. She didn't know much at all about her own mother...or anyone at this point. The flashbacks made her question on who she was, but for now she should worry about the task at hand. Soon Arisa was questioned on what she liked as in the kind of flower...''Well...'' she would start, twirled around adorably in her dress and smiled towards him, bending a little with a smile on her face. ''I love all flowers.... Nature is a part of my soul.~'' she spoke happily and softly. Her eyes were filled with warmness as she would then nod that they were close. ''I think it's nice. The roses for your mother's case.'' she would say as her eyes wandered.

#8Shin Sekai 

on Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:02 pm

Telling her about his birth mother didn't feel right as it brought down the mood some what but couldn't bring himself to actually ask about Oh come on Shin get it together man! Stop thinking and just find the roses thought to himself as they walked. When he heard her talk about what she liked it seemed painful for her but he didn't want to make her say anything that she wouldn't want to but everyone has things they want to keep locked up.

"Sounds like something a nature mage would say. I've never told anyone about that...but it felt really good," he told her blushing a little I can't believe I actually managed to keep it together without making a fool of myself. As his record has shown he is not the best person to have a long talk with a female. He kept looking under rocks to see if he could find more clues when his foot got stuck in a hole causing him to fall onto a shallow hole "Hey think I found them?" he said freeing his foot and sitting up to see that the hole was covered almost like a cover that people in the military would use to hide. As Shin lifted the cover and revealed the roses that they were looking for, the roses were all multi colored put a smile on Shin's face "Hey we found them!" he shouted plucking one from the ground.


on Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:20 pm

Arisa would watch Shin walk on about, searching and all. The roses in her mind were just red, the color she hates on flowers. Truly it was a secret and so she kept it to herself. Her hips swayed as the silence would never be there with the whispers in her mind. With that though she would ignore them so. A 'joke' was spoken from Shin's lips as her eyes looked, gazed at him with a chuckle escaping her own lips. ''I am indeed a 'nature' elemental user. And you?'' she questioned as they walked. She would just catch up so they were walking side-by-side innocently as if they were friends. Her eyes then just wandered till his foot got stuck. ''Hey?! You okay?'' she wondered softly and quietly, turning to look at him. Seeing that he was indeed okay, she'd smile and offer a hand. If he took it, she'd help him. After he did get stuck though he reported that he found them - or so he believed. Finally she would crouch next to him to look at the colorful flowers. ''Honestly at first...I thought they would be red, but I'm intrigued.'' she spoke and tilted her head, smiling. ''They're beautiful.'' she spoke once more as she would let a single finger slide against a petal ever-so-softly so it wouldn't get ruined.

With the 'mission' done she would look up at the sky, seeing how truly late it was getting. Her eyes lowered at the flower and then she would stand up. ''Well Shin...It was fun, but it's getting late.~ Hope we meet again. Perhaps we can talk more next time.'' she spoke with care. It was getting late and being in darkness and surrounded by trees wasn't her ideal hangout place. Slowly she turned and waved, leaving behind perhaps someone she could call a friend.


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