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Substitude Teacher [Quest: Alice]

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Substitude Teacher [Quest: Alice] Empty on Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:10 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
It was early in the morning, she yawned loudly and stretched herself as she woke up. Her orange hair was in clumps and knots which was going to be a disaster. She didn’t even want to be awake yet. She was a night person, which meant she had to sleep in to get enough sleep at a day. At first she couldn’t remember why she woke up and wanted to turn around on her side, the bed was already empty which made her grumble a bit, not as bad as what was happening next, a loud knock on the door. She sat up straight and stared at the door before her brain registered what was happening. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood up, she felt a bit dizzy and especially tired because of the lack of sleep. She walked to the door, changing into a chamber dress before opening it and staring at Clara. ”What?” she grumbled because proper language was now impossible, she rubbed her right eye with her right fist. Clara gave her a sympathetic look and handed her a letter without much further ado and headed off with some small words. Alice stared at her not entirely sure what was happening but she turned around, slammed the door shot and dropped herself on the bed again. In the mean time Ophelia had climbed upon it and stared at her with her black eyes, ”I know. It’s probably important, since it’s early.” Who would write a letter to her this early in the morning. She turned the letter around to make sure her name was written on it and not her boyfriend his name. In a fancy handwriting her name Alice was written on the paper and she quickly opened it, it was a letter from Sandine, the teacher she helped out once at school here in Magnolia. The envelope which was quite a thick one contained a letter to her, notes, a schedule and so on. Apparently it was today Alice her task to teach the children, Sadine had pointed out that she was her only hope and she had met the children before. If she wasn’t going, no one would, which didn’t leave the red head much choice. She climbed out of bed and let Ophelia take care of her hair while she washed her face and applied some make-up to not look like a pale dead zombie and also to not show off her freckles, which she came to hate, thank god they were only visible in summer.
Once she was done, and Ophelia had braided her hair, she would dress in the easy way, and hurried downstairs with her companion to grab some toast, thank Clara and apologize for her rudeness and hurry off towards the school before she was letting. Having the letter and instructions from Sandine carefully placed in her book so she wouldn’t forget to take them with her. She arrived at the school right on time. The class wasn’t started so she could install herself with Ophelia and calm down, she absolutely didn’t like this idea and it made her really nauseous because she couldn’t figure out another reason to feel that way. She would wait casually for the children to arrive, some recognized her based on her red hair and her companion, some didn’t.

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Substitude Teacher [Quest: Alice] Empty on Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:27 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She asked them to take a seat, and immediately answered the question that Sandine couldn’t be here because that seemed the most eager question to be answered. She wouldn’t want to lie to the children, but she would be back tomorrow. She would have to start with math, which wasn’t difficult. She learned it very well thanks to her own school experience as well as being a.. thief and now buying armours. So she started with addition, making sure to figure out what the children already knew. They were eager to tell to provide their teacher into a bright light. They must like Sandine. So she wrote on the blackboard

2 + 3 = 5

And after that she made it a bit difficult with higher numbers but she would explain it carefully and make sure the children were keeping up with her explanation. They would have the time to fill in the first piece of their homework to do the first five additions of it and she would talk through it with the whole class. After that she went on to subtractions. Using the same numbers as she had done before but turning most of it around.

3 – 2 = 1.

Staring with lower numbers to go up with bigger numbers like 35 – 16 = 19. And so on, again making a piece of the assignment and talking about it with the class. After that it was lunch break and she could breathe again and talk a little to Ophelia before it was over and she would have to continue.

She would explain the things about multiplying first after everyone was ready. That it was literally counting the number multiple times. So 5 x 2 made 10 and 6 times 3 made 18. She would write the first five numbers till ten up onto the blackboard and let the children learn them for a matter of time.

Thanks to multiplying it was easier to explain the division since it was basically the other way around. And after she explained that it was easier for them all to make the assignments and the class could be dismissed. Some other teacher came in with the jewels when the children had left already and she was packing her stuff. She smiled and said it was a pleasure, but she was definitely sure that she didn’t want to do this ever again. She didn’t mind children that much and the class had been lovely but it gave her so much nerves that she was sure as hell better in losing a fight than standing in front of twenty pair of eyes staring at her and her explaining some math. But she wouldn’t complain to loud, she had liked Sandine and she was happy to help her in her moment of need. Alice and Ophelia left the school to go back to the Bed & Breakfast and find something to cook and enjoy their afternoon because teaching children wasn’t as easy as they thought. It wasn’t also that difficult but that was beside the point.

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