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Potion Preppers [Quest: Alice]

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Adelaide Sokolov
Another early morning, she didn’t like early mornings but Alice had decided that it was time to go and do something about her activity. She did work most days, tried to find quests to do or bumped into them with the Kardia Cathedral on fire. That wasn’t really her ideal idea of jobs but it had worked out none the less. She tried to keep her eyes open because she felt horrible, her ears were flat on her head because of the feeling of this morning. It was nice to know that the Bed & Breakfast were she stayed was quite a distance from Magnolia centre, this meant that there was enough space to go for a run. She had left Ophelia inside asleep for she didn’t want to bother her. They weren’t that fast together, so Alice would train while Ophelia was enjoying more sleep. She was almost jealous. She stretched her legs by putting one in front of the other and lean forward before she switched legs. After that she stood up and leaned with her body to the left and after a few seconds to the right. She shook her shoulders and her head to try to wake up a little better before she would dash off on a steady pace to go around the bed & breakfast and the field where she and Konstantin had a training session, which she didn’t really win, she didn’t entirely lose but that could have changed easily if she hadn’t had Ophelia with her.

It took her about 45 minutes to run the whole round which was about 8 kilometers and she wasn’t entirely satisfied about it nor really disappointed, she should just work on it more often. She yawned as she headed back to the B&B to refresh herself before she would go out and find some breakfast and perhaps a job. That would be a good start of today. When she entered the room Ophelia was already awake and drawing pictures in her picture book at the table, it was interesting to see how she changed from the Cleffa that was satisfied with everything to the Clefairy that wanted to do something. She gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed into the bathroom to refresh herself, with water that she hated. She yawned one time more and got rid of the sporty clothing and added a jegging with a black and white striped shirt. She headed back into the bedroom and went to look for her backpack, she needed to make sure that she had written everything in there very clearly. Which was true, but she had a nightmare about losing her memory again. With a sigh she made sure Ophelia was ready to leave, she decided to get some breakfast outside the B&B. Which was ridiculous but she wanted to have something to do. Even though she was a little tired from the running around, she had to walk 30 minutes towards Magnolia Town centre. She let Ophelia walk herself and looked at the scenery which was different from the last time she was in Magnolia, she hadn’t paid much attention to it the days that she was here now.

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Adelaide Sokolov
When she arrived in town and walked passed Khalash his shop, he seemed to call out for her, something about: hey miss… eh.. miss.. eh.. Alice? She hid her smile because it was a little funny as she turned around and gave him a questioned look, ”Yes mister Saton?” she tried to say as nicely as possible, because this guy had been ridiculous most of the time she had done a job for him. ”Could you do a job for me please?” That would include money, she looked at Ophelia who shrugged, so that meant it was alright, ”Sure.” She followed him into his store to listen to his story about the herbs he needed, he had tiny pictures that she was fine with. She put them in her backpack and headed out. Before they would enter the forest Alice would buy some food from the local store and she and Ophelia left Magnolia again while eating their sandwiches.
It wasn’t difficult to reach the forest, it was more difficult to find the herbs. She found the fern quickly but because it needed to be fresh, she decided to take it on the way back. Alice would follow Ophelia further into the forest to find the other herbs. She finally found one that looked like a picture on a rotten log and she took as many as she could from that point and slipped them carefully into her backpack. She continued to walk on to find the red leaves somewhere. The two friends had to walk quite a way before they would be able to spot some leaves and Alice had to lift up Ophelia to pull some of the leaves of the highest tree in the spot where they were. With these leaves back into her backpack, she headed back to the edge of the forest to pick up the last fern. With all the ingredients now careful in her backpack she headed back towards the shop, it was an easy way back out of the forest. She entered the shop and saw Khalash above a cauldron and stared at him, ”Quickly add those herbs.” She grabbed them out of her backpack and handed them over. He quickly stirred after adding the herbs to the cauldron. It apparently was quickly done as he poured something into a little bottle and handed to her, she stared at him, ”Well drink it.” She looked at Ophelia and took a sip. She was afraid it would be disgusting but surprisingly it wasn’t. It even gave her the feeling that she got more energy! This was great, surprisingly from Khalash. She waited for the jewels that were offered with the job as well and headed back out of the shop together with Ophelia. Time do something else but this job was easily done, they both had enjoyed their little hike to the forest. Maybe they could buy some lunch or something. Get something done from their walk, she wasn’t exactly hungry yet but there was never a negative word in her mind when it came to food.

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